How can you survive the twin flame pain before union while staying sane? You and your twin flame have just met and it has felt like a supernova of joy and bliss. You probably can’t remember any time that you’ve truly been this happy despite all the years you’ve spent on earth.

But lately, things have been rocky, and you can’t understand why something so beautiful is falling apart despite your best efforts.

Your Twin has run away from you and is now choosing to not contact you. This can be a truly painful period, that some twin flame couples have gone through including me.

In this post, you will learn:

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Twin Flame Pain Before Union

Twin flame pain is a very common occurrence in twin flame relationships. But what is it and how do we deal with this twin flame pain?

How can I deal with twin flame pain?

There are 10 ways to deal with twin flame pain. Watching what you put in your body, raising your vibration, and surrendering to the universe are just some of the things you can do. 

Before we talk about how to deal with twin flame pain, what exactly is twin flame pain? Why does this happen?

Twin flame separation

Twin flame separation is a twin flame stage that a twin flame goes through in their twin flame journey. It happens after twin flames have physically met and gone through the honeymoon period.

Separation and uncertainty are phases or stages in a twin flame relationship. Some Twin Flame couples go through separation while others don’t. This is because every Twin Flame journey is different.

It happens after a Twin Flame couple has been together for a while and then splits for various reasons.

The intensity of the twin soul connection overwhelms one of the twin flames, generally the Divine Masculine, and he flees.

They begin a runner and chaser phase after they split up, in which one half of the partnership, known as the runner, flees away from the relationship. While the other half, known as the chaser, attempts to catch up.

As a result, the chaser is typically filled with fury and frustration.

During this time, we propose that the chaser works on personal growth.

Because the magnetic pull they experience is too great, they finally submit and return to their twin flame.

What is twin flame pain?

Twin flame pain is the result of this twin flame separation stage.

The pain that comes with separation can be deeply painful and intense.

It could leave and leave you feeling lost, hurt, and confused.

Also, It is not uncommon to experience sickness during the separation. Some people have described feeling a tightening in their chest, stomach ache, or problems in their solar plexus area.

10 tricks to deal with twin flame pain

Twin flame pain is one of the most frequent issues that twin flame couples encounter.

Due to some dubious teachings on the internet, many even believe that it is an essential stage of the twin flame journey.

This is not the case.

Twin flame separation occurs because there is a substantial amount of self-work that has been left undone by either or both parties.

Therefore, the twin flame pain that comes with separation can be entirely bypassed if enough self-work has been put in place before twin flame union

If you are going through twin flame pain, however, you have nothing to be worried about. Going through separation does not mean that your relationship is any less special.

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You have to look past the negatives and use this opportunity to align yourself with your purpose. Understanding your numerology is vital to this process.

This new sense of understanding will allow you to follow your life path effectively. Get a free >numerology report and find out your life path.

Furthermore, while going through separation the pain does not have to be excruciating. In this article, we are going to recommend tried and tested ways that will help you cope with being separated from your twin flame.

1. Raise your vibrations

The best way to deal with twin flame pain is to raise your vibration,

What it means to raise your vibration is to put yourself in a state of positivity, support, and gratitude. When you do this you can vibrate on a much higher wavelength, connect with your higher self, and your energy can travel faster.

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Raising your vibrations will not only attract your twin flame faster but ensure that you don’t experience a painful separation stage again and if you do, it’s shorter.

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An important way to raise your vibrations is by focusing on doing things that will raise your vibration like; meditation, feeling, food, etc. If you don’t know how to go about it, learn how to raise your vibration from our blog.

2. Watch what you put in your body

Food is very important to raising your vibration. You have to tap into this and use food for your own good but remember;

“You are what you eat”

The earlier you make your body sound, the closer you are to your healing. Therefore it is important to keep a clean diet.

Follow a healthy diet plan. It will put your body in the best form.

The way you look is can be a huge confidence boost. The type of food that you put into your body can contribute to your overall appearance and lift your mood.

Eat foods that will raise your vibration. Stay away from anything that will lower your vibration.

We understand that eating healthy food requires dedication. We encourage you to stick with it. Trust us it helps a lot with twin flame pain.

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Eat fresh meals rather than processed food. Make your diet consist of wholesome and natural meals.

If you are looking for help full tips on how to raise your vibrations, here is a good place to start

3. Self-love

Develop a deep sense of self-love. Do this by; dissolving your ego, and appreciating things and people around you.

By the way, if this sounds confusing, or you need some context/examples, you can read more about this in our story.

This might give you a bit of background and examples of how it plays out in a real life twin flame relationship.

Or you could watch our video (please subscribe to our channel!) where we explain this in more detail.

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Self-love will lead ultimately to self-awareness.

Therefore, you have to remind yourself that you are a beautiful person. Spend time alone with yourself to make you appreciate your own company.

Also, accept yourself as you are and be less critical of yourself and your choices, forgive yourself. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and let the gentleness and compassion extend to your Twin flame.

4. Surrender to yourself and the Universe

Before you can move forward, you must accept where you are in your journey. Surrender to the idea that it’s part of your growth journey.

If you focus on its positives It could contribute to leading you to your true purpose.You are supposed to learn lessons from this period.

Although experiencing twin flame pain is a hard time.

You are growing because of it. If you overcome it, you will end up as a better version of yourself.

Raising hands in surrender

Surrender to your circumstances. Let the running stage take its course. Everything will fall back in place once you accept your situation.

Do not waste your energy having negative thoughts towards your twin. Surrender to the separation, your reunion is in sight.

Believe that It is truly for the best and put the work in

5. Try positive affirmations

Pain can sometimes be a boulder that your soul carries on its back. To move forward or ascend upwards requires self-propulsion.

This is the same with twin flame pain.

You have to work hard to push yourself out of this dark space. A fantastic way to do this is by speaking positive affirmations to yourself.

Speaking positive affirmations to yourself will assist you greatly in this period of separation and uncertainty. Don’t give in to your pain. Fight for your happiness.

Reassure and remind yourself of the positivity around you. It will help you develop self-love and remove negative energy from your life. Personalize positive affirmations with; I am

When you feel yourself sinking deep into negativity, say these affirmations to yourself:

“I am strong enough to survive this”

“I am on the right path”

6. Practice Gratitude

You could be so caught up in the twin flame pain of separation that you find it difficult to enjoy anything else in your life. If you look around yourself there’s enough to be grateful for.

Your pain could make you forget all the good things going on in your life. You have to let go of all the negativity. Appreciate the positive elements in your life.

You met your twin flame. This is not common and not everyone gets the opportunity of being with their twin flame in a lifetime.

The fact that you had that chance is something to be grateful for.Remind yourself of the good times you had with them. Think about what it felt like to be with them.

If you consistently choose to be grateful for the big or small things in your life, it will make it easier to enjoy other things in your reality. This will make the pain of separation bearable.

7. Focus on Your Dreams and Goals

A twin flame relationship brings out the true purpose of your existence. It reveals the life path you should be following.

You have to continue following your purpose passionately. Focus on achieving your dreams and your goals. You will find fulfillment in this because it’s your soul’s path.

Individuality is a coveted quality. Being who you are and following your dreams for your own sake and not someone else is admirable. Continue being you and all else will fall into place.

This is how you deal with twin flame pain.

8. Meditation

There is a common phrase that meditation is the medication for the soul. Meditating is very key to soul healing, growth, and dealing with twin flame pain.

Schedule various times in the day when you are calm and at peace. The most suitable times to do this are early in the morning after waking up or at night before you go to bed.

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You can also recite your affirmations as a mantra.

Trust us! This will work wonders for you. It will help you release the pain or whatever overwhelming emotion you are holding in. 

9. Grieve

Grief is a necessary process of separation. If you do not grieve properly you can not move past what you once cherished.

Grief can give your subconscious some form of validation. This validation confirms that given the circumstances you did the best you could have done for the relationship

More so, grieving marks an end of a period so you can always look back to that period and work on the things that went wrong.

Therefore, You must allow yourself to grieve and mourn the separation from your twin flame. When you acknowledge your twin flame pain and make conscious efforts to reflect on it, it loses its power over you.

Try self-expression methods that will help you experience your emotions such as; yoga, hiking, journaling, meditation, and whatever activity you enjoy doing.

Express yourself, do not keep the twin flame pain in.

10. Understand the Importance of the separation

To get through twin flame pain you have to understand that it was necessary for it to happen; see the bigger picture.

Reflect on the events that led up to the separation and learn from them. This will help you become a better version of yourself and stop you from repeating your mistakes.

Understand that this phase had to occur to facilitate your evolution and growth. After the twin flame pain, you will surely come out of it stronger and better. It will lead to a lasting reunion with your twin.

Our blog is filled with a lot of information about twin flames, how to fast-track your reunion, what to do during this period and so much more.

FAQ about the twin flame journey


Twin Flame separation occurs AFTER a Twin flame couple has been in union for some time and then due to some reasons they part ways.

After parting ways, they go into a runner and chaser phase where one half of the couple, known as the runner, is running away from the relationship. While the other half known as the chaser is trying to catch up.

This paradigm often causes intense feelings of anger and frustration for the chaser. We recommend that during this stage the chaser should work on developing themselves.

One of the key ways is by vibrating to your core frequency. you can do this better when you understand your numerology properly. Get a free numerology report here.