Does your twin flame feel what you feel?

They say that twin flames have this intense soul connection.

Could it be so intense that the other person feels what the other feels?

This is a question that we get a lot and it’s also the one I’ve been wondering about for most of my twin flame journey.

It’s so cool to connect with someone so intensely that you don’t even need to speak because the other person already feels what you’re going through.

They say this is possible even if you’re both thousands of miles away from each other or maybe before you’ve even met.

But is this really the case with twin flames?

There are so many resources but there are still a lot of mysteries that come with the twin flame topic.

In this article, allow me to shine a light on this specific mystery.

So, does your twin flame really feel what you feel?

Let’s dive in!

Does Your Twin Flame Feel What You Feel

So you’re wondering if your twin flame feels what you feel. Do they feel it when you’re sad? Could the connection be so intense that it’s telepathic?

Does My Twin Flame Feel What I Feel?

This is quite complicated because, on the one hand, they do but on the other hand, the ego stops them from admitting that they do.

I will explain how this works and what you can do about it. First, let’s talk about twin flame separation, holographic reality, and the mind.

does my twin flame feel what i feel

Twin Flame Separation

It’s most common to wonder about this when you’re in the separation stage.

What is the separation stage? It’s one of the twin flame stages.

Yes, there are stages that every twin flame has to go through. Check out this article if you want to know the 8 twin flame stages.

So the twin flame separation stage is where one or both of you are feeling hurt, confused, and have no idea what to do.
You’ve had this connection. It’s been really intense and then you repel and go different ways.

One of you or both of you runs away and then you find yourself confused and you’re wondering, “why did this happen? Are they feeling the same or is it just me?”

Some people even feel like they’re going crazy because they have this intense, overwhelming rush of emotions and thoughts about the connection.

are twin flames obsessed with each other

They’re wondering, is it just me or is the other person feeling the same thing?

It’s very typical and there are reasons why these happen. I highlighted those reasons in this article about the 3 major causes of twin flame separation.

By the way, if you are in the separation stage, check out this free training about how to end the separation stage.

We’re All Connected At Quantum Level

Let’s just take a big step back for a second.

You’ve got to remember that at the holographic level, at the quantum level of reality, we’re all connected to everything else, especially you with your twin flame.

There’s a lot of quantum entanglement that’s going on.On a higher dimension or plane of existence, you and your twin are intimately connected.

So no matter what happens on the surface level, with our body, mind, egos, thoughts, and beliefs, we can trick ourselves.

twin flame feeling drained

We can pretend that we’re feeling and thinking a certain way when really at the higher planes of existence, something else is happening.

You can have an intimate connection and union at a higher level of reality but on the 3D surface level, it can seem like the opposite is happening and I will explain why.

Let’s just go right back to the basics. So twin flames are two parts of the same soul, two halves of the same soul. Vibrationally, they’re the same at a higher level.

Then what happens is as we go into the 3D bodies, we essentially inject our consciousness and our soul awareness into these avatars, these 3D bodies.

When we do that, we inhabit the mind.

You Are Not Your Mind

And then of course, with the mind comes the ego. Ego is not you.

If you watch these types of videos, you must know that the ego, your thoughts, are not you. You’re the awareness of the thoughts.

You can very clearly feel this when you meditate and when you spend enough time on your own and in nature.

feeling your twin flame inside you

You are the awareness, not the thoughts. This has been proven many times, especially recently by modern neuroscience.

The thoughts come from what surrounds us. They can come from memories, programming, and society.

Where you are in the world can affect what you think with your mind but the true you are just the awareness of those thoughts.

And of course, what happens is that in the Western world, most people are distracted so often and so much that they never experience the awareness behind their thoughts.

They only experience the thoughts so it’s no wonder that they become identified with them.

They start to identify with their thoughts, their job title, salary, and the house they live in.

We start to identify with these things and forget that we’re actually immortal beings temporarily experiencing the human body and mind.

We are the awareness of that experience.

Does Your Twin Flame Feel What You Feel

twin flame body tingling

1: Yes But The Ego Filters The Connection

When you first meet your twin, your soul knows that there’s this crazy connection going on but your ego doesn’t know that.

So your ego thinks, “why and how can I already know this person, even though we’ve only just met?”

The ego gets very confused and it starts to retreat.

“This is too crazy, this is too overwhelming. I must escape this. I’ve got to return to my comfort zone because this is too weird.”

You might have experienced this if you’ve ever had an encounter with any kind of extraterrestrial or paranormal thing.

The natural defense mechanism that we have is to say that’s not possible.

Even though we’ve seen it and experienced it, our egos step in to defend the stuff it thinks we should believe in.

twin flame journey

“That can’t be possible. Let’s just put that in a box over there and try and forget about it.”

But of course, we can’t forget about it.

Deep down, we know what we experienced and we know what we felt or saw. And the same thing is true with twins

2: The Ego Is There But Twin Flames Know

Twin Flames know that this connection is very unusual. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary connection and you can’t forget that something has to happen.

What happens is when the separation occurs, you both go in separate ways. You’re both confused and you don’t know what to make of it all.

Because there’s no explanation for it, the ego just wants you to forget about it.

Of course, the ego can’t win so eventually you will be able to end the separation.

twin flames

Why? Because deep inside, twin flames know.

Now it can be a challenge working your way despite the ego trying to stop you, but you will be able to do that.

That is your purpose here on earth. That’s why you were separated and put here.

So that the both of you can dissolve the ego and attract each other back into each others’ lives.

To work as a team towards a big purpose, to fulfill your mission towards earth and humanity.

3: You Can End The Separation Stage

The key to all this is to raise your vibration.

When you raise your vibration, you dissolve the ego and end the separation stage.

man meditating

Remember, that ego is the defense mechanism that’s telling you to forget about the connection because it challenges your worldview.

It challenges the idea that we’re mortal and that this physical reality is all there is. The ego gets challenged and it gets uncomfortable.

When you raise your vibration and dissolve that ego, the picture slowly starts forming.

You start remembering who you are and suddenly, the connection makes perfect sense. You remember that we’re here having a temporary experience. 

You have an awakening or several awakenings where you realize that we are not these bodies, we are not our thoughts and minds. 

We are the awareness of those things.

4: How Your Twin Flame Can Feel What You Feel

So at the higher levels, they feel exactly the same. You’re at the same frequency and vibration.

do twin flames have the same aura

But at the 3D level, you both have your own egos and these egos have been programmed in different ways depending on your environment.

Especially if you’re from different countries, so they will react differently.

This is why some people experience the running stage in different ways because you don’t know how your ego is going to react, right?

This is years and years of programming. And if you’ve not had any awakenings or spiritual experiences before, this is going to be like a freight train just smacking into you.

You don’t know what to do with that. It’s overwhelming. But if you have and luckily me and Julia had had experiences before.

Many awakenings and moments where we realize stuff. We’ve always been seeking this sort of thing, questioning reality and dissolving the ego as much as we can. That’s why it was so much easier.

In the Fast track program, we teach you how to do that. How to raise the vibration and dissolve the ego so that this stuff becomes almost effortless.

woman meeting a guy on the street

You get to see the bigger picture and the really important stuff, which we can’t even go into until you’ve learned this foundation that we’re talking about.

So yes, they do feel the same, but their egos react differently.

Why Do Twin Flames Need To Reunite

The goal isn’t just to sit back and relax. A twin flame relationship is a path you chose before you were born.

Your soul made the decision to split into two for this lifetime in order to support yourself with your major life purpose or mission.

This is your ultimate goal, which will benefit the greater good and humanity (as well as other species) as a whole.

The mission is likely big, and a twin flame connection is your soul’s secret weapon to help boost you and support you in doing this.

The union and love you feel from a twin flame relationship make you feel like you can do anything, and you frequently provide enormous support to each other.

Your objectives and purpose/mission are similar, if not the same.

twin flames purpose


What Are The Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You?

One of the biggest signs that your twin flame is missing you is when you dream about them. Their longing energy for you is sending out a telepathic message that could be received by you in your dreams.

What Are The Twin Flame Separation Ending Signs?

There are many signs that the twin flame separation is ending. One of them is when you are feeling really good by default and you feel like your life is falling into place.

You can read more about this in the 7 signs twin flame separation is almost over.

Are Twin Flames Real?

Twin Flames Are Real just like soulmates are. I have met my twin flame and more twin flames are going through the same thing. It’s a very special bond and it’s also very rare. 

does your twin flame feel what you feel?

Does My Twin Flame Feel What I Feel?

So does your twin flame feel what you feel? The truth is, yes, they do but in different ways.

Like I said, at the higher levels we’re all connected, especially you and your twin flame.

At the lower levels, there’s the ego and it’s programmed mainly by society.

Of course, you can deprogram it, but most people don’t have that access straightaway.

The only answer is to work on dissolving the ego and raising your vibration so that you remember the true nature of the connection.

Now you’ve learned that your twin flame feels what you feel. What do you think about this?

Let me know in the comments!