This is a post that might go against what MOST ‘twin flame gurus seem to think. It’s also not something that’s talked about that much either. What IS the true purpose of twin flames?

We’re not sure why.

So for those who don’t know, we’re Stef and Julia, twin flame guides. We’re young nomadic twin flames in full, happy and permanent reunion.

And that means we know what we’re talking about, regarding twin flame reunion and the PURPOSE of the reunion.

The purpose that’s not talked about. We’re talking about the purpose and what happens AFTER you’ve reunited.

What is the true purpose of twin flames?

Why do twin flames EXIST?

What’s the true purpose of the twin flame connection? Well, it’s certainly not widely known. Here’s our perspective on this.

Realise first, that there are many perspectives on the EXACT purpose of the twin flame connection, but this is our beliefs.

The purpose of the twin flame connection is about mainly 3 things.

  • Transformation (of each other)
  • Accelerated personal and spiritual growth
  • Ascension and guidance for people AROUND them

The guidance part is what most people seem to forget.

It’s not just about reuniting and then being happy forever together, in your castle. It’s about much more than that. It’s about transforming each other, accelerating your spiritual growth and then helping others.

That’s really what is all comes down to. We’re here to HELP ascend humanity, on a large scale, and FAST. It’s an exciting mission. 

This is done by first raising our vibrations to the highest we can, bringing twin flames together and then through the twin flame connection and reunion, raising the frequency of people around us.

That’s the purpose, it’s not all about the twin flame couple, love or even the relationship.

HOWEVER, by default the twin flame connection will ALSO be a harmonious relationship and a happy, peaceful and supportive place for you to grow spiritually and personally. This is an important thing to realise, that most twin flames or gurus don’t seem to grasp. 

It would be pretty difficult to be a shining example of unconditional love, if you’re not even WITH your partner, or they’re running away for years! And that’s why there’s a few problems and myths in the twin flame community.

The idea that the running stage HAS to last for years, and HAS to be painful. It can be but it doesn’t have to be. It really depends on a number of things, and the specific people in the relationship. 

Many ‘horror stories’ tend to be from people who are not actually WITH their twin flame. Instead, they’re with someone or a person who might not have their best interests in mind.

What’s the purpose of the REUNION stage?

The reunion stage in the twin flame journey is arguably one of the most important. This is when you finally come together and should STAY together from this point on. 

By the way here’s a short video about the twin flame stages:

Anyway, going back to AFTER reunion: You’re like magnets, who have found their way together again after so many lifetimes and across the stars. You’re pretty inseparable at this point.

Or at least, that’s the concept. In many cases, one of a few things happens:

  • The couple in question AREN’T twin flames (causing all kinds of problems, weird expectations and labels)
  • The couple in question ARE twin flames but they’re simply not ready to reunite because they’ve not done enough work on purpose, self love and spiritual growth
  • The couple in question ARE ready to reunite, and do so happily, and permanently

And that’s the reason there are SO many confusing stories and bits of advice floating around the twin flame community. People can wrongly assume they’ve found their twin flame, or mistake a karmic or soul mate partner for a twin flame.

This leads to confusion later on. Anyway going back to what we were talking about before. The PURPOSE of the reunion stage is not to cause confusion or prepare for another running stage. 

Oh no.

It’s to prepare for you to spend the rest of your lives together in harmonious union…

  • Supporting each other
  • Helping each other spiritually and emotionally grow
  • Inspiring and helping each other fulfil your mission (which is usually pretty similar as well)

The reunion stage is designed to make way for you to both come together, side by side. To hold each other up, and become a ‘power team’. A force that can change the world, by raising humanity’s vibrations.

Helping humanity ascend into the golden age is an important part of twin flames mission, or at least it is NOW. If you’re reading this, the main reason we’re here to do as twin flames is that. 

It’s NOT supposed to set the stage for further running and chasing stages, abuse, toxic cycles or anything of that nature. The reunion stage however, is NOT the last twin flame stage. 

What happens after reunion?

AFTER the reunion stage is where things really get interesting. So assuming that you’ve met your twin flame, gone through the running stage and everything leading up to reunion, you’re now TOGETHER in happy reunion.

Well, what happens next? 

Aside from being a shining example of a healthy, happy relationship (more on this later), you’re there to become a PORTAL for unconditional love to enter this reality.

This reality right now is a dense, duality based reality. You know this already but just think about it for a minute or two. This reality needs changing. By coming here as twin flames, we’re supposed to aid in the shifting of the global consciousness.

The ‘golden age’ is coming, and we’re a big part of helping that happen. We need to come together and leave self limiting beliefs an stories in the past.

This is not the time to dwell on false narratives like:

  • Twin flames are supposed to cause you PAIN all the time
  • Twin flame relationships are supposed to be difficult and stressful
  • Your twin flame will always run away from time to time (sometimes for years)

The people who preach and believe those narratives are:

  • Not twin flames
  • Haven’t yet reunited with their twin
  • Preaching based on negative past experience

Or a mixture of the above. Everyone is of course allowed to share whatever viewpoint they want to, but please consider very carefully which ideas you let into your consciousness.

Much like anything else, we’re creators in this reality.

We manifest and create our realities. 

So if you’re consuming content from a twin flame teacher or reading stories from people online, and the narrative or ideas they’re sharing are negative? You’ll absorb and take on those beliefs if you listen to them enough times.

Think very carefully about WHAT reality you want to be true. What reality you want to create and manifest. The twin flame journey is a beautiful connection, that only the bravest souls signed up for.

The connection is not meant to just be an endless source of stress and confusion, it’s meant to be a positive, empowering connection. 

When we met, it felt like everything clicking into place. Like we were home and safe, and we could take on the world. And that feeling has remained strong, and continues to support us with our missions and purpose. 

Important note about pain in the twin flame connection

It’s important to realise one thing. We’re not saying there’s no pain. there is pain and sadness SOMETIMES in the relationship but it’s with a very specific purpose.

Sometimes, twin flames bring up things, flaws, insecurities and issues to allow the other person to drop them and grow spiritually. This can be in the form of arguments, and it’s important to communicate honestly and clearly. 

This is part of the process, and in THOSE cases, it can be painful temporarily.

But this is what sometimes gets mistaken. The process involves your twin brining up issues so you can work on them and grow spiritually. This can sometimes escalate to arguments or even breakups.

And this is why it’s SO important to remember these things:

  • You both love each other and it’s you two against the problem
  • You need to be HONEST and open at all times with your twin
  • Some people aren’t ready to hear the raw and honest truth about themselves or to drop old negative beliefs or habits. This sometimes causes one or both twins to run

But if you’re both open, communicate clearly and honestly, and work on problems together, it will be a positive growth journey. 

How to speed up reunion!

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