Create Content For (We’re Hiring)

Writers wanted! 

Well, not just writers. We’re hiring writers, content creators, video editors, and influencers to help us grow our vision and bring twin flames and spirituality to more people! Read this whole page to learn more about how you can get paid to work with us. 

We’re looking to expand, and there are numerous ways you can get paid to work for or with us.

You don’t need experience for all of these positions, so anyone is welcome, if you’re a good fit and love learning and sharing information about twin flames! 

Writers Wanted

We’re looking for high quality article writers to write posts about twin flames, soul mate, starseeds, numerology, spirituality and relationships/love. This is a PAID position, you will get paid per article, and the rate is negotiable. 

Experience required is just a general interest in the topic and the ability to write well. We have templates, guidelines and reminder lists that you can use, so as long as you can write fluently, you’ll be a great fit! Ideally you’ll have one or more of the following:

  • Passion or interest in twin flames, soul mate, starseeds, numerology, spirituality and relationships/love
  • Ability to write in fluent English, and format the post in WordPress (adding images, embedding videos, linking to our other articles etc)
  • Ability to write at least 3-5 articles per month, regularly (articles will be roughly 3000-7000 words each)
  • Basic understanding of SEO, article structure and how to write good long form content that’s well researched
  • Knowing how to write articles that FULLY cover the topic and are broken down into useful sections and subheadings

APPLY NOW: Please send a few examples of articles you’ve written before to info@twinflameguides (dot) com, and put in the subject line ‘WRITER SUBMISSION’ and then your name or whatever else you want us to see. 

Growth Hackers And Marketing Ideas

You don’t need to be a writer to get paid, just send us a simple idea for how you think we can grow our website, YouTube channel or social media profiles. If we use it and it works, we’ll Paypal you $50. Just send a submission to info@twinflameguides (dot) com. 

Influencers Wanted

If you have a social media following of more than 5K or so, please get in touch, because there are several ways we can work together. We say 5K followers as the minimum because below that, it probably wouldn’t be worth it for you either as we’d only be able to pay a certain amount.

We can work together in the following ways:

  • Paid sponsorship or promotions
  • Affiliate partnership (pay you a commission per sale)
  • Featuring you on our socials (You create content for us in return for exposure to our audience)

Affiliates Wanted

If you have a website, blog or email list, it’s even easier to work together. We can work with you in an affiliate arrangment, and you can see instructions here on how to create your links. There’s even graphics, emails, copy and more things you can use to help you promote our products

Hopefully if you’re reading this, you are looking for one of the following (ignore these, it just helps us be found by writers!): 

  • Spiritual writing jobs
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  • Content writer needed
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