In this post, we’re going to talk about the purpose of twin flames reuniting and maybe three to five kind of ‘benefits’ of being with your twin flame. And the last two you want to will stay until the end, they’re actually quite unexpected.

You probably haven’t heard of these, but they’re pretty important…

If you’re wondering about whether it’s ‘worth it’ to find your twin flame, this is for you.

Benefits Of Being With Your Twin Flame

So, as you may know, we believe that for many of us, this is actually our last time on earth.

For real.

Many of us are finishing up our soul contracts on earth.

We’ve been in for thousands of lives, many of us, and we believe that in the last lifetime, most twin flames will actually unite happily and permanently, like we have done.

So these benefits we’ll be sharing with you. You’re very likely to experience that in this lifetime. So let’s get into the benefits so that we,

Let’s dive in:

1: Your Twin Flame Unlocks Massive Spiritual Growth

The first benefit is spiritual growth. Because when you’re making a twin flame, you are coming into union. So not only with yourself, that’s the first step then also physically with your twin flame.

And you’ll notice a lot of ‘activations’.

For example, for Stef, it was a Kundalini awakening.

Twin flames married at the louvre

Twin Flame Kundalini Energy Awakening

Here’s what Kundalini awakening and energy felt like for me (Stef):

It’s hard to explain because each one was slightly different, but it was like a vibrating energy in my, just, just below my stomach area, rising up my spine to my forehead. And I’ve never really had felt anything like that before.

And it was, it was always like, usually around the time we were made meditating together, like if we would meditate in the same room, you know, or if she would meditate, DPI would feel it. If I was in the lounge, let’s say, yeah.

Really, really weird stuff.

It hasn’t happened too much recently, but definitely in the first kind of six months.

Sometimes, it manifests as third eye pressure or pulsing. Usually when we were like laying in bed together or we were meditating together, so special growth.

2: Your Twin Flame Supports Your Mission

Number two is just kind of support like ‘mutual support’ for your mission kind of relates to spiritual growth, but a bit different. So support on your mission. You often have very similar goals.

For example with us, we are both digital nomads.

And then many of you will have, have joint missions with your twin as well. We, for example have this site, Twin Flame Guides that we run together.

3: Twin Flame Arguments Or Conflicts Serve A Purpose!

If we do have disagreements or arguments, they usually serve a purpose. So there’s usually some kind of reason insecurity, something that needs working out or talking about.

And then after the argument or disagreement that we always have made progress.

So it’s like something has been fixed some kind of work.

So when we sit down and deal with it properly and I go through it together and not just shout blindly.

We solve it and then it’s released and it won’t often come up again.

So we feel like every time we have an argument, we have, have released something that doesn’t serve us. And we also feel like we’ve come closer as well.

We love each other more now, than we did at the start. Any arguments that do happen, bring us CLOSER together, not further apart. They help us release various issues, and work past any problems as they arise.

4: You Avoid Pointless Dating And Time Wasting

By meeting and reuniting with your twin flame, you save quite a lot of time and we’ll explain what we mean by that.

It’s quite typical for most people to be dating around, spending a lot of time and energy, trying to ‘find the one’, like I’m trying to search for what they’re looking for or what they feel is missing.

But when you meet your twin flame, you, the search is kind of over.

There’s not going to be anyone else. And you just feel so sure and so comfortable with each other, you just know that you will never break up.

In that sense, you save a lot of time.

And that time and resources can be put into your mission, and working on yourself and just enjoying and experiencing life.

We read an article recently about billionaires, and how many of them are like ‘power couples’. So they have their wife and their side, and they help each other with their business and grow together. And it saves some time as well.

So there’s an added benefit that we didn’t think about until now.