If you’ve been seeing your twin flame in dreams, I thought I’d explain a bit more about this, because I (Stef) have a background in lucid dreaming.

I run the channel Lucid Dreaming Experience, and I teach how to lucid dream to people all around the world.

Have you been having dreams about the SAME girl or guy?

Love dreams?

Emotional dreams where yo’ure in a relationship or you feel a strong, powerful emotional and LOVING connection?

There’s a HUGE chance this is a ‘twin flame’ trying to contact you in your dreams.

Let’s dive in.

What It Means To Dream About The SAME Girl/Guy

If you’ve been having the same dream or a dream about the same kind of person, and this is specifically, if you’ve NOT YET met your twin flame, or if you don’t think you met your twin flame, but it can also apply if you have already met your twin flame.

But maybe you’ve not reunited yet.

This will typically happen when your third eye is open.

woman painting

And when you have that communication between your third eye, your consciousness here in this 3D reality, and your higher self and your higher consciousness in the fourth and fifth dimensions and so on.

And so what happens is you will start having more and more regular dreams about your twin flame, and you might be thinking, what on earth is going on?

Why am I having these random dreams about the same person over and over again?

And of course, if you’ve already met your twin flame and you know they are your flame, then you kind of know a bit more about it.

Why You Dream About Your Twin Flame

Most people will actually have these dreams about their twin, and they will not know why they’re having them. They’ll have no idea why they’re having the same dream again, about the same person.

So I just wanted to explain if you are having the same dream where you see this girl guy, and you don’t know what it means, just know that it doesn’t have to mean anything in particular.

It’s more just like they’re trying to communicate or establish a connection with you, either unconsciously or consciously.

They (your twin) want to connect.

So explore that, and use it to sort of have that communication with them.

If you’re not physically with them, if you’re not reunited and you’re not in union yet, then the dream space is a really good place to actually have that connection and have those experiences.


Because it sort of supports you, and lets you know that you’re there for each other, at least on some dimension and in some way.

A really important things to bear in mind here:

Why You Must Write Your Dreams Down

You need to write down your dreams, and if you have the same dream or about the same person, try and give them a NAME, even if you’ve not met them yet.

This means that when you write your dreams down and when you then later type your dreams up into a dream journal on your computer which I would recommend doing, if you want to lucid dream, you can then use that because you’ve given them a name you can search through that and see all of the dreams where you had a dream about your twin flame.

And this will let you a become lucid more often because it becomes a dream sign.

But secondly, it will help you see how often are you dreaming about them and what the dreams really mean?

Summary Of Twin Flame Dream Communication

In a nutshell, don’t be scared or worried if you’re having the same dream about a person, even if you’ve not met them yet, then it’s likely your twin flame is trying to establish some kind of communication and contact with you.

Either consciously or unconsciously.

Remember they might not be aware that they’re doing that.

They might just be having the same weird dreams and they might be just as confused as you wondering, why am I dreaming about this person I’ve never met?

And then when you meet, you’ll eventually click the two pieces together and realize, oh, of course we were dreaming about each other.

Now this can also be experienced if you have met your twin flame, but you’re not in union.

Let’s say if you’ve run into them once and you just can’t get them out of your head both in the daytime and also in the nighttime and your dreams, you might be thinking, why do I keep dreaming about this person?

Well, if you have ran into someone that you felt like you’ve known before and you keep having dreams about them over and over again, it’s likely they are your twin flame.

So if you have any way of contacting them, try and just say hi, say, how are you doing?

If you don’t, then don’t panic.

They’re going to be brought back to you anyway.

So just use the dreams and other way of establishing communication with them. I hope that makes sense.

Dreaming Of Twin Flame Reunion?

There are some ways to reunite faster with your twin, if you’re interested. We have the Reunion Fast Track, lots of free training and free videos on our YouTube channel, and several ways to raise your vibrations.

Hope that made sense!