You have met your twin flame, and everything feels like a fairytale.

  • You have the same humor.
  • Your chemistry is through the roof.
  • Every day you notice new similarities between you.
  • And the sex is out of this world.

You feel unstoppable. Nothing can come between you.

Then suddenly you start noticing your twin distancing themselves from you.

The turmoil stage is one of the more annoying twin flame stages. Here are ALL of the twin flame stages quickly summarised: 

In this post you will learn:

  • What happens during the turmoil stage?
  • Does every twin flame go through the turmoil stage?
  • What is the purpose of the testing phase?
  • Why do I doubt my twin flame?
  • Do twin flames cheat?
  • Do twin flames break up and get back together?

So let’s get started:

You feel confused about your twin’s changed, distant behavior and you start asking yourself:

  • Did I do something wrong?
  • Am I just not good enough for this person?
  • I knew this was too good to be true.

Or perhaps YOU are the one distancing yourself from your twin. You feel freaked out about the connection and all the mirroring you are experiencing. Perhaps you’ve found out some traits that you don’t like about your twin (without realizing you are like that too sometimes).

This happened to us, we were both used to dating people very different from ourselves. So to suddenly be with someone who is our mirror was overwhelming in the beginning, and led to me (Julia) to run away after a few weeks together.

It’s easy to love someone who is very different from you and completes you. However, if you don’t fully love yourself it’s very difficult to be with someone who is your perfect mirror.

What happens during the turmoil stage?

The turmoil phase happens not too long after the first meeting.

You have been on a few dates, you are getting to know each other, you’re falling for each other more every day and can’t keep your hands off each other. The turmoil usually starts shortly after you have been intimate for the first time with each other.

Why after sex?

The surfacing of old wounds happens even more forcefully when you have sex with your twin, as you share the same chakra system which is why being intimate too fast after meeting your twin flame is advised against, as blocks can be blasted through which can trigger running/separation.

Then one of you say or do something that triggers the other person. Then suddenly you are in a full-blown fight. How you handle it might be different. You may:

  • Run away
  • Give them the silent treatment 
  • Snap at your twin 

For us, it could start off with the smallest thing, like an innocent question. And next thing we know, one of us is out the door crying on the street.

Usually one or both twins have not done enough work on themselves to be able to face the issues that come up when reuniting with their mirror soul. It’s typically the person representing the Divine Masculine who often gets triggered.

Since they are your divine reflection – shadows, traumas and accumulated negativity are surfaced to be dealt with. The twin who hasn’t done enough work on themselves might shut the other person out, as they don’t want to face all of themselves.

And after enough triggering, they might decide to leave their twin. This can last for several months or even years. They can’t handle the intensity and everything that comes up inside them when being with their perfect mirror.

Fights and blaming games are very common at this stage as trapped negative emotions within both twins come up to be released. You will think it’s their fault, when in fact, the reason you feel triggered is that it’s in you. You’re twin simply reflects it like a mirror. This is a difficult and overwhelming stage for both twins at the human level.

Does every twin flame go through the turmoil stage?

The short answer is, unfortunately: YES.

No matter how much work you both have done on yourself before meeting, NOTHING can prepare you for the intensity of reuniting with your mirror soul. Ego issues, insecurities and old wounds WILL come up when you meet.

This purging will keep happening from the moment you meet your twin flame and for years onwards until all the gunk inside you has been cleared. This is still happening for us, after a long time in harmonious union, but much less frequently now and without running and chasing.

What is the purpose of the testing stage?

To answer this question you first need to know the purpose of the twin flame mission.

Twin flames are on Earth to hold and anchor divine light and unconditional love in this time of Ascension. In order to do that, you need a strong vessel, and get rid of limiting beliefs, toxic cycles, negative habits etc.

Being with your twin helps you shed these layers, as they are your MIRROR. 

It might not be the phase you’re most excited about, but it’s VERY important. It’s a phase full of purging of fears and insecurities hidden deep within yourself.

A few weeks ago we had an intense argument. The next day Stef realized that he was not angry at my behavior, it was just an insecurity that came up that was hidden so deep inside of him that he wasn’t even aware of it.

Why do I doubt my twin flame?

Doubting your twin flame is very common and completely normal.

Especially in the beginning. I remember thinking: How can this person be my twin flame if I sometimes get these bursts of annoyance and irritation being with him? Twin flame relationships are always intense, and you might be feeling feelings you have never felt before.

It means that the relationship is super passionate, but also that the arguments can become very intense. This can lead you to question the authenticity of the relationship and whether it’s worth it.

Your heart knows that this is The One for you, and pulls you to your twin flame. However, your MIND might be questioning the whole thing. If you have told your friends about your disagreements, they might also think it doesn’t sound worth the trouble and that you should find someone else. Which just strengthens the belief that you two are not meant for each other.

Do twin flames cheat?

This is not common, but CAN happen.

The twin flame who has not worked enough on themselves before the meeting, might escape to drugs, alcohol or other people if they can’t handle the intensity of the twin flame relationship.

Do twin flames break up and get together?

Yes, it’s very common for twin flames to break up before they get together in harmonious union. But don’t worry, even if you are you or your twin runs away, the Universe will pull you two together again, as this is part of your mission.

The best way to avoid this, is COMMUNICATION.

When your twin triggers you, communicate to them how it made you FEEL. We have found that the quicker we talk it out, the shorter the fight will last.

Your brain often assumes the worst in many situations and it can be easy to listen to it. It’s important to actually talk about the situation, instead of just not saying anything and thinking things over in your head.

Also remember that since your twin is your mirror, it’s likely that you feel triggered because it’s an insecurity or fear inside YOU that came up to be released. However, it could be that it’s your twin who is overstepping. In that case, don’t be afraid to set boundaries.

So when you get into an argument with your twin, ask yourself:

• How much of this is true about me?
• How much of this is about my twin?
• What do I need to do (if anything) to regain my personal power or stand up for myself?

How can I avoid the turmoil stage leading to twin flame separation?

Like we’ve said in this post, the turmoil phase doesn’t have to lead to one twin running away for years. 

If you raise your vibrations, work on yourself, and step into your purpose, the turmoil or running will not last as long. And if your twin counterpart does end up running away, there are some simple things you can do that will make sure they come back to you faster.

We’ve put together a detailed course called the Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track, which shows you a multistep plan that will help attract your twin flame. It will bring you into reunion much faster. The work you do on yourself following this course will also affect your twin flame. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • The 7 step plan to attract and reunite with your twin flame
  • How to MAINTAIN the relationship once you’ve reunited, and stay together forever, happily
  • The CRITICAL mistakes people make when looking for or trying to attract their twin flames
  • The perfect morning routine for attracting your twin flame
  • And LOADS more (seriously, this course is PACKED with information)

They’ll be drawn to you and might even reach out to you and say they’ve felt compelled to contact you for some time. Try it out and see how you get on!