Have you ever heard of twin flame astrology?

What if I told you I have found an astrological tool to help find your twin flame and it works?

I know how frustrating it can be when you know you have a twin flame, but you haven’t met them yet or you’re not sure who they are.

I’ve been there myself. What’s their personality like? How do I know that it’s actually them when I meet someone new?

When you use this tool, you will know exactly what to look for in your search for your twin flame. 

Make sure to say until the very end, where I will actually walk you through how to use this tool and why it works so effectively.

Steph and I are twin flames in a union, helping people like you to reunite with your twin flame.

There are so many psychics online doing love readings and tarot card readings but many of them are fake or scams.

It can be really frustrating to know which ones are legit. Which one do I trust?

So what I and my twin flame have done recently is we went through those popular readings to see if they’re legit because we have already found each other. 

If you were doing this before you met your twin, you would have no idea if they’re legit or not.

Are you ready to know which twin flame astrology tools are legit?

Let’s dive in!

Twin Flame Astrology 

What is twin flame astrology? Are astrology and twin flames really correlated? If you’re reading this article, you were probably taken here by your intuition and that is for good reason. 

You feel it in your soul that you have a twin flame, you feel like you’ll meet soon but you don’t know any details about them. Could astrology help you with this? 

If you feel like you’re meeting them soon, here are 4 very clear signs that you’re about to meet your twin flame.

Can I Use Astrology To Find Find My Twin Flame?

You can use astrology to find your twin flame. The most accurate twin flame astrology tool that we have proven and tested is this free twin flame astrology reading.

We’ll talk more about how we have tested that later but if you aren’t that familiar with twin flames yet, I recommend reading this article about what twin flames are.

twin flame astrology

Is There A Connection Between Twin Flames And Astrology?

So I’ve been thinking, could there be a connection between twin flames and astrology?

My conclusion is, yes, twin flame astrology does make a lot of sense.

They say that your twin flame is your perfect mirror and your soulmate is a perfect match.

But I would argue that your twin flame is both a perfect mirror and a perfect match because if you think about it, you’d have to go through several dark nights of the soul.

You have to keep purging, uncovering layers and layers of your onion, self-limiting beliefs, ego issues, etc. There could be multiple runnings and chasings.

On top of that, there can be lots of friction if you still aren’t in a good energetic match.

You would probably just give up and settle for a soulmate or karmic. That is why I think that your twin flame will most likely be your match in astrology.

Before I show you guys the twin flame astrology tool, I just quickly want to put clarity on some of the most common questions people ask about twin flames and astrology.

Twin Flames Share Similar Birthdays?

So now that we’re talking about twin flame astrology, do Twin Flames share similar birthdays?

Well, when it comes to me and Steph, the answer is no. Twin flame astrology doesn’t require you share similar birthdays.

We are born in different months, different days of the month, and even different times of the day.

We have found articles online that claim that twin flames do share similarities when it comes to their birthdays.

But usually, these articles are written by Cosmopolitan, Yourtango, or other huge news sites, and usually not written by Twin Flames in a union.

They are usually just journalists who were told to write about the topic because it’s trendy so they’re not very reliable.

Do let us know in the comments if you know any twin flames that share similarities in birthdays because we are not sure. Maybe we just haven’t seen the most of twin flame astrology yet.

twin flame astrology signs

Correlation Between Astrology And Twin Flames

So what is twin flame astrology really? How are the two correlated?

Well, your birth chart reveals your obstacles in life.

When you overcome those obstacles, you not only progress on your spiritual ascension journey but also your twin flame journey.

Overcoming these obstacles is a big help to your growth.

As you peel those layers of your onion and let go of everything that does not serve you, you get closer to your core vibrational frequency. 

These include wounds from past life or childhood, deep-seated insecurities, and ego issues.

You start operating more from your soul than your ego so you get tuned in to your higher core frequency.

woman sightseeing

And it’s only then that you start attracting your twin flame and the universe can bring you two together.

In order to do this, you first have to learn about what those obstacles are, and getting a twin flame astrology reading will help you find out.

By the way, here’s an article about the 9 frequency-raising biohacks to attract your twin flame.

How To Recognize Your Twin Flame

The next question is, how do I recognize my twin flame?

So with a twin flame astrology tool, you’ll be able to find out what the zodiac sign of your twin flame might be. 

But if you don’t want to rely on zodiac signs, what you can do is to feel if there’s a deep connection there.

When you look into their eyes, do you feel at home? Because that’s what it will feel like.

twin flame characteristics

When I looked into Steph’s eyes, I couldn’t look away and it just felt like I knew him.

This is a very special connection and you just feel at home. 

You don’t feel like you need to do any games, as many people do at the beginning of dating someone.

You play hard-to-get and mind games.

With your twin flame, you just put down your mask and you feel like you can be completely yourself with them.

I talk about this in more detail in this article about twin flame recognition, so do check that out if you want to know more.

Twin Flame Astrology Tools: Legit or fake?

soulmate drawing

1: Soulmate Drawing

The first twin flame astrology tool is the soulmate drawing.

So there’s an old wise man, Dr. Wang, who claims that he can draw your soulmate for you.

Sounds exciting, right? It would be so cool to have a clue about what your twin flame may look like.

Then, you meet them later on and you get to show him/her the drawing. It’s like a scene from a movie but it also sounds too good to be true.

So of course, we had to try it. Since we are already twin flames in a union, we already know what each other looks like.

The twin flame astrology drawing has to match our features, or even just look a bit close.

So we tried several of them and the drawings all looked different. None of them looked even close to what we looked like.

Also, the alarm bells really went off when we saw that they were computer-generated, so there wasn’t even a guy actually drawing them.

So what sounded too good to be true, really is too good to be true.

So the verdict is, the Soulmate Drawing twin flame astrology tool is not legit.

full moon

2: Moon Reading

The other day, I did this very popular twin flame astrology reading and it’s one of those automated video readings where you put in your birthdate, your name, etc.

And then, it shows up as a video that tells you all about your hidden strengths, weaknesses, etc., and I had goosebumps.

I’ve done many readings like that. Some are great, like the numerology reading that we keep telling you about in our emails because it’s just so powerful.

But there are others that don’t resonate at all.

This moon reading was the most accurate reading I have ever gotten. It’s even more accurate than one-on-one readings with psychics. 

Every single thing that was said in this reading was true about me.

So after I did this free moon reading, I felt like I buying the upsell just so that I can support them. This upsell is an astrology and love reading and it was just $11.

shocked woman

So I got it and I had no expectations but then on the second page, there is an overview of your twin flame astrology and it said Under compatibility, Pisces.

There were only two signs mentioned that I was compatible with Virgo and Pisces. Can you guess what zodiac sign my twin flame is? He is Pisces.

What are the odds of that? Out of 12 Zodiac signs, my twin flame astrology match has the sign that I am the most compatible with. That’s not everything.

I scrolled down to the love section and that is literally a description of my love life, connection, and relationship with my twin flame. 

It blew my mind. It says here that I can’t be with anyone who can’t take a joke when the moment strikes.

A person who doesn’t understand your witty and outlandish sense of humor will not only leave you feeling unappreciated but is also not the kind of partner you truly need.

When it comes to my stable relationships in the past, I haven’t been able to be my quirky, funny self because they didn’t get that humor.

couple playing with sheets

But Steph is just as crazy witty as me. We joke about things that most people wouldn’t get.

It also says here that I need someone who is as adventurous as me, otherwise I will get bored.

Steph is the most adventurous person I have ever met. He is literally climbing trees every day.

He was a traveling digital nomad like me, traveling the world, and checking off bucket lists.

This description in the love section is literally what my psychic told me six months before I’m off my feet.

So the verdict is, this twin flame astrology moon reading is legit.

If you don’t want to pay for an expensive psychic, then this test, which is only around $11, will really save you some money.

twin flame power couple

Twin Flame Astrology Origins

While twin flame astrology, seeking answers, clues, and predictions in the movements of celestial bodies, isn’t a science in and of itself, people have a long history of gazing up at the stars to plan their lives.

Farmers utilized the skies as a calendar as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, when the rise of Sirius, the Dog Star, in mid-July was viewed as a sign of the Nile’s impending yearly flooding.

Travelers used the sky as a compass, tracking the stars to determine where they should travel. Many people also used the heavens as a source of magical guidance.

But who was the first to glance up at the sky to make sense of what was going on on the ground and why their fellow people were acting so strangely?

It is unknown who developed this method of thinking and when, but historians and astronomers do have some idea of how it became so common today.

twin flame birth chart calculator

What Is The Origin Of The Zodiac Signs?

The stars are only one of many natural phenomena to which humans have sought solutions over the centuries.

According to astronomer Sten Odenwald, the director of Citizen Science at the NASA Space Science Education Consortium, we don’t really know who originally thought of looking at objects in nature and divining effects on humans.

There is some evidence that cave art depicts the belief that animals and objects may be filled with a spirit form that has an impact on you, and that if you satisfy that spirit form, you will have a successful hunt. It was followed by the concept of divination

Twin flame astrology appears in numerous belief systems in ancient societies.

In Ancient China, noblemen saw eclipses or sunspots as portents of good or ill times for their ruler, however those indications are regarded to have had little significance to the lives of regular people.

Odenwald points out that in societies where people in the lower classes had less control over their lives, divination may have seemed pointless.

By the middle of the second millennium BC, the Sumerians and Babylonians appeared to have many divination practices.

twin flame astrology aspects

They looked at spots on the liver and the entrails of animals, for example. Their idea that watching planets and stars was a way to keep track of where gods were in the sky can be traced back to The Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa.

This tablet, which dates from the first millennium BC and follows the movement of Venus, is one of the first examples of what has come to be known as Babylonian planetary omens. The ancient Egyptians contributed to the notion that constellations were made up of star patterns that caused the sun to appear to “move” at various times of the year.

Many of these notions are supposed to have come together when Alexander the Great invaded Egypt in approximately 330 BC.

According to Odenwald, there must have been a lot of back-and-forths to get the Greeks on board with the idea of divination using planets, and because they were thoroughly into mathematics and logic, they figured out a lot of the rules for how this would work.

According to NASA, this rationale resulted in the creation of the common zodiac signs we know today:

twin flame magic

Consider drawing a straight line from Earth to the Sun and out into space, far beyond our solar system, where the stars are. Then imagine Earth in its orbit around the Sun.

Throughout one complete voyage around the Sun — or one year — this fictitious line would spin, pointing to various stars.

The zodiac refers to all the stars that are close to the hypothetical flat disk fanned out by this imaginary line.

The zodiac constellations are essentially the constellations that this imaginary straight line points to during the course of a year.


Do Twin Flames Trigger Each Other?

Twin flames trigger each other because your twin flame is your perfect mirror. It’s the 1st of the 5 clear signs that you’ve met your twin flame. So if you haven’t done work and self-healing, you’re going to get triggered so much so that you run away. 

Can A Twin Flame Connection Be Broken?

A twin flame connection can never be broken because they are both literally parts of the same soul. There may just be lots of friction if you aren’t in a good energetic or vibrational match which results in twin flame separation, but you’re bound to reunite.

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate, What’s The Difference?

Twin flames are two halves of the same soul that is destined to reunite forever and fulfill a big purpose. Soulmates are two different souls that can be lovers, great friends, or even relatives, that have a special bond. 

While twin flames are perfect mirrors, soulmates frequently complement one another.

how to use astrology to find your twin flame

How To Use Twin Flame Astrology To Find Your Twin Flame

So how can you use this twin flame astrology tool yourself? It’s really simple. 

Start by clicking this link. There, you will see the zodiac signs so just click which one is yours.

What is your star sign? So for me, it’s Capricorn. Then put in your date of birth if you know your birth time as well.

Put your country of birth, your first name, and your email, and then click here to get your free moon reading.

You will get a video report with everything you need to know about your moon sign.

If you want to learn which zodiac sign you are the most compatible with and get the love reading, you can also buy the upsell, which is around $11. 

It’s an affiliate link, which means that it’s also a way for you to support us if you resonate with our content. 

If you do decide to get reading, we’d love to hear in the comments what your insights were from your reading and which Zodiac sign your twin flame could be. Have a beautiful day!

Now you’ve learned how to use twin flame astrology to find your twin flame. Do you believe in twin flame astrology?

Let me know in the comments