In this post we want to share some clear SIGNS that you’re ABOUT to meet your twin flame for the first time. These should NOT be ignored, and will help you to understand what’s happening to you. 

So we have actually written a post about twin flame signs, but that’s more aimed at people who have ALREADY met their twin flame. 

It’s for people to understand and know if the person they’ve already met is their real twin flame. 

THIS POST is focused on signs that you’re about to meet your twin flame.

Here’s a short video we made about this if you’d rather watch that:

You NEED to know these signs, and understand them! 

So don’t close this tab, read this whole post.

You’ve been guided and brought here today, because you need to know these signs. You’re about to meet your twin flame and there are several clear signs that you can look out for, to let you know you’re on the right track.

So there are several twin flame STAGES as you’re probably aware, but just in case you’re not, we made a simple video to explain the twin flame stages. These will usually happen in this order but not always. 

The first stage however, is MEETING your twin flame, and it’s known as the yearning stage or YEARNING for the ‘one’. Knowing that there’s someone or something our there that you need or want to meet and know. 

It can be described as a feeling of knowing that someone’s out there waiting for you, or that something important is about to happen to you.

But you probably know that. You’re probably IN that stage, right now. So here are some signs that you’re about to meet your twin flame.

Signs you will meet your twin flame soon

These are signs that you’re IN the yearning stage, right now. Signs that you’re going to be meeting your twin flame physically, very soon. Don’t panic or celebrate just yet, just stay calm and grounded. 

This stage will usually last the longest, however the more of these signs you’re getting the closer you are to meeting your twin.

1: Things will be changing in big ways and you won’t be sure why, or what it all means (For example, you might leave your job or be fired)

This can be confusing and make NO sense, but things can change randomly. 

  • You might leave your job or be fired, for no reason
  • You might get the urge to move or travel to another country
  • You might even get the urge to change career paths

Go with these urges!

It’s the universe telling you that you’re ready to reunite with your twin flame and meet them!

I (Stef) noticed that my entire reality changed around me leading up to meeting Julia. My work started to do better, I moved into working entirely online the year before, and I was more interested in traveling. You can read more about our twin flame story if you’re interested in the full story!

2: You’ll feel like SOMETHING is about to happen

One sign you’re about to meet your twin flame soon, is that you’ll KNOW something is about to happen. Like an intuition or a gut feeling that SOMETHING important is going to happen. 

But you don’t usually know WHAT. 

In fact, most people who feel the signs here and at this stage don’t already know about the concept of twin flames. So for them it just seems like a random feeling or sign. 

But if you’re reading this, you know what it means. This is a POSITIVE sign, and tells you that the universe is moving things around and getting you ready for a meeting. 

3: You might feel different, or INSPIRED to start a new project (Or work on your PASSIONS more)

This inspiration might be in the form of wanting to do NEW things, or just being more creative in your personal life. Maybe you start writing or drawing more, or working more on your personal projects.

Step into these, because it’s very likely that one of your hobbies or projects you keep PUTTING OFF could be linked to your purpose in life. Whatever you’re really excited and passionate about is usually either your purpose or a stepping stone to FINDING your purpose.

And a big part of the twin flame purpose is to help you each step MORE into that purpose and mission. that and to come together to ascend humanity and mother Gaia. 

So it’s a BIG sign that you’ll soon meet your mirror soul. 

Although it might seem weird, random or confusing, step into this. If you have the urge to start a project, draw more, spend more time reading etc, DO IT.

It’s the universe telling you what to do. 

If you feel like you should instead be working to earn money for example, try and follow your HEART. Although you might not see a clear path for how this project or hobby will bring you money, continue to follow it anyway. It will become clearer as you move down the path. 

4: You’ll have weird dreams about your twin, or a ‘loving energy’

I (Stef) had intense, vivid and unusual dreams leading up to meeting Julia. 

In many of them I would actually dream about a girl who looked identical to her (I later learned that it WAS her). I dreamed about a girl with dark or brown hair, many times before meeting Julia.

It’s only after a while of talking to Julia that I learned her hair was NOT naturally Blonde. So I’d been dreaming about her natural hair color for MONTHS before meeting her.

The dreams had been intense, intimate and vivid.

In many of the dreams we would simply hug and she would tell me things like;

  • ‘It’s going to be okay’
  • ‘I will find you’
  • ‘Trust the universe’

These messages would often be short and I would very soon after wake up feeling confused, surprised and wanting to know MORE about this mystery dream girl.

This is a common sign that you’re about to meet your twin flame, because in other dimensions, we’re ALWAYS connected to our twins. The dream and astral realms are a place where twin flame communication happens more easily.

It’s important to write your dreams DOWN, every single morning. This will let you be able to look back on them and analyse things like this. If you’re constantly having dreams about the same person, that’s a big sign that you’re about to meet your twin flame.

They can also be trying to communicate with you as well, and give you messages. This communication through dreams an happen at ANY stage of the twin flame journey, all the way up to reunion and beyond. 

The twin flame running stage and also reunion can be made easier and smoother if you’re better able to communicate and remember your dreams. Dreams are a powerful form of communication and a healing tool for twin flames.

That being said, not EVERYONE will be able to remember their dreams, or even have dreams involving their twin flame.

Most communication is done at the astral level, and not everyone has access to that. Don’t worry, that won’t stop you from meeting and eventually reuniting with your twin flame.

The biggest sign of all?

Well, there is no ONE sign that you’re about to meet your twin flame. They’ll usually happen in clusters. And that’s the key takeaway here, to look for PATTERNS. 

When you see SEVERAL signs, usually within a short space of time or around the same few days or weeks?

That’s the biggest sign that you’re going to meet your twin flame soon. 

So be on the lookout for clusters of signs, numbers (numerology is a very important sign to look out for!). These groups of signs will give you clues that you’re about to meet your twin flame.

What to do when you meet your twin

When you ACTUALLY meet your twin flame, these things might happen:

  • You’ll feel overwhelmed and very intense
  • You might feel like you’ve known this person for many lifetimes (because you have)
  • You might have the urge to get to know them deeper
  • You’ll be surprised, shocked or scared about how close you can quickly become
  • You might be scared or surprised at how well you seem to know each other

Don’t be scared.

Try and remain calm and relax.

Easier said than done, but that’s the best thing to try and do. If you freak out too much, you might run away for longer than you need to.

One or both of you will run away now

Now, after you’ve met for the first time you’ll probably experience a deep connection or physical attraction. This will almost always lead to seeing each other and becoming intimate, very quickly. Try and slow things down a little bit at this stage because at SOME point?

You’ll experience the running stage. In a rush? We made a short video about the running stage: 

This might not happen for very long but it COULD potentially happen for months or even years. We’re here to change the narrative of the twin flame dynamic however:

Your’e often taught online that the twin flame journey HAS to be really painful and difficult, but that narrative and idea is often taught by people who have had either really bad experiences or experiences with people who are NOT their twin flame.

A true twin flame connection involves mutual and powerful sexual/physical chemistry, and MUTUAL interest in each other. Other types of connections are NOT twin flame connections and could be things like:

  • Karmic partners
  • False twin flame (ESPECIALLY if your ‘twin’ is afraid of commitment or runs away when things get tough)
  • Soul mates or soul partners
  • Unhealthy ‘normal’ relationships
  • Healthy ‘normal’ relationships

If you want to know what to do next, read one of the articles we linked to above about the running stage.

The most important thing to do BEFORE meeting your twin flame!

There is one thing or a group of things you should do BEFORE meeting your twin flame that will make the whole process easier.

Raise your frequency. 

Your vibrations and frequency are KEY here, because the higher you’re vibrating, the more likely you’ll:

  • Meet your twin flame sooner
  • Experience a SHORTER running stage
  • Have less problems and the situation will be easier to deal with later

We made a short video about this, explaining some simple biohacks you can start doing to change the FREQUENCY that operate in. Sorry about the bad audio quality! This was one of our earlier videos: 

We’ve created a powerful guide to RAISING your vibrations, so that you can attract your twin flame and speed up your personal and spiritual growth. Here’s some of what you’ll learn: 

  • How frequency effects your ability to attract your twin flame and why you need to change or raise it
  • How diet effects your vibrations and the best foods to eat that will raise your vibration so you can feel better, perform better and attract your twin
  • The one essential supplement you need to take in order to supercharge your diet and feel better in all areas of your life
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You’ll also learn:

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