You suspect you have met your twin flame – all the signs are there: there is an intense attraction, they are your perfect mirror and you feel like home when you look into their eyes. However, there is one tiny little thing: There is a big age gap. 

You may start to question the relationship and worry about how your family and friends will react.

If you are the older twin you might also worry if your twin will find you attractive when you’re older.

You might question whether the relationship is even possible at all.

We can tell you already now that you have nothing to worry about. The age of your physical body is just a number.

Today we will share everything you need to know about the twin flame age difference. Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Why is there an age gap between twin flames?
  • How many twin flames have a big age difference?
  • How do twin flames deal with a big age difference?
  • Do all twins have a big age gap?
  • Are twin flames born in the same year?

Let’s dive in!

twin flame age difference

The Twin Flame Age Gap

There seems to be this unwritten rule in society that partners should be around the same age. And preferably, the man should be a few years older.

However, twin flame couples are not like most couples. There are usually many obstacles. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a twin flame connection often have extreme polarities like:

  • Colours
  • Cultures
  • Gender
  • Religions
  • Backgrounds
  • Income brackets
  • Countries

… and the age gap. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see age gaps of 20 years or older! When there is a big age gap, it’s not uncommon to get strange looks from people and disapproving comments from family and friends.

This can be very frustrating for the twin flame couple, especially when their loved ones don’t approve of their relationship. 

If the age gap doesn’t bother them then there is not much of an issue. However if one or both of the twins find it challenging, it can lead to arguments and a bigger soul shock and therefore a longer separation stage.

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Do ALL twin flames have an age gap?

No, not all twin flames have a big age difference. In our case, I (Julia) are two years older than Stef. Usually, some kind of obstacle is there, which we will explain more about in the next section, but it doesn’t have to be the age gap. For us, the main obstacle was that we’re from two different countries (England and Sweden).

Why is there an age gap between twin flames?

The first thing to mention here is that when it comes to the SOULS, both twin flames are the same exact age, since they were once ONE soul. It’s just that twins usually don’t incarnate on Earth the same exact year.

In fact, many twins are not even incarnated on Earth at the same time!

So why is big age gaps between twin flames on Earth so common?

Here’s the deal:

Twin flames have a bigger mission on Earth than the average couple.

Twin flames came to Earth to break societal norms, shake things up and anchor unconditional love on Earth. The age gap and other common polarities play an important role in this.

Twin flames show the world that external characteristics like age, background, gender, religion, income, colour etc don’t matter. LOVE is the only thing that matters, and twin flames fall in love with each others souls.

So the age gap is not something you need to worry about.

You wouldn’t have chosen an age gap if you didn’t know you could overcome it. 

The divine feminine is usually the older twin. The reason for this is that it’s important that the energies are balanced. The divine feminine might have given away her power a lot in previous lifetimes. By being the older twin in this life, it’s more likely the energies will be more balanced.

I believe this was the case with me and my twin’s connection. We met when I (Julia) was 27 and he was 25. When I was 25 I was very submissive, had quite a desperate energy, and low self-esteem. I, therefore, believe it would have been very difficult to reunite if I was 25 or younger than him when we met.

Budapest 2020 – We both have some Hungarian heritage 🙂

How many twin flames have a big age difference?

The twin flame connection is more intense and extreme than any other relationship, due to the important purpose of the connection mentioned previously. Therefore, a big age difference is more common amongst twin flames than karmic or soulmate relationships.

However, this doesn’t mean that ALL twin flame connections have big age gaps. They can be born the same year, be a few years apart, +10, or even 20-30 years apart.

How do twin flames deal with a big age difference?

If you are both the legal age then the big age gap is only a problem if you let it. Usually, the age gap is only seen as an obstacle in the beginning, and as time progress they both realize that no obstacle, including the age gap, can come in the way of their love.

In many cases, a big age difference and other polarities can lead the divine masculine to run away, which can leave the divine feminine hurt and confused. However, this is nothing personal and his strong feelings for his divine counterpart has not changed. It’s just that things got triggered within him when meeting you, and he might find the obstacles too big.

The divine feminine then needs to be patient, do her self-work, and have faith. If they are her true twin flame then he WILL come back.

Do twin flames have the same birthday?

It is very rare the twin flames share the same birthday and it’s not an indication that it’s your twin flame if they do. However, their SOUL is the same age as yours as you were once one soul, before it split into two.

Similarities with birth dates are quite common though. For example the same birthday as a person close to you, your lucky number, or something else.

Another common thing is to see keep seeing their birthday. Stef used to see the end of my birthday number everywhere leading up to meeting me, throughout all the twin flame stages and it would come up when he needed guidance and reassurance.

Will my younger twin still find me attractive when I’m old?

This is a worry that many divine feminines have. We have all read in celebrity magazines of older celebrities divorcing their wives and replacing them with younger women, and none of us want to get in that situation.

However, you have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to your twin flame, this is not something you have to worry about at all. The twin flame connection is not the usual Earth relationship.

You are the only soul in the Universe who are on the exact same vibration as him. You will always be the most irresistable women he has ever met.

So no matter how much cellulite and wrinkles you have, you will always be his queen.

My twin finds me irresistible even at my worst – when I’m sick with greasy hair, pimples, and greasy hair. And I find him irresistible at his worst too.

However, when you first meet the age can feel like an obstacle for one or both twins, and can trigger one of both twins to run away.

So how do I attract my twin flame into my life?

Regardless if you haven’t met your twin flame yet or are in separation with your twin flame, there are many things you can do to speed up reunion with your twin flame.

You will reunite when you both are ready and since you both share the same energy field, the work you do on yourself also affects your twins. 

One powerful thing you can do daily to speed up reunion is to meditate and visualize your twin. This is a powerful way to use the Law of Attraction, a universal law that people have used since the beginning of time to attract what they desire.

guy kissing girl on forehead

Visiting Prague for the first time together

Twin Flame Meditation Exercise

Start by laying down in your bed and relaxing all your muscles. We keep a lot of tension in our neck, back and jaws without realising it. Focus on relaxing all of those areas, and making sure you’re comfortable. You should have already gone to the toilet before laying down. It’s also a good idea to drink a little bit of water before doing this so you don’t feel you need to get up in the middle.

Close your eyes, and spend a minute or two just looking at the back of your eyelids. You don’t have to focus on anything in particular, but just allow yourself to be there. If any thoughts arise at first, just let them wash over you and bring your attention back to just relaxing.

Once you’ve spent a couple of minutes just relaxing and soothing your muscles, it’s time to move onto the affirmations and beliefs part of the meditation. With each breath in, tell yourself that you’re breathing in new energy and potential.

With each breath out, tell yourself you’re letting go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Tell yourself that you’re getting closer to reunion with each breath, and that you’ll meet and reunite with your twin flame very soon.

As you do this, try to imagine and FEEL how you will feel when you’ve already met your twin flame, and you’re with them.

Lots of people get this wrong, and start meditating in a desperate, daydreamy kind of way. This is the wrong energy. You should focus on the energy and feeling you get once you’ve ALREADY reunited with them.

This feeling is the one you need to internalise and experience regularly. Otherwise, you’re just affirming the energy of lack, and re-enforcing the idea and experience that you AREN’T in reunion with your twin.

So now move onto the visualisation exercise. This is more about the FEELING than anything else. I know we’re calling it a visualisation exercise, but really it’s more about imagining the feeling you’ll get when you finally reunite with your twin flame. This is important to mention especially as you might not have MET your twin flame. It’s hard to imagine someone’s face if you’ve never met them, so don’t worry too much about that. As long as you can keep your eyes closed, and stay focused it will work.

You don’t need to have seen their face for this to work. So focus on staying calm and relaxed as you do this visualisation. Imagine you’re sitting on a bench on the beach. It’s a lovely sunny day and the wind is very calm. You can just feel a gentle breeze on your face, and your bare feet are gently resting in the sand below you. As you sit there, you feel complete. You feel happy and bliss, and nothing can take this feeling away from you.

Note that you should imagine this feeling BEFORE you imagine your twin flame entering the scene. So now as you sit there on that bench, look out into the distance. See the waves gently breaking on the shore, and focus on feeling completely relaxed and complete.

You notice someone sit beside you and take hold of your hand. It’s your twin flame. They look into your eyes and gently squeeze your hand as they smile at you. Again, you don’t need to visualise their face, just focus on the feeling you get when they smile at you and hold your hand.

You pull them in for a warm embrace and they gently whisper in your ear ‘I love you’. Focus on how this feels to hear. How it feels to be sitting beside them on the warm beach, holding them.

This feeling is how your life will be with them, once you’ve reached union. Bathe in it, and let the feeling soak in. Now you can choose to stay in this meditative state while holding your twin flame, or you can visualise walking along the beach with them, hand in hand.