There are several twin flame stages that you must move through before reuniting and being together forever. 

The 8th twin flame stage IS reunion, so there are 7 stages before that. 

How long does it take? 

Well, it can take different lengths of time, and it really depends on the work YOU do on yourself, which we’ll get to at the end of this post. 

How many twin flame stages are there?

There are 8 main stages that twin flames must go through before becoming ‘reunited’ and finally together forever. These stages can take different lengths of time, but every twin flame couple must go through these stages.

They are:

The twin flame stages are what EVERY twin flame couple has to go through.


Because this is not like an ordinary relationship. 

This is special, and there are levels to this. Before you can reunite with your twin flame, there are some things that need clearing up and sorting out.

But don’t despair.

These stages can be moved through quickly. At the end of this post, we’ll give some tips for reaching reunion FASTER. Divine timing is largely a myth, and YOU can make reunion happen faster. 

The 8 true twin flame stages explained

Here are the main stages a true twin flame couple must go through before that elusive ‘reunion’. 

Let’s begin with the first stage: 

1: Yearning for ‘The One’

The yearning stage stage usually lasts the longest.

This is the stage of your life before you meet your twin flame where you just KNOW there’s someone out there that’s PERFECT for you. 

The One. 

You know it with every piece of your heart, and you might even feel like things are missing in most of your relationships, until you meet your twin flame.

Sure, you can have happy relationships and even fall in love several times before meeting your twin, but there’s always a little gap. Something’s off, and you KNOW there’s something else, something better out there.

You don’t know how you know, but you know.

Like Neo in the Matrix, you have a splinter in your mind. You’re not sure why or how you feel this way, but you know something’s not right yet. 

2: Glimpsing or meeting them

This is where you MEET your twin flame. 

And this can happen both in real life or in dreams and the astral realm.

Important to realise that this stage might happen without you realising it at first, for example in dreams that you don’t remember. 

But for most of us?

This is where you physically meet or see your twin flame. You might even see them online, or see a photo of them. But for most people, you’ll run into them physically, in real life. 

You might even talk to them or lock eyes with them and feel ‘something’s different about this one’. 

You’ll feel very curious to learn more about them and spend more time with them. You might want to get their contact information so you an maybe go on a date with them. They might start appearing more often in your life after this.

3: Falling in love (hopelessly)

This twin flame stage usually happens after you’ve met your twin flame a couple of times. 

Usually, you’ll both realise very quickly after meeting and locking eyes that something’s up. You’ll both be fascinated with each other and want to spend more time together. 

So this is where you’ll fall in love.

And you’ll fall hard now. 

You’ll feel like nothing you’ve ever experience before, and it’s very intense. It’s a beautiful stage of the twin flame journey, enjoy it! Give yourself completely to your twin at this stage, and don’t hold anything back.

The truth is, you won’t really have a choice anyway! It will feel very much like you’re FALLING for them, and you have no control over how you feel. 

4: The dream relationship

This is almost always the SAME as the previous stage, the falling in love stage. Pretty soon after the falling in love stage (or roughly at the same time) you’ll feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. 

The relationship just feels perfect. Like a dream. 

And it seems like nothing can or will go wrong. You feel complete, safe, and satisfied in every possible way. This is also a beautiful stage, enjoy it!

5: The turmoil stage

The Turmoil stage is where personal issues, insecurities and flaws come up. 

But don’t worry, this was part of the plan from the start. It’s going to happen, just stay true to yourself and act out of love always. This stage might only last a few days, or it might last longer. 

In some twin flame couples, this can be in the form of intense arguments and fights that seem to have no escape. It can feel like you should walk away in some cases. Here’s some important things to remember:

  • Mainly these arguments are designed to remove insecurities and make you stronger
  • Violence and/or abuse are NOT part of ANY twin flame design, walk away if this happens

6: The running and chasing stage

The running and chasing stage can be described like this:

One or both twins will feel so challenged and/or scared of the intensity of the relationship that they’ll run away. This running can be in the form of: 

  • Turning to alcohol or drugs
  • Turning to other people
  • Avoiding or ignoring each other
  • Physically leaving the relationship and actually running away

How long does it last? 

It can last YEARS. 

It really depends on how much work you’ve done on yourself, and what stage you’re at in your personal growth journey. There are some powerful ways to reunite with your twin flame faster, explained at the bottom of this post.

7: Surrender

After some time, you’ll both realise that you’re helpless.

You’re helpless in avoiding each other.

You’re hopelessly in love, and you can’t get each other off your minds. This is where you’ll be brought back together, and you’ll fall lovingly into each others arms. 

But this usually happens after you’ve done WORK on yourselves. In the form of self love, stepping into your purpose and raising your frequency. This SOMETIMES takes a very long time, and for some twins it can take years.

There are stories of twin flames taking so long to reach this stage, that they’ve ended up married to someone else or have children with someone else. That of course can be very confusing and annoying, but there are ways of avoiding that. 


The beautiful twin flame reunion stage. 

This feels like coming home. 

You’ll reach reunion only when you’re on the same vibrational level, and ready to reunite. This can take days, weeks or even years, it really depends. For me and Julia it took a few months, and yes, we DID experience the running stage.

But once you reach reunion, you’ll usually stay together forever. You’ll feel very secure and comfortable within the relationship and although arguments will happen, you’ll never break up once you’ve reunited. 

Do the twin flame stages always happen in that order?

Twin flame stages can happen in SEVERAL different orders. You might find for example, that your ‘dream relationship’ stage happens AFTER the running stage. You might alternatively find that you enter the honeymoon stage, and THEN have the running and chasing stage, AND THEN reunite much later.

It really depends, and every twin flame couple is different. For me and Julia, we have them in the following order: 

  • Yearning for the one
  • Meeting the one
  • Falling in love
  • Turmoil
  • Running chasing stage
  • Surrender
  • Reunion

How long do twin flame stages last?

The twin flame stages can take different lengths of time. We don’t want to give a length of time for each stage, because it varies massively. 

For example, our running stage lasted about 2-3 months, while for other twin flame couples it can last for just a few weeks, or a few YEARS.

It really varies massively. 

What’s really important to remember is that you’ll make the first few stages go by quicker if you do more work on yourself, and raise your vibrations in order to match your twin flame and your core frequency.

How to reach reunion faster

There are several ways you can reunite and reach the final twin flame stage: 

  • Work on yourself: Do work on yourself including meditation, self love, stepping into your purpose and acting out of love in everything you do
  • Raise your vibrations: This is our Ebook we wrote explaining how to raise your vibrations by doing these exercises and techniques. By raising your vibrations you’ll attract your twin flame faster

There is another way you can fast track your reunion…

We’ve put together a detailed course called the Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track, which shows you a multistep plan that will help attract your twin flame. It will bring you into reunion much faster. The work you do on yourself following this course will also affect your twin flame. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • The 7 step plan to attract and reunite with your twin flame
  • How to MAINTAIN the relationship once you’ve reunited, and stay together forever, happily
  • The CRITICAL mistakes people make when looking for or trying to attract their twin flames
  • The perfect morning routine for attracting your twin flame
  • And LOADS more (seriously, this course is PACKED with information)