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Welcome, Dear Twin!

We’re Julia and Stef, a twin flame digital nomad couple in happy, permanent reunion!

We discovered very early on that we were twin flames, and decided to create this website to help others along the journey, and to answer any questions you might have about the complicated but beautiful twin flame journey.

It can be difficult for some people, and confusing at times.

We get it.

There are lots of questions and things you’ll be wondering.

We want this site to be an inspiration and a help for anyone wanting to learn more.

Not Sure Where To Start?

What ARE twin flames? – Explanation of what twin flames are, how the connection works and why it’s important

Biggest twin flame signs – Some simple signs you can look for to tell if you have a twin flame or not

How to find your twin flame – A step by step tutorial on how to find and attract your twin flame faster

End the twin flame separation stage – A long article showing you how to end the separation stage and get with your twin flame for LIFE. 

Our twin flame couple story – The detailed reunion story of the Twin Flame Guides (Stef and Julia)

What Are Twin Flames?

You might have heard about this type of connection, but it’s actually NOT as common as people think. It’s been confused with other things like a codependant relationship, or a soulmate relationship or even karmic. We clear up a lot of these myths and ideas on our youtube channel. 

The concept of twin flames has been gaining popularity recently, as more and more people are starting to feel empty or hollow. They’re feeling dissatisfied with the hollow ‘dating app’ type relationships going around these days.

People just seem to enter your life and cross paths with you, as if by design.

Well, it’s not an accident. 

You may have heard this connection described as being in a permenant honeymoon phase with very intense emotions, but that’s not 100% true either. There is a lasting honeymoon phase but there are also challenges, sturggles, arguments and growth that happen, just like with any relationship. 

A Twin Flame Is The Other Half Of Your Soul.

When a soul ascends high enough, it gains the ability to split itself into two different bodies in one lifetime.

So a twin flame is quite literally the other half of your ascended soul. This means that, yes, you only have ONE twin flame. It’s a very strong soul connection, and you should really learn how to navigate this complex journey properly.

The connection will be unconditional love, intense spiritual growth and of course, a very emotional and beautiful relationship. 

We created a video about this by the way!

What’s The PURPOSE Of The Twin Flame Connection?

The purpose of twin flames isn’t just to sit around and relax!

A twin flame relationship is a powerful approach you’ve decided to take, before being born.

Your soul decided to split into two for this lifetime, in order to support yourself with your big life purpose or mission.

This is your ultimate purpose that will aid the greater good, and humanity (and indeed other species) as a whole. The mission is likely big, and a twin flame connection is your soul’s secret weapon to help boost you and support you in doing this.

The union and love you feel from a twin flame relationship makes you feel like you can do anything, and you often support each other in a huge way. Your goals and purpose/mission are usually very similar if not the same.

As a bonus, you also get all of the adorable, loving and bliss experiences of being in the perfect relationship with someone you feel like you’ve loved and known for eternities (because you have).

To learn more about this, read our post about the TRUE purpose of twin flames, and go into more detail

How To KNOW If You Have A Twin Flame

If YOU have one, there will be some very clear signs and experiences you’ll go through, which can help you to know. We created a post about the main twin flame signs that you should look out for. That’s a good place to start.

Or you could watch our video:

How To Unite With Your Twin Flame

Divine timing, or the idea that you’re not in control of your reality is a myth.

There are things YOU can do that help you reunite with your twin FASTER. If you believe you have a twin flame, you have all the signs and you’re excited to reunite with them SOON, here are some suggestions:

  • Raise your vibrations: Focus on vibrating at the HIGHEST most positive level. This will attract your twin flame into your life faster, and ensure that when you DO reunite, you’ll experience a SHORTER running stage. The link there takes you to our detailed guide on how to raise your FREQUENCY and VIBRATIONS to attract your twin flame faster
  • Practice self love: Practice loving yourself more, and dissolving your ego. Focus on remembering your divinity and how we’re all connected, and that this life is a tiny part of a much bigger picture
  • Learn more! We wrote a large article about how to reunite with your twin flame faster, which you should really read ASAP. It will explain how it all works, and where to start if you want to reunite FASTER. That’s a really good place to start, once you know what twin flames are, the signs and so on…
  • Understand your NUMEROLOGY: By better understanding your numerology, you’ll be able to notice signs and understand numbers and the MESSAGES your higher self is sending you. This could give you a nudge in the right direction or a hint that you’re doing something right!


There are of course MANY questions you probably have about all of this.


  • Maybe you’ve realised you have a twin flame
  • You’ve been TOLD that you are one
  • You’re not sure how it all works
  • You resonate with some or all of this, and feel STRONGLY that you have a twin, and that somewhere out there, ‘the one’  is waiting for you

It’s confusing, and overwhelming, we get it.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about twin flames and mirror souls.

Does EVERYONE Have A Twin Flame?

No. Not everyone has a twin flame, and that could be a shock to you.

Especially if you like the sound of it, like the idea of ‘the one’ and a perfect divine partner.

But the truth is that twin flames are pretty rare, at least as a percentage of the population. that’s not to say that you don’t have a twin, just that it’s not true that EVERYONE has one.

If I Have A Twin, Will I CERTAINLY Meet Them?

It’s likely. but it’s sort of up to you and them.

There are many lifetimes where you have NOT met or reunite with your twin, however at the time of writing this and probably the time you READ this, mother Gaia is ascending. More and more twin couples right now are reuniting and coming together, because time is running out.

We’re here to ascend humanity, and that’s why more and more twin flames are reuniting!

Is The Journey DIFFICULT?

It certainly can be.

That being said, there’s A LOT of fear based negative narratives going around online, either from PEOPLE who think they have a twin flame but actually don’t, or ‘gurus’ who aren’t even IN union with their twin flame. you should really only take advice or listen to twin flames who are in happy and lasting reunion with their twin flame.

If you don’t, you’ll find the gurus or people who’ve had bad experiences (often with people who AREN’T even their twin flame, and abuse them etc) will project that onto you.

The twin flame journey, like any relationship requires patience and love. It’s going to be difficult at times, but it should never be abusive, dangerous, or put you through years of turmoil and torture. The REAL twin flame connection, is one of MUTUAL love and chemistry.

If you’re not experiencing MUTUAL attraction and feelings, it’s likely not your twin flame.

And that’s fine, but it’s important to realise that early on, so that you don’t label a random connection or karmic partner as your ‘twin flame in the running stage’.

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