Real Life Twin Flame Couple: Our Love Story

Twin Flame Guides was set up because we felt there weren’t enough good resources online for twin flames. We are a real life twin flame couple in full union, and have been for many years. 

We were lucky enough to find each-other and know that we’re twin flames at a very young age compared to most twin flame couples. This combined with our sense of purpose led to us creating this site, and the YouTube channel.

We felt we should share our experience, knowledge and our journey as a twin flame couple with the world. This has been confirmed by several signs, and we also felt it would be very inspiring to share the twin flame journey, especially from such a young couple.

We’re Julia and Stef, a digital nomad twin flame couple.

Julia is from Sweden and I (Stef) am from England, but we travel around together as digital nomads a lot of the time. This site will be where we share our experiences and information about the twin flame journey, spirituality, and other topics. 

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Okay, back to the reunion story…

How we reunited (Twin flame story)

For many years before meeting, we’ve both always been interested in personal growth. We’ve pushed ourselves to do things outside our comfort zone, and tried to act through light and love all the time.

I’ve (Stef) been often made fun of from time to time, for being so optimistic and positive, that people can’t help but feel the same around me. From a young age, I have always been fascinated by personal growth. The idea of being able to change and upgrade your life and inspire people around you has always interested me. 

In high school, I would be reading self-help books, exercising, reading about motivation and mindset and all sorts of other things.

I’ve also always been interested in philosophy and how the world works. As a child I would sit there for hours, asking my dad question after question and just trying to understand how the world worked in as much detail as I could. 

This never went away.

This fascination with how things worked and how I could improve them, stayed with me throughout my life.

There were periods of my early life (teenage years) where I would drink and smoke, but throughout all of that, I still worked on myself in other ways. I would still meditate, read, exercise and learn how I could do more with my life.

Aside from about 2-3 years where I had a string of jobs I didn’t enjoy, I have always followed my heart.

I’ve never listened to reason if I FELT something.

The logical path would have been to follow what everyone else seemed to be doing, which was to go to university and then get a good ‘secure’ job. But I never wanted that, and I followed my heart. 

And my heart led me to start working for myself, develop myself, travel and learn about things like biohacking.

It’s been a crazy journey. I believe it was this following of my heart that led me to Julia so young. If I hadn’t done that, I could have easily stayed in any of my previous jobs for decades, while putting personal growth and discovery on pause. And many people do.

Julia has had a similar story, with following her heart.

She’s always been interested in travel and experiencing new things.

The desire to improve herself started very early, and even in high school she would be studying and learning while the other people were playing around or partying. But just like most people, she got stuck in unfulfilling 9-5 office jobs, until she one day decided to start working for herself and live as a digital nomad.

We’ve both been interested in meditation, reading, learning and nutrition for a long time. We firmly believe that it was this following of our hearts that led us to each other so young, so here’s the story of what happened. 

As a result of us following our hearts, we got to the point where we were both working for ourselves and traveling when and where we felt like we should explore. We’d both developed a high level of self-love, and had started stepping into our greater purpose. 

Julia started her blog about spirituality and raising vibrations, and I’ve always had my self-growth blog talking about biohacking and personal growth. 

So over the years, we’ve both felt like there was someone out there that was perfect for us. ‘The one’. And this feeling has been there in the background the whole time, throughout our previous relationships, telling us that there was something ‘more’ out there. That something was missing. 

Now at this stage, we’re both working for ourselves, traveling and starting to step into our purpose.

We feel complete within ourselves at this stage in the story, and we love ourselves. It’s not been an easy road, but we’ve arrived at this point in our lives where we feel complete within ourselves while at the same time, aware that there’s someone out there for us. 

I (Stef) was scrolling through Instagram one day.

I regularly check Instagram to look for travel inspiration or quotes and style tips etc, but this time it was different. I notice a picture of Julia, and my heart stops. I feel compelled to message her and learn more about her.

This wasn’t just seeing an attractive girl on Instagram, this was different. I couldn’t understand what it was that made me feel this way, but I think it was something to do with her eyes. IT just seemed like I knew her, that I’d met her before. 

But I can’t have done…

She was in another country and this was the first time I’d seen her picture so how can she be so familiar? I messaged her and we started talking. At the time we were both in relationships, and the conversation didn’t really go anywhere. But we connected and the path was set. 

About 6 months later and we both happened to break up with our partners at almost exactly the same time.

It was within a few days of each other and then we started talking more. I should mention for a long time I’ve been learning Spanish, and thinking about eventually settling down in Spain. She suggests we meet up in Gran Canaria, Spain together and spend a couple of weeks there. Bear in mind at this point, we’ve never met or even had a phone call. 

Something felt so overwhelmingly right about the idea of meeting her, that we didn’t even hesitate.

I suggest sharing an Airbnb and spending the two weeks completely together, instead of meeting up first. There was no hesitation, we both felt this was right. This was not something either of us had ever done, to meet someone brand new for the first time by sharing an apartment for two weeks. 

I (Stef) often see the number ’43’ when the Universe is trying to tell me something or guide me in the right direction.

So when I get the message fro her that she’s up for meeting in Spain, I type into Google ‘random number generator’. I put the parameters of 0 to 1,000,000 and the first result that came up was something insane like 343,343.

I can’t remember the exact number but it had many 43’s in it, and the chances of that happening the first time were literally 1 in a million. For me, that was the Universe telling me to go for it, as an extra confirmation. 

We book the apartment and before we know it, we’re getting ready to meet. I (Stef) arrive at the apartment slightly earlier than she does and I get the text that she’s at the front door. I walk downstairs and open the door and we lock eyes. From that moment, everything changed. It felt like coming home, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace, love and bliss. We embrace.

Almost immediately, we begin acting like a couple that’s been together for many years. We get to know each other better and learn how much we really have in common and how similar we are. We feel an attraction and intimacy that we’ve never experienced before. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks and it’s time to leave.

I’m going back to England and she was going back to Sweden. We share a romantic pizza outdoors by the beach at sunset. We hold hands and look into each other’s eyes.

Now bear in mind that we’ve only physically met less than two weeks ago, and at this stage, we’ve not even discussed whether or not we’re ‘together’ or not. I have an overwhelming and reassuring feeling that we’ll meet again very soon. I just knew it with every part of me. 

So a few days go by, we keep talking. I move on to Tenerife with my friend. We’d planned to go to Bali together and spend a month there. We’re talking about it and I get a text from Julia. She says she’s not feeling the connection and doesn’t want me to come. 

I’m very confused and unsure of what to reply.

At this point, I’d fallen so in love with her that I hadn’t considered the possibility she didn’t feel the same. I’d just completely let go of it. She later told me that she sent this because she was feeling scared by how similar we were, and she wasn’t ready after being in another relationship so recently. 

So I didn’t end up going to Bali with her, but I remember vividly the moment when I got the text.

I was with my friend and I showed him the message. He started comforting me, but I felt strange. I felt sad of course, but I felt a sense of certainty that this wasn’t the end. I knew that we’d meet after Bali, despite her message saying that she didn’t feel the same, and didn’t want to.

So a few months go by, and I continue working on myself.

I’m more motivated than ever, and I felt like I was sprinting towards my goals. She goes to Bali, and we stay in contact the whole time. Not a day goes by that I didn’t think about her, but I felt sure I would see her again soon.

I later learn that the whole time, she’s also been thinking about me and missing me.

She was just scared that we were so similar. She also later tells me that two psychics have confirmed that I was her twin flame. We then agree to meet up again and this time we book almost two months in a sleepy little ski town in Bulgaria. This also felt very natural and right. 

Logically, after her sending that text and seeing as we’ve only spent two weeks together, spending two months together now should have been a huge deal, something that even long term couples think twice about. It was like we lived together for those two months, and we very quickly got very close. 

We were incredibly intimate and close in Spain, but in Bulgaria, we were like a happily married couple.

And that’s how we re-united. We’re now happily living together, in full reunion. The ‘running stage’ for us I suppose was after Spain. We’d both just broken off with previous partners only a few days before meeting, and the connection was so intense that it scared her a little bit. 

But we believe that it could have gone very differently.

Imagine if we’d met BEFORE all of that work ourselves and at a time when we weren’t ready. We might have stayed in contact on and off for YEARS before finally reuniting. But we were able speed it up by working on ourselves in many ways. 

So hopefully this has explained a bit more about the twin flame connection and how it works. There will be challenges, but by working on yourself and following the steps we’ve outlined here, you can massively smooth out the ride

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