What if I told you that the twin flame separation stage is almost over for you and permanent union with your twin flame is around the corner?

Today you will learn seven clear signs that the separation stage is almost over.

It might not feel like it, but union is closer than you think.

Let’s dive in!

signs twin flame separation is almost over

7 Clear Signs Twin Flame Separation Is Coming To An End

Before we get into the 7 signs, it’s helpful to know what twin flame separation actually is.

What Is Twin Flame Separation?

Twin flame separation is one of the twin flame stages a twin flame goes through on the twin flame journey. It happens after twin flames have met in the physical and experienced the honeymoon stage.

One of the twin flames gets overwhelmed by the intensity of the twin soul connection and runs away, usually the Divine Masculine.

Eventually, they surrender and return to their twin flame as the magnetic pull they feel to their twin flame is too strong.

Without further ado, here are 7 tell-tale signs that twin flame separation is coming to an end. 

1. You Are In Harmonious Union Inside

The first sign is that you feel complete, you’re in harmonious union within yourself. Your masculine energy and feminine energy is in balance.

So even though one of you embody more of the feminine energy (the Divine Feminine), and the other embody more of the masculine energy (the Divine Masculine), we all have these energies inside of us and need to balance these energies within us.

It doesn’t mean that you will become genderless. It just means that you will have access to both your divine masculine tools AND divine feminine tools.

So when you need more power in your life you take out the “masculine energy toolbox”.

When you need to be more creative and nurturing, you take out the feminine toolbox.

I used to feel that I need a partner to feel complete. I used to not have (and I still don’t really have…) a big social circle.

So I always thought I need to have a partner who is extroverted with a big social circle I could “slide into”.

And since I wasn’t confident, I thought I needed a confident partner.

So instead of working on these things myself, like building my own tribe and increasing my confidence and self-esteem, I was relying on a partner for that.

So I never felt complete when I was single, until I started working on myself and realizing I first need to feel complete to attract my perfect partner.

And when I started doing that, my twin flame came into my life, and that was at a point where I didn’t even feel like I needed a partner.

I felt so good about myself, being single, and what I had accomplished. So there was no desperation there.

When you feel no lack in your life, that is when your twin flame comes into your life and you can achieve twin flame union.

true twin flame signs

2. You Maintain Your Values And Standards

Sign number two that union is getting closer, is it that you maintain your values.

What we tend to do when we really love someone is that we lower our standards.

We forget about our values and standards as we want to please the other person.

This is very common, especially with empaths, which most twin flames are.

We want to satisfy our partner at any cost, and this will NOT help you on your twin flame journey.

You know that union is coming when you maintain your values and you don’t let anyone walk all over you. You know what’s important to you.

And the beautiful thing with having a twin flame is that they have similar values as you, which makes things so much easier.

For example, me and Stef are both digital nomads, we don’t want kids and we don’t drink alcohol. We don’t like clubbing and we love animals. We want to help the world and make it a better place.

How about when your twin does something disrespectful? You wouldn’t just accept that and keep your mouth shut.

You would actually express your disapproval and tell them to their face that what they did is not okay.

So you maintain your values and you know your worth. That is a big sign the separation stage is almost over.

3. Happiness Is Your Default State

You often have days when you are super happy for no reason, even if you’ve just had an average day.

Even if you have just been a couch potato all day, or you had a stressful day at work, at the end of the day you still feel content.

I’m not talking all the time (we’re only human after all), but happiness is your default state. And it doesn’t require much. You don’t have to get a new promotion or a new car to feel joy. You feel happy with your life in the ups and downs.

You’ve learned to surrender to the journey of life.

You know that whatever happens is for the greatest good.

You know that you’re taken care of and that God loves you.

You’re grateful for both the ups and the downs, because you know that even when shit hits the fan, it happened for a reason.

You’ve learned something from it, you’ve grown from it, you released something, perhaps an insecurity or ego issue.

happy woman jumping

4. You Can Feel Union Is Coming

Imagine you are placing an order for a laptop on Amazon. When you press the buy button, you know that it will arrive tomorrow because it says Next Day Delivery.

You’re not anxiously waiting, doubting the laptop will come. Should I call Amazon and ask?

No! You are confident that it will come. You even expect it.

You will feel the same about your twin flame when union is approaching.

You FEEL union is coming and you’re not doubting it.

5. Your Life Is Falling Into Place

Sign number 5 is that most aspects of your life is falling into place. So for example, let’s say your social situation hasn’t been the best. But now, you’ve joined a few Facebook groups, gone to a few meet-ups and you now have some new friends.

Or perhaps you never used to prioritize fitness and had problems with weight gain and over-eating.

But now you have downloaded a fitness app and bought a yoga mat. You’re feeling healthy and strong.

Or maybe finance was the area of your life most lacking. But recently you added another income stream or you quit your dead-end job. You might have started working on your passions, like art or photography, and are now earning some money that way.

So you’re feeling good about most aspects of your life and where you are at, and you feel like it’s all going in the right direction.

You probably started to take action steps towards your soul mission. For me it was starting a blog. That was my big dream. And when I did that, the Universe really started to work in my favor.

It felt like I had wind in my sails and a few months later, my twin flame came into my life.

He didn’t come in when I was stuck in my boring nine to five job and was too scared to start this blog.

No, it was after, as I’ve started to take action steps towards my soul mission.

woman painting

6. You Have Experienced A Dark Night Of The Soul

So what exactly is the dark night of the soul? It’s a dark time of your life, where you felt lonely, sad and depressed.

This happened for a reason, usually to release things that have been trapped in your body that doesn’t serve you.

It could be ego issues, past life wounds, attitudes, insecurities, and they all come up to be dealt with.

You always come out of this stronger than you were before, so it’s a beautiful thing.

If you are approaching twin flame union, you probably know what I’m talking about. If this doesn’t ring a bell, then you haven’t had this dark night of the soul.

Union could still be soon, but meeting your twin flame could trigger the dark night of the soul and you could become the twin flame runner. So there’s really no escaping it.

Things will start to come up and be released because this is necessary for you to get in onto your core frequency, clear out all that junk and unite permanently with your twin flame.

twin flame separation depression

7. You Take Full Responsibility Of Your Life

You’re no longer a victim of circumstances because you realize your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

And when you change your inner world, it gets reflected in the outer world.

The Universe really awards you when you take inspired action, including helping you attract your twin flame.


Those were the main 7 signs that your twin flame reunion is approaching. I hope this was helpful and resonated.

Don’t worry if a few signs didn’t resonate. The fact that you’re reading this is the strongest sign that your twin flame separation is almost over.