Twin flame divine timing is a common myth that people who are looking for their twin flame buy into. 

It stops them from working on themselves…

Which FURTHER slows down reunion, and re-enforces the idea that they’ll meet their twin in ‘divine timing’ and not SOON. This can be changed, and divine timing is a myth for the most part. 

Let’s explain:

What is divine timing?

Divine timing is the idea that what’s meant to happen WILL happen at EXACTLY the right time for you. It’s the idea that you don’t really need to ‘do’ anything because it will all be done for you. 

You’re just in for the ride. 

You can just sit back, do nothing, and the universe will work everything out FOR YOU. And for twin flames, divine timing is a big myth, and a huge roadblock.

It can hold you back, and stop you from reuniting with your twin flame as early as you COULD reunite with them. 

Why divine timing is a myth for twin flames

Divine timing is a myth for twin flames because it entirely depends on the work you do on YOURSELF.

If you take a month off and sit around feeling sorry for yourself, doing nothing, NOT stepping into your purpose, then of course, you’ll slow down your reunion. 

If however:

You spend a month exercising, eating good foods, working on yourself, meditating and acting out of love and in your purpose…

You’ll ATTRACT your twin flame into your life.

And you’ll make it more likely that you’ll reunite faster.

This is something we’ve seen time and time again and we really feel passionate about sharing this information with you guys. We feel it’s our responsibility to share the truth with you, especially when the myth most people buy into is so damaging.

Now, we’re not saying that there isn’t a universal PLAN or divine ‘soul contract’ in place…

Not at all.

That’s very much true, and in place. There is a divine plan and you have entered into certain soul contracts with your twin flame and other souls to help you on this journey.

Certain events, meeting certain people and experiencing certain things have been planned out for you. But the TIMING of these events, specifically meeting and reuniting with your twin flame is VARIABLE. 

It can be changed. 

How to speed up your divine timing

There are many ways you can actually speed up this so called ‘divine timing’ yourself. 

You can take the power back and make things happen, yourself. 

This is empowering for most people to hear, especially since what you hear from MOST twin flame gurus who are: 

  • NOT with their twin flames
  • Preach fear based doctrines
  • Share messages of fear and anger because THEY’RE resentful about their own twin flame experiences

Is so negative and focused on ‘sitting back’, doing nothing and letting this magical ‘divine timing’ take over and sort everything out for you. 

What divine timing really means

Here’s what most people get wrong with divine timing.

Divine timing as most people teach and understand it, is that when the universe decides you’re ready for something, it delivers it to you. 

When it’s time to meet your twin flame, the universe will make it happen, magically.

But it’ doesn’t work like that. 

What’s really happening is that the universe brings you together with your twin flame WHEN you’ve done the work on yourself, and when you’re READY to meet them.

This means that if you can take back control and GET READY SOONER, the universe or ‘divine timing’ will change for you. And you’ll reunite with your twin flame faster.

This is the fundamental truth that would save thousands of twin flames from years of hardships and confusion. It’s not about waiting for divine timing to kick in and deliver your twin flame to you while you sit around being lazy and feeling sorry for yourself.


It’s about YOU getting off your ass, doing the work, putting yourself out there and following your heart.

Do that, and the universe will bring you your twin flame faster than you though was possible. But if you don’t do the work, you’re going to be waiting a hell of a long time for ‘divine timing’ to give you results. 

Why do twin flame ‘gurus’ teach the wrong stuff?

There are several reasons why you may have heard the wrong there here.

Think about WHERE and WHO you’re taking advice from.

Are you taking advice from real twin flame guides who are IN union with their twin flame?

Or are you listening to ‘gurus’ that can’t even follow their own advice, and aren’t with their twin flame?

The chances are it’s the ones that AREN’T with their twin flame that are preaching this fear based ‘Do what you like, divine timing will sort it out’ nonsense. 

And it makes sense that they would as well. It’s self comforting, and it’s WAY easier to say ‘the universe will sort it out’ than to actually do the work and take control yourself.

We like to be comfortable, and it’s not very comfortable to look in the mirror and say ‘there’s work that needs to be done here’. But if you DO that, you’ll reunite with your twin flame very quickly. 

What to do next

If you’re reading this thinking ‘what should I do next then?’ that’s good. 

You’ve hopefully started to realise that almost all of this is within your own control. It’s your fate, and your mission. You chose this mission for a reason, because you could do it.

So don’t sit around waiting for it to somehow happen, you need to take action now. Start by doing the following:

  • Meditate every morning and raise your awareness
  • Raise your vibrations: This is an Ebook guide we wrote teaching you how to naturally raise your energy, frequency and vibrations
  • Fast track your reunion: Our most effective course showing you how to massively speed up reuniting with your twin flame