Today we want to clear up and debunk the most common twin flame myths. The biggest myth is that twin flames are not real. Of course, they are real!

There are so much false information circulating online about the twin flame connection, written by people who haven’t even met their twin flame!

Remember this is OUR opinion, based on our experience being twin flames in harmonious union. If you read another blog post or listen to another twin flame guru, you might hear a different answer.

When you have read the post you will have the answers to these questions and more:

  • Does everybody have a twin flame?
  • Is twin flame reunions guaranteed to happen?
  • Does seeing 11:11 means I will meet my twin flame soon?
  • Do twin flames share the same soul?
  • Can I fulfill my mission without my twin flame?

But first:

What are twin flame myths?

Twin flame myths are ideas about twin flames and their connection. There are many myths about twin flames since this is a concept science can’t explain yet. 

Ready? Let’s dig in!

The most common twin flame myths

#1. You will meet your twin in Divine timing, so just be patient

Divine timing exists but did you know that Divine timing can be changed? You can influence how soon you meet your twin flame, based on the work you do on yourself.

Most people assume that they have no control over when the reunion will happen, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Divine timing is simply the time when both your energies are in alignment. It’s not pre-planned EXACTLY when the union will happen. Divine timing means that the energies match, and by working on yourself, you can clear blocks, increase your vibrations and attract your twin flame. We actually have a whole course about how speed up reunion by working on yourself, you can read more here.

#2. Everyone has a twin flame

Some love gurus claim that everyone can meet “The One”, a twin flame that they can find and in this lifetime. This is simply not true. You have to be spiritually evolved enough for the Universe to allow this soul split into two physical bodies. Also, most souls don’t require a twin flame for their missions, and the help from soulmates is enough. It’s usually souls with very big missions on Earth that have twin flames.

#3. Union will happen no matter what

This myth is false, since we live in a free-will Universe. The Universe will try it’s best to bring you two together, but it can’t force a reunion if one or both twins ignore the signs or refuse to reunite.

#4. Twin flame runners run from the relationship

Yes, it’s common that one of the twins runs because they can’t handle the intensity of the relationship, BUT they are not running away from YOU. Trust us, you are the best thing that has happened to them – there’s nobody else in the world with the same core frequency as them.

They are more likely running away from THEMSELVES.

They might be annoyed by something you did, but it’s because they behave like that too sometimes, or because it triggered something deep within them – it could be an insecurity, fear or wound that came up for the person to notice and release.

#5. Unconditional love means you should accept bad behavior

Since you only have ONE twin flame, some twin flames allow their twin to do anything. Yes, the twin flame journey is all about unconditional love, but the first step is treating YOURSELF with unconditional love. One way you have to do this is by setting boundaries with your twin. Don’t ever accept cheating, abuse or other bad behaviors from your twin.

#6. Dark forces can keep twin apart

Negative entity attachment is real and can happen, especially if you’re a starseed or twin flame. However, they can never keep you and your twin flame apart. You are always together in the 5D and you will reunite in this lifetime if it’s in your pre-birth agreement and you do the work on yourself. No low vibrational entities can get in the way.

The more you raise your vibration and stay high vibe, the less they can get to you. Avoid low vibrational places like clubs and bars, low vibrational people and scary movies, and eat plenty of high-frequency foods like vegetables and fruits if you want to be on the safe side.

#7. EVERYTHING they do is a reflection of you

Our twin flame is our divine mirror, but that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING they do is a reflection of something inside us. It’s actually very harmful to believe in this myth. Especially if your twin abuses you or cheats on you.

What many twins will do is blame it on themselves.

Don’t do this.

Not EVERTHING is a reflection. When your twin flame does something unacceptable like this it means they still have a lot of healing to do, and that is their journey.

#8. You can’t fulfill your mission without your twin flame

This is just an excuse for not stepping into your mission. Don’t wait until union, start taking action NOW.

When you step into your mission you also help attract your twin.

Also, most twins don’t even have a joint mission and are just there to support each other. We have both a joint mission and separate missions, but it wasn’t until we got started on our personal missions that we attracted each other into our lives.

#9. It’s a fairytale relationship

Many people who have not reached union assumes that once they are in harmonious union with their twin, it will be a fairytale relationship without any problems. This is not true. Fights and disagreements will still happen, just like a normal relationship.

The clearing and purging keep happening for years after you become a couple, but less intensely over time. For example, we haven’t experienced any running since we became a couple.

#10. There are distinct phases that will happen in a specific order

For some twins yes, but for most twin flames it’s more complicated than that. They can happen in a different order, some steps can be skipped or last for only a few days, while other phases can last years.

Toxic loops are also common, we had the same loop repeating for lifetime after lifetime, preventing us from “the happy ever after”, until we got an akashic healing last May.

#11. Seeing 11:11 means your twin flame is coming

Seeing 11:11 and other angel numbers repeatedly is very common on the twin flame journey. However, if you see 11:11 it doesn’t have to be a sign of anything twin flame related. It could be another ascension sign. Pay attention to what you are thinking about when you see the numbers and write it down. For example, if it happens when you get break-through ideas it could be that the Universe is confirming it’s a good idea and that it will manifest.

#12. Your twin must be awake before you can come into union

It’s all planned pre-birth when we will wake up, and it happens at different times for different people, including your twin. So if your twin isn’t as “woke” as you had hoped, and don’t believe in the twin flame concept just yet or even reincarnation, don’t worry. All in good time.

#13. A twin flame connection is better than a soul mate connection

It’s an understandable urge to want to find The One, but if you don’t have a twin flame, don’t worry. You can still find your prince/princess. Soulmates are also special souls to you and a partner you’ve had in previous lives. They will also help you grow and step into your mission. The relationship is usually less intense, with fewer ups and downs than a twin flame relationship since your soulmate doesn’t mirror you, but rather match you.

#14. You will reunite with your twin in this life

It’s not in every twin flame’s soul contract to reunite with their twin flame. You could reincarnate on Earth while your twin is somewhere else. But know that you are always connected, and together in higher dimensions.

#15. You can’t be complete without your twin flame

You ARE complete, just as you are.

You have both the masculine and the feminine energies inside you and don’t need anybody else to complete you. It’s essential that you truly feel and believe this, since you won’t attract your twin and harmonious union with them when you have a desperate energy.

#16. Twin flames are the same soul in two different bodies

Sometimes a soul splits into two – one twin embodying the divine masculine and the other embodying the divine feminine. Since then the twins have had different soul experiences and different past lives. So the twins are made from the same “soul dust”, have exactly the same frequency but they are not the same soul.

#17. Twin flames look similar

The last twin flame myth is that twin flames look very similar. It’s common to hear people say they have the same eyes. This is usually not the case as twin flames often come from completely different cultures and big age gaps are common.

There you have it, the 17 most common twin flame myths debunked! We hope this was helpful.

How can I find out more about the twin flame connection?

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