In the twin flame journey, twins will sometimes (not always) meet somebody who is what’s called their false twin flames This is not one of the main stages, but sometimes this can happen.

False twin flames are people who SEEM to be your twin flame, and many of the signs are the SAME, but they are NOT your true twin flame.

Don’t panic!

We know what you’re probably thinking, and it’s nothing to be worried about. In many cases, you either WON’T meet false twin flames, or you’ll meet them and even get into a relationship with them, without realizing they’re your twin flame. 

In fact, somebody you’ve ALREADY dated might have been your false twin, and even your most recent relationship could be false twin flames. That being said, NOT everyone experiences or meets a false twin flame. Many couples go from dating or being in ‘typical’ relationships, and then meet with their TRUE twin flame. 

But for some people, a false twin is needed to clear up emotional blocks, and wounds, and to help you awaken. 

What Are False Twin Flames?

False twin flames appear to be JUST like a real twin flames, at least on the surface. When you’ve read this article you should be able to spot a false twin flame.

They often will come into your life at an important moment, often by accident but of course, it’s not really an accident.

They come into your life when you really need them to awaken you, and help you remember who you are. Often your false twin flame appears to be a loving and healthy relationship, and the word ‘false’ isn’t really the right term to use for this.

Is The False Twin Unhealthy Of ‘Toxic’?

‘False’ implies that the connection is a lie, meaningless or unhealthy.

That’s not the case, the false twin is actually often a normal or loving relationship, for the most part. 

Here’s where it gets a bit confusing: SOMETIMES, people will get into a relationship with someone who is not their twin flame, OR their false twin flames. They simply get into a relationship with someone that’s not right for them.

Abusive and manipulative relationships are a dime a dozen, and it’s very easy to mistake a bad relationship for a twin flame relationship IF you’re following the narrative most people teach online, about twin flames. 

It’s commonly taught online that the twin flame connection HAS TO BE difficult painful and in some cases abusive! That’s not the case. Typically false twin flames appears to be your real twin flame, and by the time you’ve realized they could be your FALSE twin, their work is done.

At the moment you realize they could be your false twin, their work has been done and you’re probably ready to move on, and very soon you’ll meet your true twin flame. This leads us nicely onto: 

What’s The PURPOSE Of False Twin Flames?

The purpose of false twin flames is NOT to cause you random sadness. It’s actually to help you AWAKEN, before your true twin flame helps you ASCEND. That being said, not everyone will need to meet a false twin before meeting their true twin flame.

They often come into your life when you need them, to help you awaken and step into your power.

This process takes anywhere from a few months to a few years and really varies from person to person. Typically, the false twin flames will appear to be an intense, physical, and twin flame connection, on the surface.

But like we said, by the time you realize that they’re probably not your twin flame, it’s likely they’ve already done the work they came to do, and they’re helped you step into your purpose and power, triggered your insecurities, and helped you spiritually grow.

It’s commonly known that we meet and experience various soul mates, soul partners, and members of our soul family in order to help us grow and learn various lessons. This can be painful sometimes, but it’s needed.

False twin flames are exactly that.

A contract or agreement that you’ve made with a soul, to help you learn a particular lesson, or grow in a certain way. They’re often good at getting rid of emotional wounds from previous relationships or helping you clear your karma.

Signs You’ve Met Your FALSE Twin Flame

We’ll try and focus on the signs that are NOT shared with your TRUE twin flame here, so that you can easily tell the difference. Because many of the signs of a true twin flame are ALSO usually present with false twin flames, it can be tricky to tell the difference.

That being said, here are some SIGNS that you’ve met your false twin flame these things USUALLY aren’t present in a true twin flame relationship: 

1: Ongoing Uncertainty And Doubt

When people meet their FALSE twin flames, there will be a general feeling of doubt. You won’t be sure that the relationship will last, or that they’re the one for you.

This feeling might last the entire relationship, and never really goes away. This is an important sign to watch out for because your true twin flame will always make you feel like things are certain and mutual.

false twin flames

A lot of people get a false twin flame or a karmic relationship confused for the real thing because they don’t pay attention to this sign.

2: When Things Get Tough, They Run Away

A big sign that you’ve met your false twin is that when things get tough or difficult they’ll run away.

This applies not just to arguments or stressful situations in life but also to commitment as well. They’ll just never be able to stick with it, and take the heat, so to speak.

If you notice that your partner or twin flame is constantly avoiding confrontation and when con confronts them about something, they run away or freak out, they could be a false twin.

As with the signs of a TRUE twin by the way, you should look for groups of these signs. It’s when you see a cluster of these signs that you can really get a good idea of what’s going on. 

3: They Can’t Commit!

Commitment scares false twin flames. Because they’re not truly your twin flame, they’ll be scared or avoidant of committing to you.

Maybe they know at a deep level that they’re not going to be in the picture forever. They’re only here for a while, and so when the topic of commitment or future planning is bought up, they’ll freak out.

The true twin flame has no problem committing, talking about marriage, and planning your future home together because it’s not crossed their minds that they won’t be with you forever. 

4: They’ll Only Mirror Your At The Start

False twin flames can appear to be your mirror, for a while. 

This might be in the form of sharing similar interests, even looking similar to you!

But don’t misunderstand this…

False twin flames can appear to be your mirror but once you’ve spent a fair bit of time with them, it becomes clear they’re different and share different values. They will only be your mirror at the start. So when you meet, do you feel like, wow, this is my mirror. We have so much in common, but as you get to know them more, they get to know you more.

You realize you are quite different and you have different values.

5: They’ll Cause you To ‘Self Destruct’

False twin flames can make you feel like you’re not ‘enough’. They’ll make you feel like you’re not doing or being enough and that feeling can cause your confidence to decline. 

This is not always something they do on purpose. They might not even be aware they’re doing it, but this is part of the process that helps you to awaken to your power and purpose more.

Whereas your true twin flame is happy with you the way you are. And they support you throughout the journey. No matter how you know, what you’re doing, and how you are

False twin flames, they might even feel a bit threatened by your success on the outside and might seem like they care or they might be like, oh, that’s, that’s great.

But then you have that is that energy of indifference?

Like they don’t really care.

They don’t ask you many questions about your passion projects and what you’re interested in. They’d rather just talk about their day, for example, and not really try to help you grow.


The ultimate purpose is really for the twin flames to help each other in their missions.

So if this person is not doing that, that means that they are a false twin flame. They’re not your real twin flame.

6: They’ll Be Threatened By Your Success

When false twin flames see or hear of your success, they’ll be sort of ‘indifferent’. They might appear to care, but they’re not SUPER passionate and excited, or at least not like you might be. 

They might not even seem to get excited when you tell them about your success or achievements. this can be frustrating but it’s not really something they’re doing on purpose.

The true twin will celebrate your wins just as happily and gleefully as you do. You share each others success, and celebrate equally when one of you achieves it. 

7: You Can’t Be Yourself Around Each Other

In a false twin flame relationship, it can feel difficult to be yourself. It might feel like you’re being ‘judged’ or just that it’s not appropriate to be yourself. 

Maybe you or they are worried about what the other one will think about them and their actions. Maybe you’re scared to truly open up or be yourself and share all of your weird thoughts! 

With a false twin flame relationship, it kind of feels awkward, or you can’t really express yourself properly.

You can’t joke around and be yourself openly because it kind of feels like they might think you’re weird, or they might like to react in a certain way.

In a true twin flame relationship, however, you’re not feeling like this at all.

You’ll be able to open up, be yourself share your thoughts, and do all of the weird things that you want to do.

The true twin won’t judge you, and the connection you’ll share will be multi faceted. This means you’ll be able to have serious philosophical chats, but also be silly or cute together. 

What To Do If You’ve Met Your False Twin?

When meeting false twin flames, it’s important to remember not to panic. It can be a confusing and sad experience, and if you do decide to breakup with them, that can be tough. 

It can be emotionally draining, and we’ve heard of many people who after a bad experience with a false twin, NEVER want to even try and find their true twin, and they’re done with the twin flame journey!

We believe it’s part of our mission to help you with that and guide you to experience a true twin flame reunion. A true twin flame reunion is magical, and will feel like your soul is set on fire (in a good way)!

Please don’t let a bad experience with a karmic partner or false twin put you off. You’re so close to reunion and meeting your true twin now. You’ve done that hard part, and it’s time to get to work on raising your vibrations, stepping more into your mission, and attracting your true twin flame. 

How Soon Will I Meet My REAL Twin Now?

If you meet false twin flames, you might be wondering what the next stage is or when you’ll meet your true twin. Well, if you’re on the twin flame journey, there are several twin flame stages, you’ll have to go through. 

That being said, false twin flames are not actually on the main ‘map’ of the stages. If you’re not sure about the stages, you can see a quick video we made below: 

But why are false twin flames not on the main list of twin flame stages? Because not everyone experiences the false twin flames. If you do experience or meet false twin flames, and realise it, you’ll likely meet your true twin very soon after.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t try and force this.

You should just focus on working on your purpose first and foremost. 

How To Speed Up Twin Flame Reunion

Now that you’ve met or realised you are false twin flames, there are several things you can do to speed up reunion with your TRUE twin flame. As for things like ‘should I break up with false twin flames’, we tend to not give advice on that sort of thing.

Only YOU can know for sure what you feel, and what you experience the connection to be. If you feel like you are false twin flames, then you can decide what to do about that.

Often things will naturally fall away or the relationship will come to an end naturally once the work has been done.

But for true twin flame awakening and reunion, you can definitely do things to speed it up.

Consider taking our Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track course, which contains several PDF ebooks, downloads, video and audio lessons and a detailed step by step plan to help you speed up reunion. Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The detailed 7-step action plan to start attracting your twin into your life, and reuniting with them as fast as possible so you can enjoy your happy life together
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