Are you wondering if you are a starseed twin flame?

Maybe you recently found out that you’re a starseed and you’re wondering if you have a twin flame or maybe you just happened to stumble across this word.

Whatever the reason is, you’re probably reading this now because the term starseed twin flame got you excited or curious at the least.

Do you wanna know what a starseed twin flame is and if you are one?

This article holds the answer to your questions.

In this post you will learn:

  • What a Starseed twin flame is
  • What is their purpose
  • How to know if you are one

Let’s dive in!

How To Know If You’re a Starseed Twin Flame

You might’ve heard the terms starseed and twin flame before but probably not together.

There are multiple resources showing you the signs that you may be a twin flame or that you are a starseed but not much about being both.

If you are reading this article, there’s a big possibility that you are a starseed twin flame.

If you wanna know for sure if you are one of those people with this rare combination, then you’ve come to the right place.

Am I A Starseed Twin Flame?

starseed twin flame

You will know that you are a starseed twin flame if you resonate with five or more of the signs we will mention in this article.

There are many twin flames who are also actually starseeds but they have no idea.

These two ideas are connected and you’ll find that the signs of being twin flames coincide with the signs of being a star seed as well.

We will tell you the signs that you might be both a star seed and a twin flame. We actually found that we had a lot of these signs as well, so we did some research.

But before we proceed to the signs, it’s important to know what a starseed twin flame is and what is their purpose.

What Is A Starseed?

The idea of being a star seed is that your soul originated from another planet in another dimension.

Starseeds are developed souls that possess a lot of wisdom inside them, as well as unique powers and capabilities.

This is the reason why they got reincarnated on earth. They are volunteers to the call for help.

Their wisdom is required to be ‘sown’ into particular civilizations, mainly those with dark sides.

Here’s an article about starseed signs that you might wanna check out.

twin flames love

What Is A Twin Flame?

The idea of having a twin flame connection is that your soul split into two different human bodies.

Sometimes they call your twin flame your ‘mirror’ soul because they’re literally the other half of your soul.

They are essential for your healing and growth. Twin flames are meant to eventually come together, to work side by side to fulfill a big purpose.

Being with a twin flame has many benefits and it is truly an amazing experience.

If you wanna know more, you may visit this article about what a twin flame is.

starseed powers

Twin Flame And Starseed Purpose

Starseeds with twin flames are fated to work together on their soul missions, and they must meet each other in order to discover their purpose.

Starseeds and their twin flame cannot be separated because the universe is always striving to bring them together.

If you think you are a starseed twin flame but you still haven’t found your other half, here’s an article about how to find your twin flame faster.A starseed twin flames’ purpose on earth is a double mission.

Together, they will sow a new consciousness and forge a new path without duplicating what humans have done before.

ascension energies

They are both working together to help bring the New Earth into reality. Now is the time of ‘earth ascension.’

Starseed Twin Flame Signs And Symptoms

Here are the signs you might be a starseed twin flame:

1. You Enjoy Alone Time

Maybe you feel easily drained after a big event, a party, and other social situations. You enjoy being at home, reading a good book. That’s how you recharge.

This is normal for a starseed twin flame because they are not meant for superficial relationships.

Their soul longs for the twin flame connection that is deep, healing, and intense.

twin flame separation

2. You’re An Avid Reader

If you’re an avid reader, it’s another sign you might be a starseed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be books, but any reading material, such as online articles.

Whatever it is, you’re obsessed with absorbing information, learning new ideas, and explaining those ideas to other people.

Not always, you might also just want to keep them to yourself but you like the idea of learning new things.

3. You Feel Different

You can’t put a finger on it but you feel different than most people around you. Maybe you got even bullied as a kid.

You have a hard time fitting in and you feel safe with just a small circle of friends.

twin flame friendship

Do you have just a few friends that you really click with?

You might be thinking, ” Well, everyone feels different at some point.” Relating to one of these signs doesn’t mean you’re starseed.

What I would suggest is that you look for the ones you resonate with and count them. If you have more than five, then it’s likely you’re a Starseed.

4. You Feel Homesick

Even when you’re at home or even when you’re with somebody you’re familiar with, you feel homesick. This can be a feeling that comes and goes.

You might ignore the feeling for a while, but it always comes back to you.

starseed depressionHave you ever felt that feeling like you’re not where you should be? Even when you’re at your home base, like the place you grew up in, or where all your friends are?

For example, when I was a little kid, I used to like run away from home just for a couple of hours. I would bring my backpack and go on an adventure.

Then, when it was dinner time, I went back home.

Back home in Sweden, I never felt at home as well. I would travel everywhere and just be obsessed with finding what feels like home.

5. You’re An Empath

twin flame energy transfer

Another sign is that you are an empath. You can very easily read and empathize with other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Cruelty to animals, for example, makes you really sad.

It’s not just cruelty to animals but violence in general. Maybe watching horror movies is hard for you.

6. You Interrupt With Electronics

Not all of you will experience this as it’s not very common. Another sign is that you interfere with lights, appliances, and other electronics.

For example, you might walk by a hallway, and the light flickers. You might walk into a room and suddenly, there’s a static sound or the music stops playing.

airplane mode

You try to plug in your phone and it doesn’t charge. Then your friend tries to do it and it works.

Just those little weird electrical interferences.

This can be amplified when you are with your twin flame since your energetic field is so much bigger.

For example, when we were at a spa in Bulgaria, there was this water fountain.

We would walk by it and the water would stop flowing. It happened every time we walked by and as soon as we passed it, the water would flow again.


Another experience we had was in taco bell recently.

We would walk into taco bell, sit down, and have our food. As we were enjoying our tacos and quesadillas, the fire alarm goes off.

That happened at least two to three times the alarm goes off or a machine stops working. Either that taco bell has a very bad electrical system or we’re interfering with the fields.

7. You’re Drawn To The Idea Of Starseeds

You might already be aware of this term as you have done your research and binge-watched YouTube videos.

twin flame reunion

That’s what I did a lot and I still do. I also realized that my closest friends are starseeds too because I look for the signs and they tick the boxes.

If you’re excited about the concept of a starseed twin flame or the idea of being of there being something other than just an earthly existence, it’s likely that you are a start seed.

You wouldn’t be excited about it if it doesn’t resonate in some way.

A good example is if you watch the film avatar and you feel no emotional connection to it, no resonance, then you’re probably not a starseed.

If you did feel an emotional connection to it, then it will be like you’re remembering something that could be real.

twin flames 1111

8. You Often Experience Deja Vu

Deja vu is when you are doing something or you’re in a certain place, and you feel like you’ve been there before.

It feels really familiar, even though there’s no way you could have been there before.

It could be a place you’ve never been to, someone you’ve never met, or a conversation you’ve never had before.

but you just, you have this stage of your experience and it’s almost like you suddenly remember it,

Or you heard this conversation before.

It could also be a dream you’ve had that suddenly comes to reality.

starseed lightworker

9. You’re Fascinated By Stars

You love sci-fi movies, maybe you’re a big star wars fan, or you just love looking at the stars.

For example, we would lay down outdoors and just look up at the stars for half an hour.

We’d see two shooting stars and have the most peaceful time.

10. You’re Spiritual

With religion, you were born with it. You were programmed as a child to accept it as the truth and follow the rules as you did in school.

Spirituality is very personal and it comes from within. It’s something that you come to on your own and resonates at a deeper level.

Man meditating on a mat

Maybe you start to realize that we are all one and part of the same consciousness.

You become aware that there are more universal laws than just the law of gravity, like the law of attraction and the law of karma.

I would go one step further and say that most religions today come from ancient texts that have been modified and become structures of control.

In many cases, they dictate how you should act like where you should donate your money, what rules you should live by, and what is right and wrong.

You should do good to people and everything that exists not because you’re afraid to get punished but because you know you are all part of the same source.

ancient civilization

11. You’re Interested in Ancient Civilizations

If you are a starseed twin flame, maybe you have read books about Atlantis or you’re fascinated by the pyramids.

Maybe you feel like we have not been told the whole truth about these ancient cultures and ancient structures so you do your own research.

That’s what I did and still do and also how I discovered I was a starseed twin flame. I get really nerdy, especially about the pyramids and the Egyptian culture.

If you are interested in this as well, I highly recommend reading Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock.

12. You Have Strong Intuition

Starseed twin flames have strong intuition.

Intuition is what some also like to call a ‘gut feeling’. It’s an idea that you have based on what energy you feel.

tarot reading

No information, no concrete or logical facts, just a feeling that you get.

For example, you walk past someone and you suddenly get the feeling that you don’t want to be around them.

Even if they look fairly normal, they might even look attractive, but you just get a feeling that there’s something not quite right. That is intuition.

We have been programmed to choose the more logical choice rather than the choice that just feels right.

And so, society wired us to ignore our gut feelings. ‘Use your head, not your heart.’ The logical thing to do is the right thing to do.

girl thinking

But you might choose the one that feels best for you, that feels good in your gut and your heart. And that is the right choice.

As you are awakening, you will be using your intuition much more and care less about what society thinks you should do.

Having a strong intuition is a great starseed twin flame sign.

13. You Have Alien Sightings

Aliens may have appeared in your dreams or even in real life if you are a starseed twin flame. You have experienced alien abductions, or you really want to meet an alien.

If the idea of aliens isn’t weird or scary to you and it’s actually a positive thing to you, then you might be a starseed.

I had a crazy experience between the awake state and the sleep state. An alien appeared to me and my whole body just started vibrating.

starseed races

I got scared and it just left. I told my twin flame and apparently, he had the same vibrating thing happening at the exact same time.

It was around two at midnight. It was very cool and very strange at the same time.

14. You Feel Like You Have a Special Mission

You may feel like you have a special mission or you get some sense that you’re meant to do something bigger than the people around you.

You might have no idea what that purpose is but you feel it strongly. Like there’s something big you’re supposed to contribute, to help the earth in a major way.

angel in sunset

The reason why you might feel this is that there was a call that was sent out throughout the universe.

The earth needed help because the time of Ascension is coming.

Lots of souls from other dimensions, galaxies, and planets have volunteered to be incarnated on earth to help earth from within.

If you are a starseed twin flame, that’s why you feel like you have such a big mission.

The time of Ascension is now and more and more people are waking up. It’s a magical time to be alive.

There are literally millions of Starseeds and starseed twin flames on earth right now and it’s very likely that you are one if you’re reading this.


15. You’re Attracted To Crystals

Crystals are very interesting. They can hold frequencies, vibrate, and hold energy.

All crystals have vibrations and can be used for different things. They were used by ancient civilizations, such as in the pyramids.

From what I’ve heard, they’ve been used by many higher dimensional beings.

You don’t have to understand how they work or even what they do. But if you are attracted to them, it’s a sign that you are a starseed twin flame.

When I was a kid, I used to collect all sorts of crystals. I had a little briefcase and I was a massive crystal nerd customer.

girl collecting crystals


How Many Twin Flames Are On Earth?

Nobody can tell for sure how many twin flames or starseed twin flames are on earth except those who sent them here.

What we do know for sure is that if you are a twin flame, you only have one. Some things are meant to stay as mysteries and that’s okay,

Just focus on how extraordinary a twin flame relationship is instead of how many there are.

What Is A Starseed Awakening?

Starseed awakening happens when a starseed or starseed twin flame begins to become conscious of their purpose.

It may be that you suddenly realize that working at a corporate job is not for you and you’re life would be more meaningful if you make Youtube videos about becoming zero waste.

You might also start becoming curious about starseeds.

How To Awaken Your Twin Flame?

You can awaken your twin flame or your starseed twin flame by focusing on your own awakening journey.

In twin flame relationships, one of the twins usually awakens ahead of the other. If you are the awakened one, you cannot force the awakening of the other.

You just have to focus on yourself and you will serve as a mirror to your twin, helping them heal and awaken indirectly.

Am I A Starseed Twin Flame?

A starseed twin flame is an extraordinary combination with an extraordinary mission.

A starseed twin flame has several stages that they have to go through.  They must first go through their starseed awakening and then get ready to step into their mission by attracting their twin flames.

Carefully go through the signs mentioned above and notice how you feel. If you resonate with five or more of the signs mentioned above, you probably are a starseed twin flame. 

With this newfound awareness, you can go to the next step of attracting your twin flame. To do this, you must raise your frequency.

With that said, here’s a free video training on how to raise your frequency!

So, do you think you are a starseed twin flame? Let me know in the comments!