“Should I contact my twin flame?”

Perhaps you’ve met your twin flame but something happened.

Now, you’re not together anymore and the feeling is terrible.

It’s painful, you miss them, and you’re craving their presence. Maybe even just the sound of their voice.

You want to text them or call them so bad. But should you?

If you have met your twin flame and they ran from you, I know it’s very tempting to text them.

There’s nothing wrong with contacting your twin flame but you have to be careful about your own mental and emotional state as you’re doing that.

There are three situations where I recommend you don’t contact your twin flame.

When you do contact them in these situations, it’s just gonna get the opposite of what you’re expecting to happen.

So, what are these situations when you shouldn’t contact your twin flame?

Let’s dive in!

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Should I Contact Twin Flame

The million-dollar question, “Should I contact my twin flame?” It’s very hard not to when all the cells in your body are craving for this person’s energy. 

I’m not totally against it, I am for vulnerability and telling people how you feel. Yes, love is more important than ego and pride. 

There are, however, certain situations when I highly recommend not contacting your twin flame.

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Should I Contact My Twin Flame?

As a general rule, you should never contact your twin flame when you’re afraid to lose them, when you’re coming from a place of jealousy, or when you want them to love you. 

Notice what these have in common. They’re all coming from a state of insecurity or lack.

“Yeah well, that’s because he’s missing in my life. What does this have to do with me and my twin flame’s relationship?”

It has everything to do with your twin flame relationship and that’s what we will be discussing.

Should I Contact My Twin Flame?

The concept of twin flames might seem new to some people, but it’s been around for centuries.

The idea of having a twin flame means having a person who mirrors your soul and matches your vibration. It’s a rare and unique connection that’s beyond a regular soulmate relationship.

“But, what happens if I haven’t seen or spoken to my twin flame in a while? Should I contact my twin flame?”

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Why Twin Flame Separation Happens

Twin flame separation is a stage you both have to go through in your twin flame journey.

“But why do we have to go through that?”

It’s emotional and spiritual immaturity, the need for growth, and a lack of self-love.

Twin flame separation can be excruciatingly painful, and the uncertainty can be extremely frustrating.

Separation is necessary so that one or both of you can grow and then re-join in a more healthy way.

It’s an essential part of your journey, and you’ll understand why once you’ve matured and reconnected with your twin flame.

You’re going to have a more harmonious, purposeful, and blissful life together.

Understanding the causes of this disconnection may help you let go and trust the universe again so I wrote this article about the 3 major causes of twin flame separation.

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What Happens When Twin Flames Separate

The running and chasing stage is best described as follows:

One or both twins will flee because they are challenged and/or intimidated by the intensity of the relationship.

This running could take the form of avoiding the twin, ending the relationship, turning to others, or even to alcohol or drugs.

There’s no set amount of time how long this stage would last but it could last for years depending on where you are in your own spiritual growth journey.

It all depends on how much work you’ve done on yourself.

If you want to make this stage shorter, there are several effective methods for reuniting with your twin flame in this twin flame reunion fast-track program.

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I Miss My Twin Flame Everyday

Should I contact my twin flame if  I miss him?

The pain of separation can be excruciatingly painful and intense.

It could leave you feeling dumbstruck, hurt, and confused.

It is also not uncommon to become ill during the separation. You may even experience twin flame telepathy symptoms.

Some folks have reported chest tightness, stomach aches, or issues in their solar plexus area. Some even dream about their twins more often than they want.

It’s really hard, that’s why I understand you for having the strong urge to contact your twin flame.

I have this article about how to deal with separation pain so if you’re interested, you can read that too.

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There’s really nothing wrong with contacting your twin flame and telling them that you miss them if you’re coming from a good place.

That is if you’re not coming from a state of lack or fear.

What do I mean by this?

If you’re content with your life, if you’re in a state of gratitude or acceptance, then go ahead. Text or call your twin flame.

When you’re vibrating low, when you’re in a low emotional vibrational frequency such as guilt, shame, fear, and so on, put that phone away.

Now let’s go back to “Should I contact my twin flame?”

Don’t contact your twin flame under these circumstances that I’m gonna discuss below.

3 Times To Never Contact Your Twin Flame

Before we answer the question, “should I contact my twin flame?”, here’s a little disclaimer. You and your twin flames are meant to be together. If you did these things that I’m telling you not to do, don’t worry because you’re not doomed.

It will just prolong the period of separation but as soon as you have done the work on yourselves, you will be back into each other’s arms in no time.

As I said, there’s nothing wrong with telling your twin flame you miss him but don’t do it in these situations:

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1: When You’re Afraid To Lose Them

“Should I contact my twin flame if I’m afraid to lose them?”

The first occasion when I recommend you to not contact your twin flame is when you are afraid to lose them.

This is because it’s coming from an energy of lack. When you’re in this energy, your twin flame can sense this desperation, even if you live on opposite sides of the world.

So this is not a physical thing. They can sense it and this will not benefit you nor will it bring you together.

This desperate energy will just repel them instead of attracting them back to you.

Remember that you attract things based on your vibrational frequency.

When you’re afraid to lose them, it’s as if you’re saying that your worth and self-identity s going to be diminished because of their absence.

You don’t feel whole on your own. Remember that fear is a low vibrational frequency and when you’re in a low vibrational frequency, things just don’t go your way.

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If you’re not afraid to lose them and you just trust the universe, then you’re in a place of acceptance. Maybe even contentment or gratitude.

You’re just grateful that you’ve met them in your life and you accept the present moment as it is. You surrender to the universe.

This is a high vibration. When you raise your vibrations, you shorten the twin flame separation stage and you allow the universe to reconnect the both of you.

2: When You’re Coming From A Place Of Jealousy

“Should I contact my twin flame when I’m feeling jealous?”

The next situation when you should not contact your twin flame is when you’re coming from a place of jealousy.

So perhaps they have a girlfriend or boyfriend. You might be worried that they are flirting with other people.

Why do we feel jealous? We feel jealous when we don’t feel secure in ourselves.

We start to get threatened by other people and our self-esteem wavers.

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“Is she better than me? Am I not good enough? Is there something that I can do more so he won’t look at other people?”

Jealousy is something coming from the ego. It’s also very fear-based. You might also feel shame and these are all very low vibes.

You’re telling the universe, “This relationship is not secure. I don’t feel good enough.”

Remember in the film, called The Secret about the Law Of Attraction? The universe is gonna answer “Your wish is my command.”

Nobody likes to be the jealous person in a connection, so you probably won’t feel very good about yourself when you contact them as well.

Since your twin flame is connected to you energetically, they will be able to feel these low vibes and it will not help you unite.

They will feel your insecurity and this will make them pull back even more, at least temporarily.

3: When You Want Them To Love You

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“Should I contact my twin flame when I want them to love me?”

Situation three when you should not contact your twin flame, according to my opinion, is when you want them to love you.

When you catch yourself trying to make them love you, put that phone away.

Remember that love is an internal journey. So there are lessons from this that you are supposed to learn and grow from.

You need to first love yourself before they can come back into your life. When you love yourself, you attract love back into your life.

Are you loving yourself the way you want to be loved? If not, how do you expect the universe to bring love into your life?

If you’re coming from an energy of “Please love me, twin flame”, then they’re not going to come back.

But remember, on higher levels, you and your twin flame are eternal husbands and wives. Your twin flame truly loves you.

Write this affirmation in the comments section right now, “I am loved by my twin flame.”

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So… Should I Contact My Twin Flame or Not?

The answer to should I contact my twin flame is not straightforward. It depends on several factors that need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. Before making a decision, ask yourself these questions:

1. The reason for not contacting them: It’s essential to identify why you haven’t contacted your twin flame. Is it because you’re scared of rejection, or is it because you need more time to heal and grow? “So should I contact my twin flame?”

If it’s the latter, then it might be best not to contact them just yet.

2. Your intentions: You must be clear about your intentions behind contacting your twin flame. Are you doing it because you genuinely miss them, or is it because you want them back in your life? “So should I contact my twin flame?”

If it’s the latter, then it might be best to reconsider the decision.

3. Their current situation: It’s also essential to consider their current situation before contacting them. Are they in a relationship? Are they happy? Will contacting them disrupt their peace or cause any harm? “So should I contact my twin flame?”

If you’re not sure, it’s best to wait for a better time.

4. Your emotional state: You must be emotionally stable before contacting your twin flame. If you’re still healing from past wounds, it might not be the right time yet. “So should I contact my twin flame?”

Take care of yourself first and then make a decision.

5. Your readiness to accept the outcome: Regardless of your intentions, you must be ready to accept whatever outcome may come from contacting your twin flame. “So should I contact my twin flame?”

If you’re ready, then sure. This can be challenging, and you must be mentally prepared to handle any kind of response.

Only you can answer this question: “Should I contact my twin flame?”

Because only you know the situation and circumstances surrounding your connection. It’s essential to listen to your inner voice and make a decision that’s in alignment with your values and beliefs.

Remember that twin flame connections are rare and precious, and they require gentle care and nurturing. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s for the highest good of all involved.

When Should I Contact My Twin Flame?

When asking the question, “Should I contact my twin flame?”, ask these questions first:

How do you feel? Are you feeling good? Do you feel loved, content, and whole?

Am I not gonna feel like my value is diminished if m person doesn’t respond? Will I still be okay and be able to keep moving forward in my life?

If you answered yes to these questions, then go ahead. Contact your twin flame.

You just have to know that you’re vibing high and will continue to be so whatever happens when you try to contact them.

You will accept whatever the outcome is and will continue doing the things that raise your frequency.

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How To Make Your Twin Flame Miss You?

You don’t have to make your twin flame miss you because it’s inevitable that they will. You’re literally the other half of their soul. Making them miss you is trying to manipulate them and that only sends a signal out to the universe that you don’t feel enough because you have to try to control how someone else feels. 

What Are The Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You?

One of the best signs that your twin flame is missing you is when you dream about them. These dreams are usually so vivid that it feels like they’re there. 

Can Twin Flames Sense Each Other?

Twin flames can sense each other and they can even feel what each other feels. This is because their connection is so intense as they’re literally part of the same soul.

You can learn more about this in this article about the 4 signs your twin flame feels what you feel.

should i contact my twin flame

Should I Contact My Twin Flame?

So, should I contact my twin flame?

The answer is yes if you’re coming from a good place but no if you’re coming from a bad place such as you’re in a state of lack or fear.

These are very low vibrations and they will only repel your twin flame more.

If you’re coming from a place of jealousy, if you’re afraid to lose them, or if you want to make them love you, then you should put your phone away.

Only contact them when you’re in a high vibration.

You both need to be at a high vibration in order to attract each other. There’s just no other way.

If you contact them when you’re in the states I just mentioned, it’s only going to prolong the twin flame separation stage.

So if you’re in those states, then focus on yourself first. Focus on raising your frequency

Get to know yourself, and why you’re feeling these low vibrations. Why are you feeling unworthy? What’s the reason behind your insecurity?

Should I contact my twin flame? The ultimate decision is yours. Take your time, and make the decision that feels right for you.

Now you the answer to “Should I contact my twin flame?”. Can you relate to the situations I mentioned? If so, what are you gonna do about it?

Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about your Should I contact my twin flame stories.