What are the causes of twin flame separation?

You’ve read about twin flame signs and believe you may have met a twin flame in this lifetime.

But now, everything is messy and now you’re not together anymore.

It’s painful and the uncertainty is driving you mad.

“What is going on here? Why is this happening?”

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place.

You are not alone in this and there are reasons why this may be happening to you.

Understanding these reasons will help you better navigate this painful process.

This could also help you let go and give your trust back to the universe.

This way, you could also speed up your reunion.

If you’re someone who hasn’t met their twin flame but you feel it in your heart that you do have one, you’re welcome here as well.

It’s better to come prepared, right? When your twin flame comes, you’ll know what to do.

If you’re ready to know the three causes of twin flame separation, then let’s dive in!

Causes Of Twin Flame Separation

Twin flame separation is something that basically every twin flame has to go through and it’s not fun. It sucks, especially if your twin flame is a runner.  You might be wondering, why does this happen? when will this end? will I get back with my twin flame again?

That’s what we’re gonna talk about today.

What Are The Causes Of Twin Flame Separation?

There are 3 major causes of twin flame separation. These are emotional and spiritual immaturity, the need for growth, and a lack of self-love. It’s important to address these issues first. It’s needed for your twin flame reunion. 

We’ll discuss these in more detail but first, what really is twin flame separation?

causes of twin flame separation

Twin Flame Separation Meaning

Twin flame separation is one of the twin flame stages that a twin flame experiences on their twin flame journey. It occurs after twin flames have met physically and gone through the honeymoon stage.

It occurs after a Twin Flame couple has been in the union for some time and then separates for various reasons.

One of the twin flames, usually the Divine Masculine, is overcome by the intensity of the twin soul connection and flees.

After they split up, they enter a runner and chaser phase in which one-half of the couple, known as the runner, runs away from the relationship. While the other half, dubbed the chaser, tries to catch up.

The chaser is frequently filled with rage and frustration as a result of this paradigm. We recommend that the chaser work on personal development during this stage.

They eventually surrender and return to their twin flame because the magnetic pull they feel is too strong.

I recommend reading this book if you want to know more information on twin flames and soulmates.

twin flame separation pain

Twin Flame Separation Pain

The pain of separation can be excruciatingly painful and intense.

It could leave you feeling bewildered, hurt, and confused.

It is also not uncommon to become ill during the separation. Some people have reported chest tightness, stomach aches, or problems in their solar plexus area.

To get through separation pain, you must recognize that it was unavoidable; look at the big picture.

Consider and learn from the events that led up to the separation. This will help you become a better version of yourself and prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

Recognize that this phase had to occur in order to facilitate your evolution and growth. You will undoubtedly emerge stronger and better as a result of it. It will result in a long-term reunion with your twin.

how long does twin flame separation last

When Will Twin Flame Separation End

How long does twin flame separation last?

Twin flame separation will end once you’ve dealt with the causes of that separation. We will discuss these later.

You have to accept the separation first and deal with the fact that you each have to grow apart.

Once you’ve done the necessary spiritual growth, you will then be ready to attract your twin flame back into your life.

If you want to know how to end twin flame separation fast, our blog is chock-full of information about twin flames, how to speed up your reunion, what to do during this time, and so much more. 

Do you want to know if the twin flame separation stage is almost over for you and if permanent union with your twin flame is around the corner?

Check out this article about the seven clear signs that the separation stage is almost over.

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What Does A Twin Flame Runner Go Through

While a twin flame runner flees, their mind is racing with thoughts. They are initially puzzled and overwhelmed by the strength of the connection. They don’t want to hurt you, but they’re so torn apart.

Why are they puzzled, and what do I mean when I say “they are torn apart”?

The twin flame runner is generally the one that is still not very far off on their spiritual path. The connection is too strong, and they are not spiritually conscious enough to comprehend what is happening.

They usually have no idea why they are running. I had no idea I was a twin flame runner at the time.

Running is typically not a conscious decision made by twin flame runners.

twin flame runner

Causes Of Twin Flame Separation

1: Spiritual or Emotional Immaturity

The first cost of twin flame separation is spiritual or emotional immaturity. 
Usually, the runner is not as emotionally or spiritually mature.

In my case, I was the runner. I think it was more the emotional side because I easily got triggered. 

Since your twin is your mirror, I really felt that a lot of stuff came back to me.

You must accept where you are in your journey before you can move forward. Accept it as a necessary part of your personal development.

If you focus on its benefits, it may help you find your true calling. This period is supposed to teach you something.

Despite the fact that it is a difficult time.

twin flame feeling in stomach

You are growing as a result of it. You will be a better version of yourself if you overcome it.

Accept your circumstances. Allow the running stage to play out. When you accept your situation, everything will fall back into place.

Don’t waste your time thinking negatively about your twin. Surrender to the separation; your reunion is close at hand.

What I’ve noticed happening for many of you guys is that one of you is growing a lot and the other one is more stagnant in their energy.

And that leads us to the next point.

2: More Growth Is Needed

Another one of the causes of twin flame separation is that more growth is needed. 

It could be that the separation was needed so one or both of you could grow and then come back together in a more healthy way. 

And yes, growth happens when you’re in twin flame separation but there’s a lot of growth that will happen in the union as well.

It’s just a different type of growth.

twin flame body changes

When I and Stefan were in separation, it was more of a hermit-mode type of growth. 

If you’ve seen this channel before, you know that I went into a cabin, isolated myself from everyone around me, and went through this huge dark night of the soul.

I just needed to have some space and be alone with my thoughts.

Focus on raising your vibrations. What it means to raise your vibration is to put yourself in a state of positivity, support, and gratitude.

When you do this you can vibrate on a much higher wavelength, connect with your higher self and your energy can travel faster.

Raising your vibrations will not only attract your twin flame faster but ensure that you don’t experience a painful separation stage again and if you do, it’s shorter.

Write this affirmation in the comments, “I am growing and learning every single day.”

twin flame separation sickness

3: Lack Of Self Love

The last of the 3 causes of twin flame separation is a lack of self-love. 

This can manifest in different ways. For example, codependency or jealousy.

You need to really learn to love yourself as you are before you can unite fully with your twin flame. 

If you don’t love yourself, it’s not something you can just fake until you make it.

Your twin flame will know on an energetic level and will push you away.

And that is again because they are your mirror. So you need an internal union before you can achieve the physical union with your twin flame.

self love

Self-love will eventually lead to self-awareness.

As a result, you must remind yourself that you are a beautiful person. Spend time alone with yourself to learn to enjoy your own company.

Accept yourself for who you are, be less critical of yourself and your choices, and forgive yourself.

Be gentle and compassionate to yourself, and allow the same to be extended to your Twin flame.

Say this out loud and repeat it until you feel good: “Harmonious union is my natural state”.

Stop Chasing Your Twin Flame

twin flame permanent separation

“What happens when I stop chasing my twin flame?” the chaser may wonder at times during the twin flame runner stage. ”

It’s not surprising that this question is frequently asked. The chaser is frequently plagued by uncertainty, not to mention the level of emotional pain that runners can experience at times.

It is debatable whether a person can give up on their Twin flame.

Scholars appear to agree that when you “give up chasing,” you are simply surrendering to the universe.

Because the twin flame connection is undeniable, abandoning the pursuit is not the same as abandoning the twin flame journey.

Furthermore, in a relationship, roles can be reversed, and the runner may become the chaser. The important thing is to maintain hope.

Trust the universe that what’s for you will be for you. The universe will conspire to bring the two of you back together.

Gratitude Is Key

You may be so consumed by the agony of separation that you are unable to enjoy anything else in your life. There is plenty to be thankful for if you look around you.

Your pain may cause you to lose sight of all the good things in your life. You must let go of all negativity. Appreciate the good things in your life.


You met your soul mate. This is unusual, and not everyone has the opportunity to meet their twin flame in their lifetime.

It’s something to be thankful for that you had that opportunity. Recall the good times you shared with them. Consider how it felt to be with them.

It will be easier to enjoy other aspects of your reality if you consistently choose to be grateful for the big or small things in your life. This will lessen the agony of separation.

It will also help speed up your twin flame reunion. This is why gratitude is said to be the key to manifesting anything.

Gratitude for Manifestation has the ability to unleash your manifesting power and put into practice the most basic manifestation techniques necessary to attract all you desire into your life.

Gratitude has a frequency of 540 MHz. Being grateful is on the same level as being in love. It is one of the greatest energetic levels you can have.

The more time you spend being grateful and loving, the healthier your body gets, and the higher your body’s frequency rises.

When you are on a higher frequency, you attract all the good things that are meant for you.

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Have A Spiritual Self-Care

Spirituality means many things to different individuals, and it is typically impacted by the ideals you were up with.

Maybe spirituality is associated with religion or cultural traditions. In this situation, spiritual self-care includes performing rituals, attending religious services or ceremonies, and studying religious materials.

Perhaps you encounter spirituality in nature, among others, or within yourself. It might be via the use of art, music, or dance. Finally, it may be anything important that evokes a sense of holiness, even if only perceived by you.

Spirituality is a personal endeavor journey. Whichever road you take, they all lead to something you want on some level: connection, purpose, and pleasure.

A spiritual self-care practice is any routine that connects you to your spiritual self.

Any ritual that links you to your inner self, the genuine you, is a spiritual self-care practice. The true self is the raw expression of who you were born to be and what you have to give the world.

twin flame separation dreams

It’s invigorating, exciting, and, most importantly, it feels right. Perhaps you are already experiencing this or have gotten glimpses of how it might look or feel. Understanding how you feel is a vital aspect of being able to handle life.

Getting in touch with that aspect of yourself via spiritual self-care may be highly beneficial on many levels.

You can be the healthiest person on the planet and yet feel something is wrong or suffer from a disease, both emotionally and physically.

Emotional and spiritual well-being has a massive effect that flows down into and affects the mental and physical bodies. Loneliness is on the rise.

Your forefathers lived in groups, and you benefited much from this way of life, especially mentally and emotionally. You must now make concentrated efforts to find ways to feed this aspect of yourself.

It is soul-satisfying to devote time to spiritual self-care. It promotes mindfulness and provides clarity and comfort.

Several studies have shown that building a spiritual life can offer a variety of health advantages. A spiritual self-care practice quiets the mind and helps to soothe the storm inside, allowing room to begin.

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What Are The Stages Of Twin Flame Separation?

Twin flames must go through several stages before they can reunite and be together forever. There are seven stages before the eighth twin flame stage, which is the reunion.

If you want to know more about this, check out this article about the twin flame stages.

How To Deal With Twin Flame Separation?

Twin flame separation can be painful and uncertain. One of the best ways to deal with twin flame separation is by vibrating to your core frequency.

You can do this better when you understand your numerology properly. Get a free numerology report here.

What Are The Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You?

When your twin flame is thinking of you, you can feel it too. You may just suddenly start thinking about them or you may even have dreams or visions with them in them. 

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Causes Of Twin Flame Separation

What are the causes of twin flame separation?

It’s emotional and spiritual immaturity, the need for growth, and a lack of self-love.

Twin flame separation can be very painful and the uncertainty may be very frustrating.

But understanding the reasons for this separation could help you let go and trust the universe again.

Remember that the universe always has your back and everything is happening for your own good.

Separation is needed so one or both of you could grow and then come back together in a more healthy way. 

It’s a necessary part of your journey and you will understand why once you have grown and reunited with your twin flame.

You’re going to have a more harmonious, purposeful, and blissful life together.

For now, you have to focus on raising your vibrations.

Raising your vibrations will not only attract your twin flame faster but ensure that you don’t experience a painful separation stage again and if you do, it’s shorter.

Now you’ve learned the 3 causes of twin flame separation. Do you think you’re going through the twin flame separation stage?