A twin flame is a very special bond. You only have ONE twin flame. This is very different from a soulmate. Let’s explore exactly WHAT twin flames ARE. 

As you may know, we’re a real life twin flame couple, and we share our experiences here on this blog.

You might have heard people mention this type of connection, but it’s actually not as common as most people think. It’s gaining popularity recently, as more and more people are starting to feel empty or hollow. They’re feeling dissatisfied with the hollow ‘dating app’ type relationships going around these days.

Or the other types of unhealthy relationships in which the partners just drain each other and hold each other in a mediocre lifestyle. A twin flame relationship however, is on another level entirely, and should benefit the entire human race.

At least, that’s part of the purpose of twin flames, which we explain in another post in more depth.

what are twin flames

What are twin flames exactly?

A twin flame is the other half of your soul.

When a soul ascends high enough, it gains the ability to split itself into two different bodies in one lifetime. So a twin flame is quite literally the other half of your ascended soul. We created a video about this by the way!

MOST people don’t experience a twin flame relationship or even have a twin flame (yet).

So the idea that everyone has a twin flame out there is just a common myth. A soulmate however, is much easier to find. You can have several soulmates, but only ONE twin flame.

And for that reason, the relationship between twin flames is very intense, special and on an entirely different level to a normal relationship or even a soulmate relationship. It’s the fact that it’s so special that has people fantasising about it and CRAVING it so much.

But not everyone has a twin flame (If your soul hasn’t ascended high enough over several lifetimes) and even fewer actually MEET their twin flame. It’s an extremely rare and precious union. 

But that shouldn’t put you off… If you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve been taken here by some train of thought or series of events, that’s led you to want to learn about twin flames. That’s a good sign, and means you could have a twin flame out there. But don’t get too excited yet, there are some downsides to twin flame relationships, and it can be harder for some than others.

signs you have found your twin flame

So it’s a perfect relationship?

Well, it certainly CAN be. But not always. Your soulmate is your perfect match, but your twin flame is your perfect mirror. This means your twin flame will reflect yourself back to you, because they’re literally part of you. 

Now if you’ve worked on yourself and developed a strong sense of purpose and self love, this union will make you feel absolutely limitless and invincible. Since your twin flame is a part of you, there’s a deep sense of understanding, love and connection going on. And it feels euphoric…

HOWEVER, if you meet your twin flame at the wrong time, for example BEFORE you’ve learned to love yourself, that’s when the problems arise. In a more intense way than most relationships, you’ll have your issues bought to the surface. Your twin flame mirrors your flaws and insecurities and brings them out into the open.

There are no head games with twin flame couples, and nowhere to hide. You’re exposed, open and vulnerable.

And this is incredibly intense and for lots of people, uncomfortable. For lack of better words, your twin flame sees through you and into you, in a way that no-one else can. 

If you don’t love yourself, this causes you to panic, and in many cases, run away (twin flame running). If you have learned to love yourself, it’s like being set free, and snapping together like magnets.  If you develop self love before meeting your twin flame, you’ll be amazed at how good and loving the relationship can make you both feel. And that’s why it’s SO important to practice the following starting ASAP:

  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
  • Working on yourself and your goals
  • Learning to love yourself
  • Forgiving past relationships and hurts
  • Starting to act out of love in everything you do

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What is the purpose of twin flames?

The purpose isn’t just to sit around and relax. A twin flame relationship is a powerful approach you’ve decided to take before being born. Your soul decided to split into two for this lifetime, in order to support yourself with your big life purpose or mission. This is your ultimate purpose that will aid the greater good, and humanity (and indeed other species) as a whole.

The mission is likely big, and a twin flame connection is your soul’s secret weapon to help boost you and support you in doing this. The union and love you feel from a twin flame relationship makes you feel like you can do anything, and you often support each other in a huge way. Your goals and purpose/mission are usually very similar if not the same.

As a bonus, you also get all of the adorable, loving and bliss experiences of being in the perfect relationship with someone you feel like you’ve loved and known for eternities (because you have). 

twin flames

Twin flames vs soulmates

A soulmate is your perfect match but this can be one of several people. In fact you could have several soulmates and they don’t all have to be love interests either, they could also be friends or even family members. 

A soulmate connection is important but never more important than a twin flame. Meeting your twin flame can happen at any time, depending on where you are in your life journey. For a lot of people, a soulmate relationship is actually easier. It’s less intense and there are less insecurities brought to the surface in a soulmate relationship. However, if you have a big life purpose or mission, a twin flame connection and union is UNAVOIDABLE.

It’s fated, and will happen. The universe will quite literally bring you together with your twin flame, if you’re ready for the reunion. 

what is a twin flame

Does everyone find their twin flame?

Not everyone finds their twin flame, no. Even if you’re ready to find your twin, if you don’t listen to the signs and follow your heart, there’s a chance you won’t meet them.

That being said, if it’s your time to meet them, you will. If you miss an opportunity to meet them, the universe will keep giving you opportunities to meet them. The universe will constantly show you twin flame signs and opportunities which lead to you meeting them.

We have made a video showing how to find your twin flame, you might find this useful! 

Can twin flames be in love?

Yes, absolutely. In fact twin flames are already in love in other dimensions. A twin flame connection is literally YOUR soul fragmented into two pieces. So you’ve already been together for many, many lifetimes. And when you meet your twin flame, you’ll feel that in a powerful way.

You’ll feel like you’ve known the person for years and it just feels very natural. Almost like you’ve finally found what you were searching for. This feeling causes the most common problem with twin flames: 

They run away.

My twin flame ran away!

Twin flame running is the most common and annoying problem. When you finally meet your twin flame, you’ll experience those scary and intense feelings we described before.

Here’s a quick video we made about twin flame RUNNING: 

And for most people, it’s overwhelming. Imagine meeting someone you’ve never met before in this lifetime, and KNOWING them in a deep way, feeling them and feeling like you’ve known them for many lifetimes. And then when you get close with them (which usually happens VERY quickly) things just seem to click instantly.

This super fast progress can be scary for some people, and can cause one or both twin flames to run away, to regroup. Sometimes this running period only lasts a few weeks, while for others it can last YEARS. There are stories of people finding their twin flames and then running, only to go on and marry OTHER people.

This is sad, because you only have one twin flame in a lifetime, and to waste time by being with someone else once you’ve met them, is just denying yourself your true destiny and purpose. 

twin flame runner

How to reunite with your twin flame faster

There are several ways you can reunite and reach the final twin flame stage: 

  • Work on yourself: Do work on yourself including meditation, self love, stepping into your purpose and acting out of love in everything you do
  • Raise your vibrations: This is our Ebook we wrote explaining how to raise your vibrations by doing these exercises and techniques. By raising your vibrations you’ll attract your twin flame faster

There is another way you can fast track your reunion…

We’ve put together a detailed course called the Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track, which shows you a multistep plan that will help attract your twin flame. It will bring you into reunion much faster. The work you do on yourself following this course will also affect your twin flame. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • The 7 step plan to attract and reunite with your twin flame
  • How to MAINTAIN the relationship once you’ve reunited, and stay together forever, happily
  • The MASSIVE mistakes people make when looking for or trying to attract their twin flames
  • The perfect morning routine for attracting your twin flame
  • And lots more (seriously, this course is PACKED with information)