In this post we’re going to be talking about how you can REUNITE with your twin flame faster. Divine timing is a MYTH and we’ll explain that later.

This applies to you whether:

  • You’ve met your twin flame ALREADY
  • You’ve never heard of twin flames
  • You have not met your twin yet but you know about the concept

So if you’re thinking about your twin flame a lot and you’re not sure how to reunite with them or what’s the BEST thing to do, for the greatest good, this is what you need to read.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this post: 

  • What is twin flame reunion
  • When does reunion happen?
  • What is the PURPOSE of twin flame reunion?
  • What about divine timing? Is divine timing REAL?
  • How to SPEED UP reunion with your twin flame (3 step guide)

So hopefully you’re ready to get started, and learn about what you can do today to speed up reunion with your mirror soul. If you’re new here, consider reading our post explaining what twin flames are

What is twin flame reunion?

So twin flame reunion is the last and arguably most important STAGE of the twin flame journey

It’s the stage when the running is complete, and the two twin flames will come together PHYSICALLY, and remain in happy, peaceful union for the rest of this lifetime. This is a beautiful experience, and has a very important purpose which we’ll explain later on.

If you’re not sure about the other stages, you can either click the link above and read our blog post, or watch this short video we created: 

So it’s the final stage, and it’s beautiful. 

There’s a lot of mis-information going around online, talking about how the journey HAS to be hard, painful and sad. That’s not true at all. The twin flame journey is difficult, yes. 

But the reunion stage is beautiful, and in many cases will be the last and best stage for you. You’ll finally reunite with your twin flame, and come together for life, in happy, peaceful partnership.

This will allow you to grow further, explore your purpose, gifts and spiritual missions. You’ll support each other, and also support the planet by raising their vibrations together. This would of course be very difficult if you were separated or if the running and chasing cycles continued!

This is part of the reason we’re so confused by SOME twin flame gurus teaching that the running and chasing stage never truly ends. It does, and reunion is the ‘final destination’, at least for the most part. It’s not the end of the journey though.

The reunion is really where things START for twin flame couples. 

And after the reunion, you can begin to explore and open up your spiritual gifts, support each other, and really have a beautiful, happy and purpose driven life together. This is important as we get on to the true purpose of the twin flame reunion in a moment. 

When does reunion happen?

Reunion for twin flames can happen at any time. It sort of depends on where you both are vibrationally, and the timing. 

BUT that’s not to say that divine timing is the ONLY factor here.

In fact as we’ll explain in a moment, divine timing is really only a guideline. It can be changed, sped up or even slowed down. In fact many of the things being taught online about twin flames are SLOWING DOWN your reunion.

It will happen when you’re both ready, and both a vibrational match for each other. This can happen at any time during your lives, when you’re both vibrating highly enough. Now, this is where things get interesting:

Through quantum entanglement and other dimensions, we’re connected to our twin flames. We share a chakra system, and this means that work you do on yourself, AFFECTS your twin flame.

Why should you care?

Because this means that the more spiritual development, self love and stepping into YOUR purpose you do, the more likely you’ll meet your twin flame faster. Now we’re not talking about something that can speed this up to happening this WEEK, but stick with us here: 

What this means is that YOU can influence how fast you reunite with your twin flame.

Not only that, but you can also influence how the reunion will go. If you are all in your mind, following your 3D ego chasing money and possessions for example, you won’t meet your twin very soon. And if you do, the running stage will likely last a longer time.

But if you do focus on the right things, you can speed up reunion, which we’ll explain more about shortly. 

As twin flames (and especially if you’re also a starseed), time is finite.

We have an important mission to ascend humanity and time is a factor here. So that’s part of our mission also, is to change this narrative that’s been emerging about twin flame reunions having to be DIFFICULT and SLOW.

You can speed it up, and should.

There are many reasons you’d WANT to speed up reunion, such as: 

  • Enjoy your beautiful happy life together as a united twin flame couple
  • Spend years together and experience life more
  • Avoid potentially YEARS of the ‘twin flame running’ stage, or of your twin being with someone else (We’ve even heard stories of peoples twin marrying other people and having children with them!)
  • Step more into your purpose together, and get things done FASTER
  • You can finally put all of your energy and motivation to unite with your twin flame into actually DOING things that you know will make a difference

As you can see, it’s worth doing. For a long time, several twin flame gurus have been preaching a fear based narrative that reunion takes a long time, or HAS to be difficult and painful.

You have to consider who you’re listening to. As twin flames we’re very AWARE that we manifest and create our own reality. It might take a little bit longer in this 3D world, but we’re all CREATORS. 

And for this reason, if you listen to the WRONG stuff, you’ll manifest the wrong reality. you’ll MANIFEST a slow reunion, a painful or even emotionally abusive relationship, with someone who’s NOT your twin flame… 

So please, don’t listen to gurus who are NOT with their twin flame, in happy union. Don’t listen to people telling you it’s ALWAYS going to be really painful, or that abuse and manipulation are ‘okay’. They’re not.

A TRUE twin flame connection? Will look something like this: 

  • You’ll BOTH feel a STRONG sexual, physical and metaphysical connection and attraction
  • It won’t be one sided. You’ll both want to know each other deeper, and spend more time together
  • You’ll want to come together eventually (after the running stage) and you’ll find it DIFFICULT to spend time apart

What it is NOT: 

  • Abusive or unhealthy
  • Long distance for YEARS (one of you not wanting to take the next step, or spend more time together, this is usually commitment issues and/or NOT a twin flame)

So bear that all in mind. 

What is the PURPOSE of twin flame reunion?

So WHY do we reunite with our twin flames? What’s the purpose or point of it all? 

Well, the purpose is simple:

  • To come together in physical and spiritual UNION
  • To remain happily together, in a healthy and LOVING relationship
  • To become a portal through which unconditional love can flow into this reality
  • To guide, inspire and raise the vibrations of others by becoming a beacon or example of a true, healthy and loving relationship and spiritual connection/union
  • To help ascend and heal mother Gaia, and the collective consciousness

So, it’s pretty important. It’s no easy task, and we were not chosen for this because we’re weak. We were chosen for this because we’re STRONG, limitless and infinite souls who signed up for this before we incarnated here on Earth.

What about divine timing? Is divine timing REAL?

Here’s a short video we made talking about this topic: 

How to SPEED UP reunion with your twin flame (3 step guide)

So you might be wondering now HOW you can speed up your reunion with your twin flame, and there are SEVERAL things you can do that will speed this process up. 

But before we get started with that, it’s very important to realise that although you can speed it up, this is not something you can just ‘instantly have’ like a product you order online. It’s a process. A journey.

And for that reason, IT WILL TAKE TIME, of various lengths. For different people, it will take different lengths of time. There are some things which you just have to work through and it just takes some time.

1: Identify your limiting beliefs

Everyone for the most part, has ‘limiting beliefs’ at some point in their lives. In fact, many people hold limiting beliefs for LIFE. But they can be changed.

A limiting belief can be created from almost anywhere, but here are the main places you’ll get a limiting belief from:

  • Peers who don’t know what they’re talking about
  • Gurus or teachers, teaching the wrong things
  • Anyone else who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about

In the case of twin flames, some LIMITING beliefs might be things like:

  • I need to be with my twin flame to be complete
  • My twin flame is a runner
  • The running stage has to be painful
  • My twin will save me
  • There’s nothing I can do to speed up the union • I am not good enough
  • The twin flame journey is hard
  • I have to change to deserve my twin
  • My twin will run away
  • If my twin loves me, I don’t need to love myself

You should focus on REMOVING those negative, fear based beliefs as soon as possible. They’ll just hold you back, slow down reunion, and ultimately cause you more pain and suffering. They’re also almost all untrue. 

To remove these beliefs, don’t read them, ignore people saying these things, and instead REAFFIRM positive beliefs several times per day. Tell yourself positive and empowering things and beliefs.

2: Heal your inner child

Your inner child is usually suppressed by society and cultural pressures, and you’re often not in touch or contact with your inner child. 

Your inner child is the part of you that’s kind, pure, playful and heart driven. The part of you that feels ‘I want to do or experience THIS because it seems exciting’. It’s not based in ego, the mind or logical thought.

It’s a playful thing, a kind and pure spirit. And that’s what you should focus on healing. Take our some pictures of you when you were a child.

Look in the mirror and hold the picture next to your head. Smile openly, and tell yourself that you LOVE yourself completely. you love all that you are. Tell yourself and REMIND yourself that you’re a limitless, powerful being in a human body. 

Now think about all the times when you were told to be quiet, stop doing something you enjoyed, or your beliefs or ideas where shut down. Also at this time, think about negative and traumatic things you might have experienced in your early life.

Things like parents divorcing, fighting, arguments, that kind of thing.

Now this might be tough and we get that, but stick with it for a moment. 

Reflect for a minute or two about how these traumatic and negative memories could have caused your limiting beliefs that you hold today. These events shaped your beliefs, and are holding you back. Let them go. You can repeat this exercise every day if needed.

3: Energy healing

Energy healing refers to healing energetic problems or wounds. These wounds can be in this physical body, the astral body, or just karma we’re dragging around from past lives. 

This can usually only be healed by an energy healer, although there are SOME things you can do yourself that will heal these types of wounds. Try and contact an energy healer who can work on this for you.

What to do next?

If you want to speed up reunion and really go down the rabbit hole, we have a lot of suggestions. Here’s a little summary of what you should do next.

Firstly, PLEASE raise your vibrations, this will not only speed things up but also raise your vibrations and make sure that the running stage doesn’t last too long. We also have an Ebook about how to raise your vibrations to attract your twin. Here’s a video we made explaining what to do: 

Next, consider doing some energy healing, past life karma clearing and energetic work. Look for energy healers who have good reviews and testimonials. 

And finally, consider taking our Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track course, which contains several PDF ebooks, downloads, video and audio lessons and a detailed step by step plan to help you speed up reunion. Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The detailed 7 step action plan to start attracting your twin into your life, and reuniting with them as fast as possible so you can enjoy your happy life together
  • EXACTLY how the twin flame connection works, and what the TRUE purpose of this beautiful connection is
  • Our FULL story including how we reunited, and exactly what led up to reunion and how it all came together perfectly
  • Your REAL twin flame MISSION and how to start moving into it effortlessly so you can fulfil your true purpose
  • How to know for sure if you have a twin flame, and how to spot a FALSE twin flame with these simple steps
  • The exact steps to take to PREPARE to meet your twin flame, to make the reunion happen more smoothly
  • A detailed explanation of what will happen when you reunite, so that you can visualise it and prepare for this life changing, beautiful experience
  • How the ‘runner stage’ REALLY works, and what you can do to avoid, reduce, or ESCAPE it (This is stuff you’ve not heard before, and could make a big difference to how happy you are during this process)
  • How to effortlessly MAINTAIN the twin flame relationship once you’ve reunited. This is important as many twin flames meet and reunite only to break up or run away again!
  • The unusual but highly effective exercise you can do to merge your goals and purpose into one, and support each-other in this growth
  • The BEST way to deal with conflicts or arguments in a twin flame relationship so that you BOTH feel closer after each argument, and they just bring you further into union and love
  • The most effective morning routine to raise your vibrations and attract your twin flame, that you can do in just 5 minutes a day
  • How and WHY you should repeat affirmations every morning (you’ll also get a beautiful printable morning routine and affirmations sheet too)

Get The Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track now! (The link goes to the main page, where you can read and learn more about it, and what’s included.