Twin flame vs soulmate, what’s really the difference?

Would you recognize your twin flame if they were standing in front of you, or would you mistake them for your soul mate? Let’s compare twin flames vs soulmates. 

We hear a lot about both terms, and often they are looped as one, and it’s hard to tell the difference between these two kinds of relationships. 

But they ARE different!

These relationships, although similar, have different meanings and significances. This post will tell you signs that tell the difference between the two.

You have to be able to tell when you have met your twin flame from your soulmate. The inability to tell the two apart puts you at the risk of missing the opportunity to be with your twin flame, who could lead to fulfilling your destiny and purpose.

So twin flames vs soulmate… What is the difference? Let’s do this!

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Twin Flame Vs Soulmate

The twin flame vs soulmate comparison is quite trending these days. But how does it really differ?

What’s The Difference Between Twin Flame Vs Soulmate?

Twin flames are one soul split in two, but soulmates are two souls that have a strong connection.

To know the difference between twin flame vs soulmate, we have to define each one first.

What are Twin Flames?

A twin flame is your mirror soul, an exact reflection of your soul.

After the ascension of a soul, the soul splits into two, becoming EQUAL halves of one soul. These two halves complete each other to form one complete soul in one lifetime.

 Twin flames are rare, and you might not find your twin flame in a lifetime. This is why it’s important to recognize when you’ve found your twin flame so that you can seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

Read more about twin flames on our blog.

What are Soul Mates?

Your soul mate is someone you share a very deep connection with.

You can have several soul mates in one lifetime. A soul mate relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic; it can be platonic. Thus, they could be your friend or coworker.

 A deep connection is all that is needed to be soul mates. Soul mates are not as rare as twin flames; you will have many opportunities to meet them.

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NOT everyone has a twin flame, but everyone has a soul mate.

Sometimes, people might fall for false twin flames in their journey to unite with their twin flames. I know you might have started wondering if you haven’t fallen for a false twin flame.

Thankfully, There are common telltale signs that tell if someone is your twin flame or your soul mate. 

You might not check all the signs on this list, but you may check quite a number from the list and know for sure what kind of relationship you are meant to have with a person or determine the kind of relationship you are in.

Now let’s get to the difference and similarities of twin flame vs soulmates.

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate Similarities

It might be difficult to discern between soul mates and twin flames, especially at first.

This is because the main twin flame vs soulmate similarity is that both can frequently offer you a sense of familiarity and profound desire.

Both are folks with whom we have a strong bond. They are both partnerships that have a deeper impact on one’s soul.

According to spiritual author Shannon Kaiser, both twin flames and soul mates are part of your destiny and frequently feel like home.

When you meet your soul mate or twin flame, you have the feeling that this is the person you were meant to be with. And you feel comfortable being yourself around them. This is due to the fact that you have known both your soul mate and your twin flame in a previous life.

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate Difference

The major twin flame vs soulmate difference is that twin flames are two parts of the same whole, whereas soul mates are not.

While twin flames are supposed to be one soul divided into two bodies, soul mates are merely two different souls that are extremely connected.

Furthermore, unlike a soul mate connection, twin flame relationships can soon turn poisonous, according to Spinelli.

Your twin flame may reflect your own flaws, bad behaviors, or imbalances in a twin flame relationship. Furthermore, when twin flames are separated, they may struggle to operate. The connection may also wind up determining your self-worth.

This makes them excellent for fostering development and awakenings, but it is tough to make them function in the long run.

Can your twin flame be your soulmate?

Your twin flame cannot be your soulmate. To begin with, your twin flame does not have to be someone you know, but a soul mate is someone with whom you are spiritually linked on a personal level.

There are several phases to being a person’s twin flame, but when someone is your soul mate, you have the impression that you’ve known each other for a long time. It isn’t as complex as twin flame energy, and it doesn’t take much effort to detect the link.

In other words, your twin flame is a part of your soul, but your soul mate is someone with whom your soul feels at home.

A twin flame educates you about yourself, whereas a soulmate acts as a companion, lover, or confidant. It is possible to have more than one soul partner, but only one twin flame.

Twin Flame VS Soulmate Relationship, Which One Is It?

Twin flame vs soulmate relationship? Curious to know which one of these is your person? Here’s 10 signs to check out.

1: Do you keep seeing certain numbers repeatedly?

Talking about twin flame vs soulmate, twin flames and synchronicities are a match.

In a twin flame relationship, you will see number sequences repeatedly, e.g., 1111 at every turn. This is an essential sign in twin flame relationships.

You are likely to start coming across such numbers when you are about to encounter your twin flame.

 They are called angel numbers. You can find out more about how numbers are important to confirming a twin flame connection on our blog.

 You won’t see number sequence repeatedly in a relationship with your soul mate. This experience is exclusive to twin flame relationships.

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2: Do you feel a deep sense of wholeness and completeness?

Twin flame vs soulmate, a twin flame can make you feel whole and complete when you cross paths with them.

Twin flames are equal parts of one soul, so this feeling is common to twin flame relationships.

A soul mate relationship may not spark that feeling as you two are just different people who enjoy being together.

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3: The connection was instantaneous. 

Twin flame vs soulmate, the connection is INSTANT for real twin flames.

You feel drawn to your twin flame like you have known them for a long time even though you just met. Your connection with your soul mate may not be instant. 

Twin flames don’t take long to click and establish an intense soul connection with one another. In a soul mate relationship, an intense connection may not be established as quickly.

By the way, if this sounds confusing, or you need some context/examples, you can read more about this in our story.

This might give you a bit of background and examples of how it plays out in a real life twin flame relationship.

Or you could watch our video (please subscribe to our channel!) where we explain this in more detail:

4: They are your exact reflection.

Your twin flame is the perfect reflection of your soul. Twin flames’ souls are made from the same cosmic fabric.

Therefore there is no soul more like yours than your twin flame. They reflect your personalities and insecurities unto you.

Twin flame vs soulmate, your soul mate is not a direct reflection of you. They will not mirror yourself back to you.

There might be similarities here and there, but you might also notice stark dissimilarities. 

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5: Are you facing the same core challenges?

Twin flame vs soulmate, soulmate loses on this one.

Your twin flame will most likely share core spiritual challenges with you, and one of the goals of a twin flame relationship is to overcome those challenges together.

However, the core challenges of your soul mate may not reflect yours. Moreso, the work you’ve done on yourself may not reflect on them.

6: Do you feel the urge to run away from them?

The runner stage is one of the most notorious stages in a twin flame relationship. It is when a less experienced twin flame feels the need to run because they have not yet understood the complexities of the twin flame relationship.

Twin flame vs soulmate, you’re likely not gonna feel this with a soulmate.

It is normal to feel the urge to run from your twin flame.

Due to the relationship’s intensity level, the connection will test you and lay bare your inadequacies.

This might make you feel the urge to leave your twin flame because of how they make you feel.  You have to be ready or strong enough to handle it. 

However, You don’t feel the urge to get away from your soul mate because of any stark similarities or unexplainable intense feelings. Most times, in a soul mate relationship, your reasons are clear to you when you want to leave.

7: Do you keep drifting apart but always end up together?

Twin flame vs soulmate, it would seem twin flames cannot really run away from each other. 

Your twin flame may keep leaving you. However, no matter how long they try to stay away from you because of the relationship’s intense nature, they always find their way back to you.

One of the stages in a twin flame relationship is the physical separation stage.

In soul mate relationships, drifting happens, but there’s no assurance that your soul mate will find their way back to you

Twin flames in reunion

8: Do they make you feel at ease?

When you are with your twin flame, you do not feel the need to pretend. You genuinely feel like you can be your most original self around them.

They inspire authenticity in you.  You don’t feel the need to hide.

It feels like they know you, and you can be yourself without fearing judgment. 

Twin flame vs soulmate, you might still be able to hide parts of yourself in a relationship with your soul mate.

You can’t do that with your twin flame. They are a part of you, so they know you deeply.

9: Do you feel like you have met them before?

When you meet your twin flame for the first time, it doesn’t feel like it is the first time. Instead, it feels like you have met each other before.

They feel very familiar to you. You feel like you know everything about them already.

Twin flame vs soulmate, you get to know more about your soul mate over time but with twin flames, you feel like you know everything about them already.

Your first encounter will not feel like you have met them before or you know them from somewhere.

It is even possible to have met your soul mate numerous times without feeling the urge to contact them.

Soul mate relationships don’t feel like déjà vu.

10: Do you have vision-like dreams?

Many twin flame couples recount having dreamt of a person or a name that eventually turned out to be their twin flame. In most cases, these dreams linger till long after they have met.

 Twin flame vs soulmate, you won’t have vision-like dreams in a soul mate relationship. 

It is important to state that this doesn’t always happen with every twin flame relationship, so don’t worry if you are not having these dreams. There are still other telltale signs that will help you categorize them.

And that’s it for the twin flam vs soulmate saga.


Can your twin flame fall in love with someone else?

You and your twin flame are connected on a subatomic level.

While this means that they are the best emotional connection you could feel in most cases, it does not mean that they cannot have a romantic relationship with someone else.

For instance, twin flame runners can seek succor in another person during their running stage.  Also, twin flames may have been in previous relationships before their awakening.

The question of whether you can fall in love with another person is a controversial one. Firstly, because people have different nomenclature for the feelings that they say is love. The feelings differ from person to person.

However, what is certain is that your connection with your Twin Flame is unique.

You are magical, and your magic is unique. In the meantime, focus on yourself. Raise your vibrations and do your shadow work.

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How do Twin flames trigger each other?

Because twin flames share a similar core, they are a reflection of your very essence. This means that they regularly show us parts of ourselves that we may not have dealt with yet.

Twin flames can trigger hidden unresolved wounds like insecurities and fears. Your Twin flame might trigger insecurities related to abandonment or emotional insecurity, for instance, if those are the issues you are yet to deal with.

What is important during triggers is understanding that these triggers are usually not intentional and that they are not meant to be an assault on your person. To communicate freely and Work on yourself.

What does twin flame soul merge feel like?

A soul merge is a term used to describe the union of both souls in a twin flame union. For most couples, the soul merge occurs upon reunion.

While it seems that Twin Flame’s soul merge differs from person to person, There seems to be a common theme.

Quite a number of twin flame couples claim to have experienced this upon seeing their twin flames physically. Some writers claim that this has to do with the fact that the eye is the soul’s window.

The soul merges itself is an ecstatic bonding that occurs on a spiritual level. It is a feeling of being “whole and being home.”

Regardless of your own personal experience, it is unmissable, and you will know when your soul urge has taken place.

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate

So what’s the deal with twin flame vs soulmate connections?

Due to pop culture influences, the terms soul mate and twin flame have been used interchangeably. This has been a source of confusion in the twin flame community that we’re looking to put an end to.

Being able to differentiate your twin flame vs soulmate is very important. This is because the inability to spot the differences can cause you to miss out on the wonderful experience that is a twin flame relationship.

In a nutshell, your Twin Flame is an identical soul to yours created by splitting one soul into two. While your soul mate is any soul that your soul comes in contact with on its journey through life.

Also, Twin Flames are very rare; Not everyone has a Twin Flame, but everyone has soul mates.

Certain tell-tale signs can tell you clearly, whether you are in a twin flame vs soulmate relationship. Additionally, get a numerology report for free, so that you can find out more about what your soul has in store for you.

Finally, all relationships are special. Only genuine care and patience can pave the way for a successful relationship. So, take good care of your significant other so that you can have a happy and long life.

Now you’ve learned the difference between a twin flame vs soulmate.  So twin flame vs soulmate, which one do you think your person is?

Let me know in the comments!