A twin flame connection is a very special union between two parts of the same soul. Here are the biggest twin flame signs that nobody seems to talk about! 

We’ve explained what twin flames are and how they work, but in this post we want to go over some common twin flame signs, and how to TELL you’re in a twin flame relationship. Here’s a short video we made about the signs you have a twin flame:

These signs will help you not only work out if you’re CLOSE to meeting your twin flame, but if you’re already WITH them it will help you confirm it. It can be confusing and difficult to know if you’re with your twin flame for some people, but usually it’s pretty obvious.

Twin flame signs explained

We’ll now go over the main twin flame signs and how you can spot them. Note that you don’t have to observe ALL these signs, as it’s different for every twin flame couple. Some twin flames only notice one or two signs and others notice more.

IMPORTANT: These signs aren’t in a particular order, and of course some will apply only once you’ve MET your twin flame or you’re with them. It’s pretty obvious which ones are which. Also not all of these will apply to you, so don’t panic! 

FALSE TWINS: We made another blog post talking about the signs that you’ve found a FALSE twin flame, which you should make sure to read as well. Some of these signs are similar, but many are different. 

1: Something keeps bringing you together

If you’re in an ‘on and off’ type relationship with your twin flame, you’ll find that things just keep bringing you together in random ways. 

It’s essentially the universe nudging you and saying ‘look here, this person’s pretty important, why don’t you explore this’. If there’s a person in your life who keeps appearing in random ways and things just keep pushing you together, they could be your twin flame.

Maybe you should think about it and explore it further, especially if any of these other signs resonate with you as well.

2: Sharing many interests and hobbies

You might find that you share one or more hobbies and interests with your twin flame. This is very common, but doesn’t ALWAYS have to happen. You might also find that your twin flame introduces you to new ideas and interests that you the pick up and get really into.

Things that you’ve not considered trying before will be introduced to you and you might find you really like them.

For example, one thing I’ve (Stef) always hated the idea of and never thought to try is karaoke but Julia introduced it to me and I really enjoy signing with her now.

3: Having the same emotions at the same time

You might find that you feel the same emotions as your twin flame at the same time. This can happen either in the moment when you’re together, or across borders when you’re not. What you’ll probably notice more than anything is just being able to sense when something’s wrong with your twin flame.

4:  A strong physical attraction

You’ll more than likely experience a strong physical attraction and pull towards your twin flame. This attraction is almost always sexual or becomes sexual later. 

Once you’re actually WITH your twin flame and together physically, you’ll find that you snap together like magnets, and can’t seem to get enough of each other. This might be sexual, but can also just be wanting to cuddle and physically touch your twin flame all the time.

This is important as it strengthens your bond and showing affection in this way is soothing.

Especially if your love languages are also physical touch, there’s an important transfer of love and energy that happens while you do this.

5: Having the same dreams (or seeing each other in dreams)

Typically, you’ll see your twin flame at least once in your dreams before or after you’ve met physically. But don’t panic, this doesn’t happen all the time.  In fact, the most common reason it doesn’t happen is if you can’t remember your dreams.

Dreams happen every night for all of us, but MOST of us don’t remember our dreams.


It’s important to always write your dreams down every morning so you improve your dream recall. This way, when your twin flame DOES appear in your dreams, you’ll actually remember the dream, write it down and be able to look at it later. But like I said, twin flames don’t always appear in each others dreams.

This is anther one that can sometimes just develop over time once you’re already together physically. 

6: Communication without words

You’ll find that you’re able to sometimes communicate or ‘feel’ what the other person is thinking, feeling or wanting to say without using words. This might be in the form of an urge or a general message that you feel in your head. This doesn’t always happen but can usually grow over time, the longer you spend with your twin flame.

7: Understanding complex parts of each other

Twin flames generally understand deep and complex pats of each other that most people miss or don’t ever get to see.

This can be scary for twin flames, and you might find yourself wanting to get away, run or just freak out.

Try and remain calm, and if possible try and avoid running. This is easier said than done but try and realise how special and important this connection is. The fact that they seemingly know so much about you should show you that this is not a normal relationship and shouldn’t be thrown away so quickly.

8: Sharing similar faults and weaknesses

Twin flames sometimes share the same weaknesses and faults.

This doesn’t always happen as sometimes twin flames are actually opposite personality types. In the following video, we explain how to deal with twin flame arguments and deal with the different love languages and personality types:

But you might find that because you share the same weaknesses and faults, it can be difficult to resolve the argument. If you learn the right way of interacting with your partner and communicating, it’s 100X easier. Also, remember that the purpose of your twin flame is to support you and help you with your divine mission and purpose.

This is made easier by the fact that they reflect your problems and insecurities to you, to help you FIX them!

It’s like they’re helping to strengthen you in every way. Twin flames bring up things that most people either don’t notice, or that you’re too scared to address yourself. Listen to those things and work on fixing them with the help and support of your twin flame.

9: Being yourself

You’ll find that you can just be yourself around your twin flame. Usually, this feeling is present from the moment you meet them, and you won’t feel that usual anxiety you’ll get when meeting new people or love interests. It feels like you’ve just come home or you’ve finally found and reunited with a distant lover or friend.

This feeling is very soothing and once you’ve met your twin flame after so long, you generally feel like you just want to stay by their side forever.

That being said, in many cases you’ll feel overwhelmed at least at first, and want to run away.

This reaction varies from person to person. It all depends on how much work you’ve done on yourself, for example self love and aligning with your purpose.

10: You connected instantly when you met

If you’ve already met your twin flame, you’ll probably have connected pretty quickly. You might have felt like you already knew them or that they seemed strangely familiar. In other cases, you might strongly feel like you have years of memories with them, but you just can’t quite access them.

11: Knowing what the other person is doing or thinking

Sometimes twin flames can sense or know what the other person is doing or thinking. This can be done across the room or even across the world, when you’re not physically together. This type of connection can also build up over time.

For example, you might find that at the start, you can’t do this with your twin flame but after a few months or even years, you develop this ability together. Most of the abilities and special ‘perks’ of a twin flame relationship can be developed over time.

12: You’re passionate about them

You’ll generally be very passionate about your twin flame and the things they do. This feeling can be developed over time, and it will feel very natural to WANT to support your twin flame and push them to do and be better all the time.

13: Arguments can be more intense

Sadly sometimes arguments can be more intense with a twin flame. This is because you’re part of the same soul and the feelings are more extreme and raw, compared to typical relationships. 

It can feel like your whole world is shaking just from one tiny disagreement, but if you treat each other with love things can be easily resolved. We made a video about how to resolve twin flame arguments which you can see below. If you have a question about it please leave a comment, and we’ll get back to you!

14: You feel complete with them

A feeling of being complete is very common in twin flame relationships. This can also manifest as a deep feeling of not NEEDING anything or wanting to search for anything.  A sign that you’ve got a twin flame is if you keep feeling like there’s someone out there, something more, something deeper.

15: You feel like you’ve known them for many lifetimes

Since your twin flame is the other half of your soul, you’ve been with them for many lifetimes. In fact you’re ALWAYS together in other dimensions. It’s just in this dimension, that you’ve decided to split into two bodies to further your life mission and purpose in this lifetime.

16: You love traveling together

A common thing that twin flame couples notice is that they have a desire to travel together and explore the world together. This is usually connected to your life mission which might involve going to a different place and doing or creating something there.

If you’ve not met your twin flame yet, this might appear as an urge to go to a random place you’ve not been to before. Don’t ignore this urge, as it could be the universe trying to bring you together with your twin flame.

17: Your connection is multi-faceted

A really common sign that you’re in a twin flame relationship is that your connection has many sides to it. For example, you might: 

  • Have a really passionate sex life
  • Love cuddling and relaxing with your twin flame
  • Get really motivated to work on projects together and push each other to achieve more
  • Start talking about or planning things like living situations, finances etc
  • Regularly talk about complex or really philosophical topics together
  • Laugh about random things together or be silly with each other

18: You’re both driven to achieve a higher purpose

The reason you’ve got a twin flame is to help you achieve your higher purpose or life mission. This shows up as a deep desire to achieve and grow together. This is part of what makes twin flame relationships appear like ‘couple goals’ or the ‘ultimate relationship’. You inspire each other and push each other to do more and be more. 

19: They change your life

You’ll find that being with your twin flame changes your life in unexpected ways. Go with what feels natural and right, and follow whatever path is the most exciting and interesting to you both. 

This might lead you down a random seemingly strange path but it’s all for a higher purpose and reason. Trust what the universe is doing through you both. Twin flames are made to become a portal for unconditional love and higher vibrations to flow into this world, so open up to what feels right.

20: It literally feels like you’re with your other half

Being with your twin flame feels like you’re with yourself. It feels like you’re interacting with and experiencing things with your other half because you literally ARE doing that. 

This feeling can either feel absolutely incredible, or scary and overwhelming depending on where you are in your journey and how much work you’ve done on yourself. It also really helps to align with your life purpose and mission.

FALSE TWINS: We made another blog post talking about the signs that you’ve found a FALSE twin flame, which you should make sure to read as well. Some of these signs are similar, but many are different. 

There are lots of questions you might have about twin flames. We make videos answering lots of them on our YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe and leave a comment to get your question answered! 

How to reunite with your twin flame

There are a few things you can do to reunite with your twin flame faster

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