Age usually plays a crucial role in relationships, especially romantic ones. It is sometimes used as a cursor to determine maturity. But what about for twin flames? 

What happens if you meet your twin at a YOUNG age?

Is that okay?

Will the relationship survive? 

It’s no wonder why a significant amount of people are curious about the dynamics involved when twin flames meet at a young age.

You are probably wondering if the fact that you met your twin flame at a young age is somewhat significant whether in the short or long run.

In this article, we will leave no stone unturned.

After reading this article, you should be able to answer.

  • Who is a Twin Flame? 
  • Have I met my Twin Flame? – Signs that you’re about to meet your twin flame
  • Can I meet My Twin Flame at a young age? – What age do Twin Flames typically meet, how to make it work.

What is a Twin Flame?

A Twin flame, also called a Twin soul, is the other half of your soul. When a soul ascends high enough in the spiritual realm, it splits into two.

Over time, the soul yearns for its counterpart and, this draws both of them to each other.

A Twin Flame is not the same as a Soul mate or Kindred Spirit.

Your twin flame is your mirror image – they reflect your insecurities and flaws to you. Fortunately, This also means that positive developments in one Twin are reflected in the other.

While twin flames are not necessarily romantic relationships, they often are. This phenomenon may be attributed to the intense feelings of recognition and familiarity.

Have I met my twin flame? 

Before addressing the dynamics involved with meeting your twin flame at a young age, it is crucial to know how to recognize your twin flame when you meet them.

Here are four unmistakable signs that will help you know that you are about to meet your twin flame. 

We have another post talking about the signs of a true twin flame connection. The post explains how to tell them apart from a soul mate or karmic relationship as well, as they can be very similar! 

  • You start following your purpose 
  • You start loving yourself 
  • Positive self-talk
  • You encounter signs and synchronicities

1: Following your purpose

When you are about to meet your twin flame, you start to feel an urge to follow your purpose strictly.

You have an urgent drive to go through with that one thing you feel is for you instead of what everyone else feels you should do.

Sometimes, you hear some people say, “oh, I quit my 9-5 because I felt a strong will to pursue this new thing.” It could be starting a business, writing a new book, or any other endeavor. 

You may also notice that you may develop a tendency to dress in your style. Thus, you may wear unconventional clothing that suits your style rather than dressing to impress others.

2: Loving yourself

Loving yourself goes hand in hand in hand with knowing yourself.

You could have been dealing with low self-esteem, but now you will start appreciating many things about yourself. The love that you have now begun to shower yourself with will make you feel more confident.

Twin flame girl following her purpose

Twin flame girl looking at pictures

You will start to believe that you also deserve love and start doing many things that go that way. 

Some people who already love themselves start loving themselves more. They project this new and better them onto everyone else around them, hence, a happier person with positive energy. 

3: Positive self-talk 

When you are getting closer to meeting your twin flame, you start noticing that the things you tell yourself are now different. You could have been pessimistic about a lot of stuff in the past.

For instance, you may have been fond of making negative statements to yourself. After a job interview, you may start thinking to yourself negatively, saying things like,” they might disqualify me because I did not dress well,” “I answered a question wrongly,” “They will not call me back.”

When you are about to meet your twin flame things will be different. You may notice now that you’re more positive about yourself.

Now, you’re prone to saying positive things about yourself like, “They will send me a mail. I did well at the job.”

Positive affirmations are crucial to self-development in your twin flame journey.

4: Signs and synchronicities

When a person is about to meet their twin flame, they start to notice signs that occur purely out of luck. Numbers, pictures, words, or memories suddenly flash into your life at the right time to pass important messages.

These numbers occur at the right time to provide guidance and assurance.

The journey into twin flame numerology is an extensive one.

Check out this interesting post about our union that tells a beautiful story about Twin flame numerology.

Can I meet my twin flame at a Young age?

There is no fixed time to meet your twin flame. You need to know that no two journeys are the same. Your meeting with your twin flame solely depends on you.

Age has nothing to do with twin flames meeting, but your spiritual awareness.

Most people meet their twin flame and don’t realize it because they’ve not developed themselves spiritually. 

There are cases of twin flames meeting as early as ages 5-7 and, some meet later in life, as late as their 30s.

One person shared that she met her twin flame when she was age five and he was seven years old. They grew up as next-door neighbors for most of their lives.

She knew he was her twin flame because she felt at home every time she was around him.

Twin flames meeting

Another person with a similar story had her twin flame move away for an extended period. They reunited years later when they suddenly found themselves in the same city.

There are several stories – on interactive forums such as Reddit and Quora, of people meeting their twin flames at early ages. Whereas some knew right away and started working on achieving a reunion, some did not. Some felt their journey started too soon because it fast tracks your soul’s ascension.

Can I make it work?


Twin flames children meeting

It’s okay to be scared about meeting your twin flame at a young age. The journey can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, the success of your reunion is not based on your age.

The most common fear about meeting at a young age is that both parties may be immature to handle the reunion process’s intensity. Understanding and patience are necessary for a successful reunion.

Here are some tips to make your twin flame reunion work;

  • Look Inwards
  • Study your numerology
  • Focus on strengthening your four elements

Look Inwards:

 For your relationship to work, you need to first invest in yourself. You need to develop yourself personally to a point where you love every part of you.

This makes it easier when you meet your mirror soul. Part of self-awareness is finding your life purpose and working towards fulfilling that. Spend time doing things that make you happy.

Once you’ve achieved self-love, it’d be relatively easy to accept your twin.

Without spiritual awareness, your first encounter with your twin flame could be turbulent and full of friction.

It’s essential to work on your individuality, so you don’t get lost in your reunion.

Study your numerology

Another tip for making a twin flame relationship work is to study your numerology. Once you know what life path you’re on, it helps you in finding your life purpose. Knowing your life path puts things into perspective.

You and your twin flame would have compatible life paths. This would help you to understand them as you learn to understand yourself. You can watch this video on understanding your numerology.

Focus on strengthening your four elements

Strengthening your four elements requires collecting information about those elements from sources that you can trust. This is why my Twin Flame and I have taken the time to research and come out with 17 of the best twin flame books in the world.

However, if you’d rather opt for a shorter read continue reading to find out the four elements of a Twin Flame relationship that you should aim to improve in six minutes or less.

The four elements of a twin flame relationship are;

  • Physical Connection
  • Mental Connection
  • Emotional Connection
  • Spiritual Connection

Physical Connection: It’s essential to protect your energy. With your twin flame, your energy frequency is always high. If you notice low energy, then that’s a false twin flame.

This doesn’t mean only sexual intimacy, though. It’s more of companionship between you and your twin flame. Achieving this type of intimacy strengthens the feeling of being at home when you’re with them.

Mental Connection: One of the characteristics of a twin flame relationship is telepathy. The ability to communicate mentally between twin flames is one way to strengthen a bond.

It’s crucial to develop a genuine interest in all things concerning your twin flame. Don’t just focus on those things you see on the surface – dig deeper into their soul. Find out their interests, hobbies, dislikes, etc.

Twin flame children connection

Doing things together with your twin flame makes the bond stronger. Having shared interests would help you discover things about yourself as well.

Emotional Connection: Having a deep emotional connection is one sure way to keep your relationship going. You need to tune your heart frequencies into each other.

Share your fears and wins with each other. You should feel comfortable letting your twin flame into your mind.

Don’t play mind games with them – all your cards have to be on the table.

Spiritual Connection: This is the highest form of bonding in a twin flame reunion. Once you achieve this, then your reunion is complete.

On a spiritual level, you can sense each other’s emotions.

In this dimension, physical distance is just an illusion. You feel your twin’s presence at all times.

You’re aware of their innermost desires, feelings, thoughts, etc. You know what they think before they say it.

This form of intimacy makes for a fulfilling reunion. It can be achieved when you develop telepathy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a particular sign to meet my twin flame?

You do not need any particular sign to meet your Twin flame. However, the universe sometimes provides reassurance and guidance in the form of signs and synchronicities.

Therefore, it is crucial to study these signs to train your mind to find and interpret these clues.

In the meantime, do your shadow work, hope, and be patient.

Can I be complete without my twin flame?

Yes, you can. The purpose of twin flame relationships is to improve you spiritually, not to complete you.

You most likely would not unite with your twin flame until you realize that you need to work on yourself. This is because the universe unites you and our twin flame when you have worked on yourself.

You have to come to the understanding that you do not need another person to complete you. Even if you have found your twin flame, you need to be complete for yourself before you can have a maximally optimized relationship with your twin flame.

Is a Twin flame relationship always perfect?

No matter how beautiful your connection with your twin flame is, you are still two different individuals with insecurities, fear, and differences.

Like any other relationship, you will have arguments and fights, which will help you and your twin work through things and better understand each other.

Therefore no relationship is perfect, not even Twin flame relationships.

Therefore, don’t stop working on yourself. You owe yourself and your partner the will to always do your best to improve where possible and become a better version of yourself.


In summary, meeting your twin flame can happen anytime. It could be when you are young, and it could be in your adulthood. Regardless of when it happens, it is never too late or too early.

Take your time to work on yourself and take note of signs to help you know if you have a twin flame. If so, be conscious of the changes in your behavioral output that might be close to the signs that show that you are about to meet your twin flame.

The point is for you to be able to maximize the benefit of having a unique divine bond with someone special.

When you do finally meet them, enjoy all that comes with it. 

 Your age has no bearing on your journey but your spiritual enlightenment. You operate in another dimension when you develop yourself personally.

Remember, a young person who is more enlightened has more advantages than an older person with less knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Finally, no two journeys are the same and, there’s no clear-cut road to achieving a fulfilling reunion. You need to put in the work to make your journey smooth and successful.