Twin flame yearning is the first of the 8 twin flame stages, and it’s an interesting one. There are many signs that your twin flame is missing you or you both think there’s someone out there for you. 

This is the first stage in the twin flame journey, and can last for a few years actually. In fact, this stage can be thought of an ‘ongoing’ from birth until the moment you actually meet your twin flame, although you only really notice it when your’e mature as a young adult.

The yearning stage is where you feel like there’s someone out there for you.

Someone that’s just PERFECT just for you, waiting out there.

It could be that you think of them as your perfect partner, or maybe you just feel like something’s always missing from your ACTUAL relationships that you have.

Whatever the case may be, it can be described as a hunger or desire for something different, new, better or all of those.

And this doesn’t really go away properly until you meet your twin flame. It’s designed that way, so that you’ll always be open to finding them and in a way, you’ll keep searching for them until you meet.

Can You Be Happy In OTHER Relationships?

You can be very happy in relationships BEFORE meeting your twin flame.

But there will usually be something in the very back of your mind that tells you ‘something else is out there’. It might not be a thought you have very often, but it’s there.

Sometimes, it’s say to ignore this thought for months or even years, as you stay with a partner who’s not your ‘one’. But if you listen to how you feel, this thought and feeling is there.

And it won’t leave until you meet and reunite with your twin flame.

But that’s not to say that you can’t b happy, and LEARN things from the relationships leading up until you meet your twin flame.

What Does The Yearning Stage Feel Like?

The first twin flame stage feels mostly just like a rigid thought that won’t leave your mind.

Even if ‘on paper’ things seem to be going really well with your current partner (or maybe you’re just happy being single), something’s missing.

Something just feels off, or unusual.

For me (Stef) it just felt like there was someone out there WAITING to meet me. And I would have dreams that backed this up as well, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I didn’t know how or WHY I was feeling this way, but I couldn’t deny that I was feeling this. And what actually happened is this stayed with me throughout all of my previous relationships leading up to meeting Julia, along with increasing signs and synchronicities as well.

Echoes Of Your OWN Energy

It can feel like a faint echo of your vibration or energy is being thrown at you.

Sometimes you’ll be in a crowd of people and just FEEL that someone’s out there. You might not see them, but you know they’re there.

You know that one day you’ll meet them, and the mystery will be solved. But until that point, until you actually meet your twin flame?

It sounds so crazy and ‘in your own head’ that you don’t dare discuss it with friends (and certainly not partners). So you convince yourself that it’s probably nothing, and that the feeling will go away.

But it doesn’t.

And as time goes on, you get closer to meeting your twin flame. You start noticing more and more signs and synchronicities. The universe is BRINGING you towards your twin flame.

It’s all part of the design, you can’t change it now.

It’s all part of the beautiful plan.

Signs Building Up

As we said, the signs will start building up and becoming more and more obvious and regular.

The signs might be:

  • You’re feeling more like there’s someone out there for you
  • You’re feeling drawn to move to a certain area, or do something new
  • You’re feeling like your energy is shifting and you want to hang around more positive people
  • You’re becoming discontent with your current relationship and considering breaking up with them
  • You’re things around you like a certain song at the right time
  • Or maybe it’s a number that you always see that keeps popping up for you
  • The signs could be any number of things. But they’ll make sense for YOU.

It will be things that make you think ‘OH, that’s weird. That’s strange that this just happened’. And they’ll often be at the exit right time when you’re in a certain placer thinking a certain thing, to re-enforce that thing.

To send you a message.

So listen to them! Maybe even keep a little journal where you write down what happened, when and what you were thinking doing or feeling. This can help you to identify PATTERNS as well. Things that happen more than once, and are re enforced with a sign every time.

What Happens Next?

So after you’ve noticed several signs and you know for sure that something’s going to happen, you’ll start becoming more and more in line with your core frequency and your purpose. This process can take different lengths of time.

For some people this only takes a few months, other it takes years. It’s an ongoing process, and what happens is that when you’re ready, you’ll be brought together with your twin flame.

Usually a good way of knowing how long before you’re going to meet your twin flame is that you’ll see more and more the signs. You’ll get more and more of the feelings that ‘The One’ is out there just before meeting them.

Getting past the searching stage

That’s quite misleading actually.

Although this first stage can sometimes be called the ‘searching stage’, it’s not that at all. You’re not searching for anything, in fact, it’s often when you don’t expect it that you’ll feel something’s missing.

It’s when you SHOULD be feeling happy and satisfied that you’ll have this feeling of ‘something’s missing’. So you’re not really searching for anything when this happens, it’s just for some reason the name of the stage!

There are several things you can do to make the yearning stage pass quicker, and to speed up MEETING and REUNITING with your twin flame:

There are several ways you can reunite and reach the final twin flame stage: 

  • Work on yourself: Do work on yourself including meditation, self love, stepping into your purpose and acting out of love in everything you do
  • Raise your vibrations: This is our Ebook we wrote explaining how to raise your vibrations by doing these exercises and techniques. By raising your vibrations you’ll attract your twin flame faster

What Happens In The Years LEADING UP To Meeting

So the years leading up to meeting your twin flame, you’re going to do a lot of ‘shedding’.

So if you imagine yourself like an onion, you’re peeling away the layers because you are a spark of God.

So it’s not like you need to learn new things. It’s more a shedding and deprogramming getting rid of limiting beliefs. This will all happen automatically.

You will be drawn to situations that will help you do that.

For example, having relationships with karmic partners, soulmates difficult work situations, you will experience dark night of the soul. All of that. Many of you have probably gone through that already.

And the reason for this shedding of the onion layers is because you need to be on your core frequency before you can meet your twin flame. And when you both on your core frequency, that’s when you attract and the universe brings you together, that just happens automatically energetically.

You don’t have to find them anywhere.

Experiencing ‘Hermit Mode’ Before Meeting

It’s common to experience ‘hermit mode’, where you don’t feel very social and you just work on yourself, read or meditate. And that is completely normal. So don’t feel like you have to go out, go on lots of dates and see all your friends like it’s completely natural.

And you should honor that when you feel things like ‘oh, I just can’t socialize’. Even if that lasts for weeks, or for months leading up to meeting your twin flame, you will experience insane synchronicities.

It’s like the universe is just pushing you here and there and here and there.

And it can be a bit crazy.

Every time you choose to ignore the signs, usually you will hit some sort of ‘resistance’. For example, if you’re together with a person who is not your twin flame, if it’s time for you to meet your twin, the universal verse will push you to a breakup with this person.

You might resist for a while, but eventually it will just not work, and you will be arguing all the time…

There will be obstacles in your way and eventually you’ll break up. But it’s a good thing because you will meet your twin flame. So you don’t have to think about much how you should prepare to meet your twin flame, or trying to find this person because the universe will lead you there.

It happens automatically.

At least, once you are on the same core frequency.

For example, for me, one year before meeting my twin flame, I suddenly got super interested in lucid dreaming and I did never care about dreams before them. And I was watching YouTube videos, buying courses, etc…

What I didn’t know at that time, is that my twin flame was a lucid dreaming influencer, on YouTube. After I united with my twin flame, my interest in lucid dreaming was gone, I wasn’t so interested any more.

So what I think happened is the universe tried to bring us together by making sure I was watching YouTube videos with him in it, and then ask, getting in contact and then meeting. But that actually didn’t happen.

I didn’t stumble upon his videos. So the universe tried another way.

I felt an urge to grow on Instagram, and share my travels with the world. My twin flame saw my posts on hashtag digital nomad, as he also is a digital nomad.

And he saw me and he said, not only is this person so beautiful, but there’s something about her. Like, he felt like we had met before, but, he recognized me and he reached out. So don’t be scared that you will miss your twin flame when the universe brings you together because the universe will just keep finding ways for you to connect.

The Universe Will Give You Signs And Urges

A friend of mine told me about another twin flame. She kept getting an urge to do yoga and she kept seeing yoga signs everywhere. And eventually she said, okay, I guess I’ll just go to yoga.

And they’re all on the mat next to her. She met her twin flame. Another interesting thing that happened for me and Stef was one year before meeting me, Stef got an urge to grow long hair.

So he had been having short hair all his life.

I’ve always thought that long hair on guys looks so good.

So my guess is the reason why he got that urge to grow long hair it’s because that would help attract me. He didn’t know this consciously, but his higher self knew that. And of course now I don’t care if he shaves his hair, colors it blue or whatever. But maybe it help initially with the physical attraction, that he had this long hair.

So it’s almost like the Universes way of making sure that that would be immense physical attraction there, so that I would come back after running away. And of course I didn’t come back just because it’s gorgeous hair, but maybe it helped in some way after you have reunited and falling for each other, physical appearance doesn’t matter.

Even if Stef, got run over by a car and got his face all messed up and in a wheelchair, I would still love him just as much as always, I would feel the flame has the sexiest vibration of everyone in the whole universe.

So you never really have to worry about your physical appearance.

Now let’s say you’re not really feeling any urges, no urges to move somewhere or to take care of your body or your mind, or do shadow work.

Then that simply means that you are right where you’re supposed to be. So don’t worry, your twin flame could still come soon.

What It Feels Like Meeting Your Twin Flame

In the ‘journey stage’, you’re about to meet your twin flame soon. So we will talk about how this feels, what’s going through your head, at least what was going through our heads when this happened, what you can expect some signs etc…

To start with:

The first sort of part of this will usually feel that there’s something missing something. We felt like it’s not quite complete, and you might be single.

You might be in another relationship.

Things might be fine. You know, you might be happy enough, but something feels like it’s ‘missing’. You’re kind of waiting for something to happen.

And this looks very different for us.

So for me (Julia), it was just that every person I wasn’t a date with, I just feel like something was not quite there. Like my person was waiting out there, but it was not one of these people.

Stef is more of a relationship guy, so he would go through long term relationships, but, still felt like something was missing.

It’s a bit confusing, because …

You feel quite content just being with yourself, spending time alone, which you might’ve not felt before.

For me (Stef) it was more like I was anticipating something like that. I didn’t know what it was. I guess, a similar kind of excitement. Like when you go to sleep, before you go on a holiday or a trip where you’re excited to wake up, because you know, it’s coming in the morning.

It was like that, but I didn’t know what I was waiting for.

I just knew something was going to change and it was going to be really positive, but it can be different for everyone.

Some people however, feel empty almost, in the yearning stage.

And then other people feel just more like excited about something that’s going to happen.

Your outer world will also change a lot. There will be a lot of things changing. So you will see a lot of synchronicities in your life.

You’ll See ‘Angel Numbers’ Leading Up To Meeting

You are led to one person who leads you to another person which leads to travel. And then it takes you down a path, which makes more and more sense as you go on. And numbers and signs come up more often.

Angel numbers for me (Julia) was 1111.

That just every day, several times, 11, 11, everywhere.

For Stef, it was 4343.

Even now we still see that the numbers signs or sort of nudges that we’re doing something right. Or we’re on the right track. But especially the months leading up to me thing each other.

So the months leading up to meeting you will see a lot of synchronicities, a lot of angel numbers probably, and you’re also stepping in more into your purpose, right?

You’ll Start To Step Towards Your Purpose

At this stage, you are starting to figure out what your purpose is. Maybe you are leaving your old nine to five job, to start pursuing your passion, starting your own business, whatever it might be.

If you want to become a YouTube or maybe you’re starting to offload regularly, do you taking inspired action towards your goals and your purpose? And you feel like how the universe is helping you?

The wind is in your sails.

This is usually when you are aligning your frequencies, so that it’s time to meet.

It can also be that you’re just seeing changes. Like you might even just get fired from your job or you might decide to quit, or you might just have this urge to start something new or start or change something or work more on a certain project.

A follower said that she she had been meaning to quit her job. She hated it. And then she was thinking, I somehow quit today, but I don’t remember quitting. I just felt like someone ‘took over my body’. So that could have been just her angels or guardians, helping her to do that.

Because it’s so CRITICAL that you step into your purpose before you need to spend the time, because otherwise it’s going to be a long running stage, or you might not even reunite..

It depends on where your twin is also in their journey, you might also feel an urge to move to another country, or to go on a big trip.

Really listen to these urges, because this can be the universe pushing you towards your twin, because it’s very likely your twin does NOT already live in your town.

For us, we met up in Spain. We’re not from Spain.

We got signs and messages telling us to go there and meet. If we had not listened to that, to that urge to go to Spain, then we would not have met yet. So really, really listened to those urges.

If you’re feeling an urge to move or travel etc, listen to them.

Especially when the signs and like if you see numbers and things that support that, or if you just feel intuitively that that is what you should do, even if you have no explanation for it, or if it sounds random.

Use Numerology And Numbers To Help You

When I (Stef) was sort of considering going to Spain, I felt strongly that I should do it, but I’d been seeing loads of signs up until then, like a numbers, 43 as like a final sign.

I thought, okay, if this is really what it should be doing, then I did a random number generator on Google, just talking to random numbers. And I did one to, I think it was about a hundred thousand or something.

And it was some random number, but it ended in 43.

My sign number.

And this was so crazy. This was a very big sign for me and that sort of complimented and supported all the other signs that I’ve been seeing as well, but it won’t always be that clear with a number.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, you might want to try a free numerology reading like we’ve mentioned before. This is the EXACT one that we both did, and it’s very accurate. 

How To Speed Up Twin Flame Reunion

There is another way you can fast track your reunion…

We’ve put together a detailed course called the Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track, which shows you a multistep plan that will help attract your twin flame. It will bring you into reunion much faster. The work you do on yourself following this course will also affect your twin flame. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • The 7 step plan to attract and reunite with your twin flame
  • How to MAINTAIN the relationship once you’ve reunited, and stay together forever, happily
  • The CRITICAL mistakes people make when looking for or trying to attract their twin flames
  • The perfect morning routine for attracting your twin flame
  • And LOADS more (seriously, this course is PACKED with information)