So you want to know how to attract your twin flame faster?
The human soul yearns for completion. On its own, it often feels incomplete.
Therefore, it seeks connection to make it whole. One of these connections is calledthe twin flame connection.
Feeling the longing for your twin flame is known as twin flame yearning. This feeling is a rare experience that not many people get to experience.
“Twin Flame yearning is the sudden awareness of the consciousness towards the existence of a twin flame accompanied by a longing for union with them.”
Today we will go over:
  • What exactly is a twin flame?
  • How to attract your twin flame?
  • Why does my Twin Flame push me away? 
  • Will I be physically attracted to my twin flame? 
how to attract your twin flame

How to attract your twin flame faster?

When people hear about twin flame connections, they often inaccurately depict it as the perfect opportunity to find the ideal lover.

While it is true that your twin flame is likely to become a romantic partner, this is not always the case. Some Twin flame relationships are platonic.

Twin flames can be exceptional mentors, friends, or colleagues.

Learning how to attract your twin flame is like trying to magnetize a piece of your soul that is far away. It doesn’t sound very straightforward, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Because the connection between twin flames is non-physical, Many of the processes that will be useful on how to attract your twin flame are internal processes.

You have to do away with spiritual burdens such as ego and self-doubt to facilitate growth. The presence of these burdens has to be released to invite your twin flame into your space and to encourage them to stay in it.

Broadly speaking, attracting your twin flame requires three essential steps:

  • You need to realign to your true self. 
  • You need to believe
  • You need to allow yourself to receive your blessing.

But before we head on to the tips on how to attract your twin flame, what exactly is a twin flame?

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is a rare connection that one experiences when a soul attains a high level, then splits into two different bodies.  This phenomenon is rare because only a few souls reach the necessary level of ascension.

The twin flame journey is a unique one. A Twin flame relationship evolves each person in the relationship.

Whenever either party doesn’t do much shadow work, crises such as Twin flame running and twin flame separation may occur.

One of the benefits of a twin flame connection is twin flame telepathy. Twin flame telepathy is the ability to transmit information from one twin flame to another without any physical or verbal medium.

Many people wonder, is my twin flame going to be attracted to me? This concern is a valid question because people have a choice to choose who they want.

It is also usual for us to have insecurities and doubts about attracting our twin flames.

It would be best if you didn’t worry about this. This is because the connection between twin flames is not a physical one but a deep spiritual connection.

Our Twin flame reunion fast-track program will give you helpful tips that will fast-track your twin flame reunion.

Each twin flame union has its own unique telepathic experience. Therefore your own telepathic experience may be unique, but there is no mistaking it when it finally occurs.

There is a consensus that the twin flames agree to take on a humanitarian mission together before they are born. Therefore, when twin flames realize this purpose after union or reunion, they dedicate their lives to fulfilling it.

Now, I think you’re ready to learn how to attract your twin flame.

3 Tips On How To Attract Your Twin Flame

To learn how to attract your twin flame, you have to learn to do these 3 things first.

1: You need to realign to your true self

The 1st tip on how to attract your twin flame is you have to dig deep into yourself and discover who you are.  This is what is sometimes referred to as your true self. In some cases, you may know who that is, now is a time to remind yourself and follow that path.

However, you may be lost, and a lot of trauma and unprocessed pain may have eroded your true self, making it very difficult to identify that person you used to be.

You can try to discover yourself by exploring your childhood. Explore your childhood by going through your early memories or speaking to people who knew you as a child.

If you have unaddressed trauma and karmic loops, you must address them and close them, respectively. In addition to these, it is essential to practice regular and purposeful meditation.

To learn how to attract your twin flame, you have to learn to realign.

Every once in a while, take some time to be in a calm environment, reflect on yourself, identify specific things that are not the real “you,” and cut them out.

Another way to tap into your core frequency is by following your life path. Your life path is a predestined path that you are born to follow.

This life path maps out your personalities as well as your strengths and weaknesses.calculate your life path number for free.

Anything to help you learn how to attract your twin flame, right?

2: You need to believe

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things yet unseen.”
The second tip on how to attract your twin flame is that you have to believe.

You are a spiritual being, and you have to believe in your power to manifest the spectacular. The power of faith is unquestionable.

It is quoted in various spiritual texts as a key to manifest the extraordinary. When you are trying to attract your twin flame, you must erase any iota of doubt.

You must believe in your ability to attract them.

Faith is a crucial factor in bringing you and your twin flame together.

Instead of thinking, “when will I get my twin flame?” Think instead, “I am already together with my twin flame in higher dimensions, and I am happy that my 3D twin flame reunion is getting closer.”

The difference between these two statements is that while one is deeply rooted in doubt and negativity, the other is a very positive statement that proclaims your faith in your twin flame union to the universe.

These affirmations will reduce the time that you will spend waiting for your twin flame significantly.

Take note also that there is no essence to faith without works. Therefore, you must work on yourself and prepare your space to receive your twin flame.

Not only will this help you to receive your twin flame, but it will also help you to deal with complications that arrive out of relationships like twin flame running and twin flame separation.

To learn how to attract your twin flame, you have to learn to believe.

girl meditating on cliff

3: You need to allow yourself to receive your blessing

The 3rd tip on how to attract your twin flame is allowing.

Your search for your twin is not a passive one but an active one.

Because of the divine nature of this phenomenon, people tend to believe in “divine timing.”  Twin flame divine timing is an often misconstrued belief that you will attract your twin flame simply because the universe wills it to be so.

Read more to discover why Twin flame divine timing is a myth.

Therefore when the time is right, they will appear. This idea is largely a hoax that has kept many people from uniting or reuniting with their twin flames, wasting potentially tens of years in the process.

To learn how to attract your twin flame, you have to learn to allow.

Attracting your twin flame happens both actively and passively. The active sense is the more obvious way; it involves working on yourself and realigning yourself to your core frequency.

While the passive sense is more elusive, in this sense, it is merely avoiding self-sabotage.

Always remember: YOU ARE READY.

Often, doubt creeps in at the last moment to steal your miracle away.

But you must disallow this from happening. Believe in your right to enjoy something spectacular.

You have put in the work, and receive the blessing when it manifests.

That’s how to attract your twin flame.

How To Attract Your Twin Flame Biohacks

“These tips are cool and all but what’s next after I’ve done these?”

Learning how to attract your twin flame is not enough if you have low vibrational energy. You must boost your frequency to the level of a magnet.

Because their energies are obstructed, many people never meet their twin flame.

Instead of focusing on eliminating the bad energy that surrounds them, they absorb it.

It is difficult to shift your frequency when you have been accustomed to negativity.

However, this is the most effective approach to attracting your twin flame.

When you increase your frequency, you attract your twin flame more quickly.

Meditation, healthy sleep and food, and surrounding oneself with happiness are all fail-safe strategies to do this.

Taking vitamins, minimizing technology use, maintaining a morning ritual, and decalcifying your pineal gland is also beneficial.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult. All you need to do is incorporate little habits into your daily routine.

When you gradually embrace these behaviors, you will be amazed to encounter your twin flame.

So that’s it. After you learn how to attract your twin flame, you have to raise your frequency.

We have many more biohacks that will be released in the future, but it’s best to start with these 9 fail-proof frequency raising biohacks.


Why does my Twin Flame push me away?

As perfect as twin flame relationships tend to be, they do not come without their own hiccups. Sometimes your twin flame might be pushing you away seemingly for no reason, and this might be leaving you frustrated, confused, or sad.

This “pushing” occurs for different reasons. The pushing may also be short-term or long-term.

In the short-term sense, this pushing may be occurring because of a recent shift in vibrations that you have not been paying attention to. It is possible that your twin flame is pushing to draw your attention to that fact.

When this happens, a simple dialogue can help to squash this conflict speedily. Forgiveness and a willingness to sacrifice one’s ego for the greater good are key to a lasting relationship.

couple fighting

However, it sometimes occurs that this pushing is long-term and more deep-rooted. This can sometimes grow into a phenomenon known as twin flame running.

This phenomenon happens to many twin flame couples and the reason is that twin flames are mirrors of each other. Sometimes we humans tend to have a very high estimation of ourselves, such that when the harsh reality faces that we have flaws, we sometimes flee.

If your twin flame is currently running, you should let them be and believe that what is yours will always come back home to you.

As much as you would like to help actively, this struggle is internal, and they must heal by themselves. While you wait, make sure that you are forgiving and helpful when your help is required.

Another meaningful way that you can help is by working on yourself. Because twin flames share a powerful connection, whatever healing that you do on yourself will reflect on your twin flame

Remember to remain positive and confident during this period. All will be well.

How do I recognize my twin flame?

Recognition of your twin flame can be a tricky affair and unfortunately, some people fall for these so-called false twin flames. False twin flame relationships are relationships that exhibit some twin flame signs during the course of the relationship despite not being real twin flame connections but are actually a soulmate.

It takes keen observation to distinguish these false twin flame connections from the real sometimes.

By now, I know you’re probably wondering if the person you’re with is really your twin flame and not a fake. You do not have to worry.

There are certain tell-tale signs of a real twin flame that are unmistakable. We have listed 20 very important signs that can confirm if you’re in a twin flame relationship or not.

Will I be physically attracted to my twin flame?

The connection between twin flames is a deeply spiritual connection that has nothing to do with the physical. Therefore initially, the physical attraction might not be a given.

However, the supernatural connection is usually so strong that it often births physical attraction. This should not come as a surprise as most twin flame relationships are romantic relationships.

Twin flames that are attracted to each other
I would recommend that you should not worry much about physical attraction to your twin flame. In the grand scheme, physical attraction is largely inconsequential.

Once you meet your twin flame, you form a bond instantaneously. After you create this bond, the purpose of the twin flame connection becomes clear to you.

However, it is worthy noting that physical attraction is a given in most twin-flame relationships. Even if it doesn’t present itself in the early stages of the twin flame relationship, it occurs in some of the later stages.

How To Attract Your Twin Flame

So, how to attract your twin flame?

We, humans, are gregarious creatures. This means that we have to live in groups. Isolation is painful and perhaps even detrimental to us.

Therefore we seek to connect with other people. A lot of these connections occur in terms of family bonds, Soul mate relationships, and twin flame relationships.

A twin flame connection is a rare connection that occurs as a result of a soul splitting into two after attaining a very high degree of consciousness. These soul fragments then enter two different bodies. These bodies make up the twin flame couples.

Twin flames share a very special and unique connection. This connection often provokes intense romantic feelings. While this is a common phenomenon it is not always the case.

Twin flame relationships can also be platonic. Therefore, a twin flame connection can occur in other settings like between mentor and students or friends and colleagues.

When a person develops an attraction towards their twin flame, they may sometimes wonder how they can attract the person of interest.

In order to do this, they must recognize that a twin flame connection happens to improve a person internally. And therefore they must work on improving themselves and let the universe do its thing.

One of the ways a person can improve themselves is by following their life path. A life path is a path that you are destined to follow. You can get your life path number by adding up all the numbers on your birthday till you arrive at a single one. Calculate your life path for free here.

Now you’ve learned how to attract your twin flame. Has this post helped you learn how to attract your twin flame at all? Let me know in the comments!