Let’s look at the most common twin flame signs, the obvious things that let you know you’ve already met your twin flame. 

Have you ever met someone who you think might be your twin flame, but you’re not 100% sure?

This is one of the most common struggles we see in our Facebook group, in the common sections, etc., and rightly so.

It can be very tricky to know whether someone is a twin flame or a soul mate.

It would be nice if you have a little checklist that can help you confirm, right?

You just tick off the boxes and by the end of it, you’d know for sure. But is there even a list?

The good news is, there is!

Today, I will share with you 5 clear signs you have met your twin flame and not just your soulmate or a karmic partner. 

I know that it can be confusing that’s why I came up with the signs so that by the end of this article, you’d know for sure.

I’m Julia, and Steph and I are twin flames in union helping people like you to Twin Flame Union.

So do you want to know if your person is your twin flame?

Let’s dive in!

5 Clear Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

Meeting your twin flame is an exciting feeling but how can you know for sure if the person is your twin flame? What if that person is a false twin flame? 

What Are The Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame?

In total, we came up with 5 signs you have met your twin flame. These are the triggers, not being able to let them go, confirmation from outside sources, synchronicities, and the instant feeling that you can be yourself. 

We’ll discuss this in more detail but first, does everyone have a twin flame? And what is a false twin flame anyway?

signs you have met your twin flame

Does Everyone Have A Twin Flame?

The twin flame connection is a wonderful thing, but not everyone on the earth has one yet.

Most individuals haven’t ascended their consciousness high enough to be able to divide their souls in two and incarnate in two distinct bodies.

This is a rare thing, and while everyone has soulmates, not everyone has a twin flame. This is what people usually get wrong about twin flames.

Most people believe that everyone has a twin flame.

But if you’re reading this, chances are you have a twin flame somewhere out there. Normally, you wouldn’t have felt the need to read this unless you have a twin flame.

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, here are the 4 signs you’re about to meet your twin flame.

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate Vs Karmic

Twin flames are two split halves of one ascended soul who have the purpose to meet throughout this lifetime in order to fulfill a big purpose.

twin flame vs soulmate

When two twin flames meet, they feel a strong emotional connection, an immediate physical attraction, and a sense of familiarity with the person.

They have the same dreams and can connect telepathically. They are both haunted by the same insecurities, flaws, and shadows.

They may be separated multiple times, yet they always end up together since separation causes them too much pain.

Problems arise when one twin flame is more spiritually advanced than the other.

But they eventually resolve their differences. When they finally do, that’s when they will be able to fulfill their big purpose.

You can have several soul mates. You may have a love connection, a terrific friendship, and even a relative can be a soulmate.

The soulmate knows us better than anybody else, always beautifies our world, and is always there for us when we need them.


A soulmate may exist for a brief period of time in our lives and then go.

In our physical world, a soulmate’s duty is to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. In general, they help us on our evolutionary journey and leave us with significant knowledge.

They are our finest adventure companions. Soulmates enable us to be the best versions of ourselves by awakening the good in us.

Karmic love connections cause a significant deal of pain, and the worst part is that the person afflicted cannot permanently break this toxic relationship.

There is verbal, psychological, and sometimes physical aggression within the dynamics of a karmic partnership. You don’t bring out the best in one another.

Although it may appear strange, a karmic connection has a good effect: to awaken new consciousness and never have this kind of relationship again.

The victim of a karmic connection must understand the things that lead to a bad relationship. After waking consciousness, the individual realizes that he or she only deserves to be in healthy relationships.

what is a false twin flame

What Is A False Twin Flame?

I actually had a fake twin flame before meeting my real twin flame, Steph.

A false twin flame is a soulmate who lovingly accepted before birth to come into your life, before your real twin flame.

This is to prepare you for the connection so that you will be ready when the time came.

However, I was convinced that this was my twin flame and not my soul mate.

But now that I am with my true twin flame, I can clearly see the differences.

5 Clear Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

1: Triggers

The first of the 5 signs you have met your twin flame is that they may make you feel triggered.

It’s very common to feel triggered in a twin flame connection, at least in the beginning.

woman crying

This is when you’re first getting to know each other and this happens because your twin flame is your perfect mirror.

So if you don’t fully love yourself, you’re going to get triggered a lot, especially if you’re the runner like I was.

You can get so triggered that you literally run away, which most twin flames do.

That’s why it’s the 6th stage that twin flames have to go through before being together forever. It’s called the running and chasing stage.

If you’re confused by what I mean, you can read more about it in this article about the twin flame stages.

With soulmates, you don’t get those triggers. It’s very easy and you just feel like a very good match. 

And there doesn’t have to be a specific reason for the trigger.

couple upset at each other

You might just feel annoyed sometimes being in their presence or because they are so similar to you. You might see that as a red flag. I did. 

At first, I was wondering why I was feeling so annoyed and triggered until I realized that this person is my twin flame.

2: You Can’t Let Them Go

What happens when twin flames separate? Can your twin flame forget you?

With a soulmate or a karmic partner, you will have moved on after a while.

You will have found someone else, and you’re not really thinking much of them.

With a twin flame, you can’t let them go because they are literally the other part of your soul.

You were once the same soul that got split into two, so you can’t really forget them and move on.

Two people holding hands

So the next one of the signs you have met your twin flame is that you just can’t let this person go. 

They’re always going to be there at the back of your mind. They might show up in dreams, both night and daydreams.

When I was in separation from my twin flame, I was always googling things like:

“I miss my twin flame everyday, how do I stop missing my twin flame?” Or “Should I tell my twin flame I miss him?”

Which I realized was a normal experience.

It’s very hard to move on from a twin flame because, well, we believe every twin flame will actually reunite in this lifetime.

Why? Because we are approaching the Golden Age and Twin Flames will be the leaders of the New Earth. 

A new earth

So that’s why you have that urge and desire to be with your twin flame.

You’re supposed to reunite and fulfill a big purpose in this lifetime.

If you want to know how to speed up your reunion with your twin flame, check out this free training video on how to change your ‘divine timing’ to reunite faster.

3: Confirmation From Psychics

Another one of the signs you have met your twin flame and not your karmic partner or a soulmate is confirmation from psychics or healers.

If you’ve ever done twin flame activations or twin flame healing, and it’s been confirmed by them that this is your twin flame, then that person is your twin flame.

If you go to several psychics and healers and they all say that your person is not your twin flame, then he/she is not your twin flame.

Notice that I said several and not just one. This is because there are fake gurus and fake healers everywhere.

psychic reading

So it needs to be confirmed by several sources that you trust. 

I’m not saying that it’s necessary for you to go to psychics and healers. You don’t need that many people.

You could also just know because you’ve been noticing synchronicities.

Twin flames have literally met in the fifth dimension and in dreams so it’s usually very clear to twin flames when they meet their other half.

But if you are curious and you’re one of these people who want confirmation from outside sources, then that is a good way to be sure.

4: Synchronicities

The 4th of the signs you have met your twin flame is that there are crazy synchronicities happening in your life and surrounding your twin flame, this person. 

By the way, numerology numbers are not enough here because one of the reasons I thought my false twin flame was my real flame was because I kept getting 1111 on the phone. 


But it was just because my real twin flame reunion was approaching. Just three months later, I met my real twin flame. 

So look for other synchronicities. Is it only numbers or are there other things happening as well?

For example, with my twin flame, when we were in separation, I had a healing session with Betty Kotowski. She’s a wonderful Starseed and twin flame healer.

That night after the session, during the period between my sleep and wake state, a Starseed showed up in front of me from Andromeda and she had this beautiful energy.

I got an electric shock throughout my body. I think this was around 2:30 a.m.

The day after, I called up my twin flame and told him what happened.

It was really funny because apparently, at 2:30 a.m., he woke up abruptly because he had an electric shock throughout his body.

woman lying on bed

The only reason I could think of why that would happen is that twin flames share the same energy field. 

If that isn’t the ultimate twin flame vibration test, I don’t know what is.

It would only make sense if he was actually my twin flame. So you may experience things like that.

Some of you have reported feeling a presence next to you when you sleep. You feel like it’s your twin flame there or you see them in your dreams.

Pay attention to all these synchronicities because there will be a lot of synchronicities to let you know that the person is your twin flame.

5: You Can Be Yourself

What do twin flames feel when they meet?

So I used to be very calculated when it came to dating and analyzing text messages.

woman styling her hair

What do they mean? And I had to present myself in a certain way, wear my hair a certain way.

That completely changed when I met my twin flame.

I just felt like I could let my guard down and just be my quirky, original self, which is very rare.

Of course, that would also happen in most relationships.

There will come a certain point where you both reach a level of comfort but it would happen at least several months into it.

When I met my twin flame, the comfortable feeling was instant. I just felt like I could be my most genuine self.

So the last one of the signs you have met your twin flame is that you can completely be yourself. 

woman being goofy

The very first day I was running around barefoot on the beach, being crazy and goofy.

I would never do that on a first date but there was something about his presence that I didn’t have to try, which is really beautiful.

And you can be yourself because they are the other part of your soul.


What Are The Signs Your Twin Flame Is Manifesting You?

When your twin flame is manifesting you, you may notice more synchronicities in your life and you may even dream about them.

Stefan had been dreaming about a brunette girl before we met and he later realized that I was the girl he had been dreaming about. That’s probably because I was manifesting a twin flame connection.

Do Both Twin Flames Know They’re Twin Flames When They Meet?

Depending on how much work they’ve done on themselves and how much they know about twin flames, both souls usually know when they’ve met the one.

In our case, I have a lot of knowledge about twin flames so I already knew what signs to look for when we met. For Stefan, it was quite confusing at first because he didn’t know much about twin flames at that time.

Do Twin Flames End Up Together?

Twin flames are meant to end up together but it’s possible that they won’t in a lifetime. It may be because one or both of them have not gone through awakening yet. But as we’re approaching the golden age, I think most twin flames will end up together in this lifetime.

signs you have found your twin flame

Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

There are 5 clear signs you have met your twin flame. These are the triggers, not being able to let them go, confirmation from outside sources, synchronicities, and the instant feeling that you can be yourself. 

So make this sort of like a checklist. If you think that person is your twin flame, look for these 5 signs.

If they tick all the boxes, then congratulations! You’ve found the one!

Now you can enjoy the wonderful journey of spiritual growth.

It won’t be easy. You will encounter some obstacles along the way because your twin will mirror all the parts of yourself, the light and dark.

You may separate multiple times but when they’ve settled their differences and grew

Now you’ve learned the 5 clear signs you have met your twin flame. Do you recognize these signs in your person?

Let me know in the comments!