Listen: Your ‘toxic relationship’ is not a twin flame connection. Sounds controversial. We know, but we’ll explain what we mean by this. Are twin flames toxic? Or is it just simply not your twin flame to begin with?

There is a chance that the relationship you THINK is your twin flame…

Is actually not your twin flame.

It could simply be a ‘toxic relationship’.

Let’s dive in:

Toxic Relationships Explained

We have got quite a lot of comments from people who seem to be in extremely toxic relationships, to the point of they are suicidal because of the abuse.

Many of them, think that, oh, this must be a twin twin relationship.

Or, that they’re experiencing the ‘running phase’, because during the running phase, one or both twins ‘ignores’ the other one.

And while that is true sometimes, this is really dangerous.

We need to straighten this out.

Be Careful Who You Take Relationship Advice From

There’s a lot of myths going around. There’s a lot of like false information I would say. And it’s not your, I mean, there are people teaching all kinds of things, online, all kinds of articles…

You’ve got to consider who is actually writing or making the videos and what their experiences are, like we’ve said in other videos…

Some of the people giving advice, might not actually be twin flames.

They might not KNOW the best advice to give.

They might still have some good things to say, but take what they say with a pinch of salt. Because if they really knew what they were talking about, then they would probably be reunited with their twin flame already.

I mean, this is not the case all the time. Right? You can have gurus that do know what they’re talking about, but maybe they’ve got things to work through themselves.

And that’s fine.

But there’s a few myths that are going around. That really are just not true. We need to address these:

Identifying A True Twin Flame

Today we’re going to tell you some signs to look out for, to know whether the person you’re seeing is actually a twin flame, or if it is just a false twin or a soulmate or just really toxic relationship.

So that you know if you should stay away from this person, or if you should not give up on them.

1: True Twin Flames Have MUTUAL Attraction

One of the first signs of a twin flame relationship is there’s going to be a strong, physical and sexual attraction and chemistry between you.

If there’s not, then you might want to start thinking about some of the other things that we’re going to mention as well…

If you don’t feel attracted to your twin flame, or they say that they don’t feel attracted to you, it’s probably not your twin flame.

This is the only person in the world who are on exactly the same vibration as you.

So no matter the age gap, no matter which culture you come from, you will find this person extremely hot!

It’s important to realize that it’s not just ‘one way attraction’, it shouldn’t just be that you find them attractive. It should actually be that they also find you as attractive.

It should be a very mutual feeling.

You Can Be YOURSELF Around Your True Twin Flame

The second sign that this person is your twin flame, is that you can be yourself.

You don’t have to play any mind games, nothing.

You can just be your real, authentic, goofy self. And they would just love you for who you are.

Your True Twin Will SUPPORT You

Another one is that if they are your true twin, they’ll be very supportive of you, your passions, work and mission.

Your True Twin Won’t ‘Put You Down’

It’s not your twin flame if they are trying to put you down, or discourage you.

They will be the ones encouraging you to pursue your passion, purpose and mission. They certainly won’t be telling you to get a ‘boring’ job or do something you don’t feel passionate about.

Instant Connection When You Meet

Then there’ll be an instant connection when you meet them. And this feeling will be mutual. You’ll both feel pretty much instantly that you’ve known each other before, either for several lifetimes or a few lifetimes.

And it’ll feel like you’re coming home.

Even if it’s the first time you meet each other or the first time you see each other on social media, you will be thinking: ‘whoa, I know this person. I know I haven’t met them before, but I know this person’.


You will obviously have the same purpose or at least a similar purpose that is kind of heading in the right.

In the same direction.

For example, when we met, you know, obviously I wasn’t living in Sweden and I had never been to Gran Canaria before. So it was new, but we were both heading towards the same thing, which is that we wanted to become digital nomads, work for ourselves and travel around and explore the world.

Signs They’re NOT Your Twin Flame

Here are some other signs that this person is actually not your twin flame.

We have written about this before, but this is a summary:

1: They’re Emotionally Unavailable

So the first one is that they are emotionally unavailable.

It might be that they were in the beginning, but it soon changed.

You felt so intimate with them at first.

But then as time went by, you just felt more and more distant to them. It was like, they’re not opening up. They’re being called towards you. They might even be abusive and say, ‘stop contacting me. I don’t want you’.

And yes, it’s true that twin flames will pull away in the running phase, which is I think most, most twin flames have this running stage. And that’s fine…

But if, if you notice like a physical abuse, and any mental abuse, they calling you names, things like that, your other half would never do that to you.

Your Twin Flame Won’t Be Cruel To You

So really watch out for these things because you don’t want to be stuck in a toxic relationship, just because you think they’re your twin flame. Your true twin flame won’t abuse you, play lots of mind games, or be cruel.

They just won’t.

We know this can be, I guess, a bit hard to hear, especially if you have been in a toxic relationship or if you identify with a few of those things and you realize that, ‘oh, hold on, maybe this is not my twin flame’.

We get that. And you know, we’re here to support you.

It’s common that a twin will turn to other people during the running phase, that is completely normal.

Unfortunately they might even marry another person, but it’s the really tough physical, physical abuse and as serious mental abuse that it’s NOT part of the twin flame journey.

It’s just a toxic relationship.

o the running stage, as we’ve explained, can last anywhere from a few weeks or months to a few years. So in that case, it would feel like they are not interested in you, however, they will still be thinking about you.

The feeling is usually mutual.

So although they might be running, and they might even have married someone else, they are, you have a lot of, you know trauma, emotional blocks, past life damages and stuff like that to work through.

We get that.

It can be quite difficult to identify whether they are even interested in you.

So it could be the same that your twin twin is thinking about you constantly, but they haven’t told you that yet. So have faith and know that IF it’s your twin flame, they will come back to you.

If it’s not, then they will not come back.