You’re not with your twin flame so how do you get your twin flame back?

Maybe you’ve met them, or know who they are but you’re not in reunion yet. 

OR maybe you’ve met them, become close with them, but then they ran away, and you want to know how to get your twin flame BACK?

You want to know HOW to get your twin flame back and stay in happy reunion with you, forever.

You’re in the right place. We’re Stef and Julia, the Twin Flame Guides. We’re a young nomadic twin flame couple, in permanent happy union. Our reunion story was quite interesting and we managed to shorten the running stage, by quite a bit!

get your twin flame back

So where has your twin flame gone?

The chances are your twin flame has run away, for whatever reason. The reasons twin flames run are varied but they USUALLY run for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They’re feeling overwhelmed or scared
  • They aren’t ready for that level of intensity
  • They have some self healing and self love work to do
  • They just weren’t ready at all
  • They weren’t your twin flame in the first place

So firstly, this is known as the RUNNING stage, and is a normal part of the twin flame journey. If you’re not sure how it works, watch the video below talking about the twin flame stages, or read our blog post about the running stage.

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So the running stage is a normal part, but you’re probably wondering HOW to get your twin flame back.

One thing I know for sure is that no matter what, you will get your twin flame back.

The only way this won’t work is if they are not your twin flame in the first place. In that case, the running stage would just seem to last forever, and you might never get them back.

So how do you tell? 

Well, there are a few simple ways you can tell if they’re your REAL twin flame. Firstly, read the following articles (They open in new tabs): 

And then consider that they might NOT be your twin flame at all, if you have none of the signs on either of those lists. That’s a possibility, and it’s fine if they’re not. If anything, knowing they’re NOT your twin will actually save you lots of sadness and time.

If you’re in a rush, watch this video about the TRUE twin flame signs.

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Because now you can focus on attracting your real twin flame. But assuming you HAVE met your true twin flame, there are several things you can do to get them back.

Firstly, understand this: 

You CAN speed up reunion, and get them back faster (We’ll share a free video training at the end of this article). It is in SOME ways in your control, but not all ways. I’ll explain as we go along, but keep an open mind because this is NOT what you’ve probably been taught. 

The one thing to NOT do, if you want to get your twin flame back

Before we get into HOW to get your twin flame back, I just want to make it very clear that you should not do this:

DON’T: Go SEARCHING and DESPERATELY messaging them every hour, begging them to come back to you. This will slow down the process.

That will not help you get your twin flame back at all. In fact, doing that will likely make the running stage or separation last even longer, so don’t bother with that. It will be hard, yes but you must make sure not to be in the energy of lack or desperation.

The twin flame journey is almost entirely a PERSONAL journey.

The reunion stage is one of the last parts (but not the last part). The rest of it is mostly about you and finding your purpose.

Stepping into self-love, and vibrating SO HIGH that your twin flame feels a magnetic pull towards you and feels at a gut level that they can’t be without you. 

So please, before we get into the steps to take to get them back, understand that this is not like your typical relationship. And in fact, the following advice and steps apply just as well to normal relationships. What I mean is that the idea of CHASING and begging a partner to come back to you is almost never the thing to do. 

How to get your twin flame back in 3 steps

Firstly, some expectation setting and reality checks:

  • This person might not be your twin flame. Make sure you FEEL and KNOW they are, by reading carefully the list of signs I linked to earlier
  • The timing could be wrong, and you might just have to wait a bit
  • They might not have done enough work on themselves and be still ‘stuck in the matrix’
  • Even if you follow these steps, it still might take a while (we have a better solution at the bottom of this post)

Alright, now let’s get into it. So how can you attract and get your twin flame back into your life? I’ll assume that you’re looking for REUNION, but this guide and these steps apply either way. 

Even if you’ve ONLY JUST met them and you want them to return your calls, message you back or get with you in a union. This should still apply for you. 

Step 1: Get your foundation right first

The first step to get your twin flame back is to understand WHAT has actually happened. For most people reading this, you’ve met them, become intimate and then they’re run away. 

But these steps would also apply, even if you’ve not met them yet.

So assuming you’ve MET them and they’ve run away, realize this:

  • You’ve just connected with the other half of your soul. NOWHERE in this world or in this universe is ‘too far’, and you’ll ALWAYS be bought back together by strong forces that you don’t understand
  • No obstacle or challenge can stand in the way of the union if you’re both ready (IF YOU’RE BOTH READY)
  • They’ve probably feeling overwhelmed, scared, or surprised at how close you have become, and how well you know each other
  • You could have triggered wounds, insecurities, and fears within them because you’re like a mirror to them

It’s no ‘small matter’.

You’ve probably changed their life ALREADY, just by making them realize the connection.

So, what’s the foundation?

You need to set up a strong foundation in your life that will HELP you attract your twin flame. These will be things you can do right now that will RAISE your vibrations, and help you magnetize them into your life faster.

To clarify, this applies even if you’ve not met them yet but is specifically for people who have MET their twin flame and want to get them back. These things I’ll share with you will make a HUGE difference to when your twin flame comes back into your life.

So let’s get into it:

Step 1.1: Meditate every morning

Meditation has been shown to raise your vibrations, and it’s CRITICAL if you want to get your twin flame back.

It will help you maintain a self-aware, loving, and calm emotional state. The twin flame journey can be tricky, and if your twin flame is with someone else, meditation is an important step to get your twin flame back.

You’ll find yourself wanting to obsess over them, worry about them being with someone else, or doing EVERYTHING you can to try and get your twin flame back. You will get them back if they’re your twin flame but it might take a little bit of patience.

So meditate every single morning, for at least ten minutes. If you don’t feel like it, you need it even more on that day so please make sure to really try and get it done. 

Step 1.2: Journaling (and self-love)

Start keeping a journal every morning that you write in as soon as you wake up. In this journal, you should write down your dreams, because twin flame communication in dreams is really important. The messages you’ll get will be from either your higher self or your twin flames’ higher self.

So make sure to write your dreams down, and also in the EVENING, write down what you learned that day and how you feel. Make sure to write down eery detail, even if it’s things like: 

  • ‘I missed my twin flame today’
  • ‘I felt sad that they’re with someone else’
  • And anything else you feel during the day

Even if it’s sad or not something you want to hear, you should write it down! This helps you to understand how you truly feel about it all, and what progress is being made.

I know it can be very difficult to come to terms with the fact that your twin flame might be with someone else, right now. But this is a tiny part of the bigger picture. This physical existence is not all there is, and in the 5D, you’re always connected.

But nothing I say will make it easier, because your ego is likely pretty strong.

Our Ego is what binds us to this physical 3D world, and we can’t get past that gut feeling that YOU should be with them and no one else. But it will pass, and as you step into self-love you learn to let go in order to attract them into your life.

Writing in a journal will help you make sense of your feelings, and get you into the habit of understanding your true feelings and emotions. And finally, EVERY DAY, write down 3 things you’re grateful for. This can be things that you already have or things you already ARE.

These will help you get your twin flame back.

Gratitude is a powerful way of raising your vibrations, and it is one of the higher frequencies we can be in. Write down things you’re grateful for every single morning. Try and focus on new things every day but if you can’t think of any, that’s fine too. 

Step 1.3: Use WATER to supercharge your body

Water is a powerful way to raise your vibrations and get your twin flame back, in the following ways: 

  • Try and have a cold shower every day (it increases endorphins and strengthens your chakra system and immune system). It’s also almost IMPOSSIBLE to feel sad or depressed when you’re under freezing cold water
  • Drink LOTS of water throughout the day
  • Swim in the ocean if you can (cold water therapy combined with salt water is great for your body. Also being outside in the sunshine is REALLY good for your frequency
  • And finally, get into a SAUNA and sweat. Not quite water, although you’ll sweat like a waterfall! Sweating in a sauna is a very effective way of raising your vibrations and removing toxins from your body

Step 1.4: Step into your PURPOSE and mission

Probably one of the most important steps here. You need to figure out what your purpose is, and WHY you’re here. This will help you get in line with your higher self and why you’re here, and what the purpose of your twin flame union will be. 

There are many ways of figuring your purpose out. 

We actually have an entire section in the Reunion Fast Track course on purpose. If you’re interested, you can get a free video training about it here.

But start loving yourself more.

Look at yourself in the mirror and be grateful for what you see. Hold a picture of yourself as a baby up to your face in the mirror and smile from the depths of your heart at yourself. See the child in you, and see yourself in the child’s eyes.

Now you have a great foundation and if you follow these steps, you’re well on your way to get your twin flame back. If you want to take it a step further, we have a free video training on how to raise your vibrations and frequency even MORE to attract your twin flame. 

Step 2: Offer a channel of communication, when you’re ready

The next stage to get your twin flame back is pretty simple.

Once you’ve built up your foundation, you need to open up a channel of communication. Your twin flame should have an easy way of getting in touch with you. They should also know very clearly that you’re there, and open to chatting whenever they’re free.

You can do this by:

Messaging them if you have their number saying ‘Just wanted to let you know, I’m always here if you want to talk, have a call or whatever, I hope you’re doing well!’

But don’t constantly check their social media, browse through their old photos, etc. TOO MUCH. Of course, you’ll be curious and want to see what they’re up to, but don’t go crazy over it. If you see they’re with someone else, avoid checking their social media as much as possible.

Like I said at the start, the twin flame journey is almost all about you personally. It’s a personal, inward journey. Especially if you notice they’re with someone else, limit how often you check their social media and go inwards. 

Vibrate SO HIGH that if you ever met them again, they’d instantly snap into place and realise the connection. That should be your mindset. But don’t take it TOO far and ONLY try and improve yourself FOR them. 

You have to do it for yourself. For your purpose, and for the planet. 

To get your twin flame back can be one of the trickiest things you’ll do. There are so many questions and so many things to think about. I get it.

But stay strong and positive, and focus on:

  • Self-love
  • Meditating every day
  • Not becoming desperate or clingy
  • Not freaking out
  • If you feel sad, meditate or work on one of the steps I mentioned above

And it will get easier. So how will this actually get your twin back?

Let me explain as we go on:

Step 3: Become very open to signs, nudges, and urges from the universe

So as you step into self love, and time goes on, you’ll notice signs. You’ll notice small signs at first, but your REALITY and world will literally start changing around you. 

As you focus on those things I mentioned and ESPECIALLY if you’re applying the frequency-raising hacks from our free video training, you’ll notice your reality changing. It might happen in small ways at first but will change more and more as time goes on.

And at a certain point:

The universe will step in, for you.

You’ll get more and more SIGNS and symbols from the universe, which will give you clues that you’re on the right track to get your twin flame back. These signs are guidelines and hints that you’re doing the right thing and that you’ll get your twin flame back soon.

In fact, universal signs are the most important thing to look out for. You’ll get your twin flame back when you’re doing the right thing, or close to reunion.

These signs could be: 

  • Random numbers appearing
  • People or situations manifesting and happening for you
  • Urges or nudges to go and do something, see someone, or try something new

Now when you GET those signs, listen to them. Write them down and get to know your signs. For me, the number 43 constantly appeared whenever I was doing the right thing, on the right track etc. Sometimes these signs can even happen AS you’re having a certain thought. 

So learn to listen to the signs and understand them. A powerful thing to realize is that NUMBERS and numerology are powerful tools for twin flames. You can learn more about twin flame numerology here (interesting blog post we wrote), or just watch the video below: 

So please learn to listen to the signs. When you see more and more signs, that means you’ll get your twin flame back fast. And it’s a beautiful feeling. I remember as I got more and more signs, I felt CARRIED and guided by the universe.

I felt like I was NOT alone. 

Because I wasn’t, and nor are you. Although it feels like it. The universe is conspiring to help you get your twin flame back.

Although it feels like it’s hopeless, and you don’t know what you’re doing, trust me, you’re not alone. Focus on self love and FINDING and stepping into your purpose, and the universe will move EVERYTHING to make it happen for you. Promise you’ll get your twin flame back.

How to get your twin flame back (speed up reunion)

If you want to get your twin flame back even more and REALLY go into depth on this, we’ve created a complete free video training for you. Click here to watch the free video training on how to reunite with your twin flame faster. 

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Now you’ve learned how to get your twin flame back. Do you think you’ll get your twin flame back soon? Let me know in the comments!