Have you been wondering why your twin flame hasn’t contacted you?You’ve probably been trying to reach your twin flame with no success at all. It’s known as twin flame no contact. Well, there’s no need to be confused!

This is for you ifyour twin flame is/has:

  • Ignoring you
  • Not replying to your messages
  • Ghosting you
  • Seeing your messages but not replying
  • Rejecting you or making excuses
  • Doesn’t want to hang out
  • Hasn’t contacted you
  • Has never messaged you

It is usually hard to comprehend why your twin flame (who is meant to be your perfect life companion) has not reached out. When there is no exact explanation of why they are not replying you, you start to wonder if they are really your twin flame.

Your twin flame not contacting you can be very hurtful and hard to understand. This may be because despite your best efforts they would rather stay aloof and you’re struggling to understand why.

Twin flames no contact

Surviving Twin Flame No Contact

There is a probability that if you ask your twin flame why they are not contacting you, they might not be able to explain why.

This post is will help you understand why twin flame no contact happens and some of the things you can do to correct the situation

How Can I Survive Twin Flame No Contact?

You can survive twin flame no contact by focusing on yourself, raising your vibrations, and doing your shadow work.

We’ll delve deeper into the twin flame no contact topic but first, what is a twin flame?.

What is a Twin Flame?

A Twin Flame is the other half of your soul.  A Twin Flame connection is created when a soul has ascended to a certain point and splits into two.

Upon splitting, these separate halves are reincarnated into two bodies known as The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine. Therefore, you can see that your Twin Flame is literally the other half of your ascended soul.

Because Twin Flames’ souls are created from the same material, they share a lot of similar characteristics. In various aspects, a Twin Flame will mirror its twin.

Twin flames in unison

This means that they will share various flaws and attributes. Twin flame relationships are all about self-improvement.

Picture yourself dressing up in front of a mirror, that is how this gift feels like. The twin flame is a perfect reflection that You can use to better yourself.

Unfortunately, the startling similarities in addition to the development of certain gifts can be too intense for a partner. When this intensity is too much it may cause them to flee.

This known as Twin Flame running, Twin flame running is a phenomenon that proceeds the separation stage.

During this stage, your Twin Flame might cease contact and communication with you.

We understand that this can be especially painful. This is why we have written this post to highlight the causes and the solutions to this issue

Why Does Twin Flame No Contact Happen?

There are different reasons why you’re experiencing twin flame no contact. This could happen before you meet your twin flame at all or during the separation period.

The Twin Flame connection is different from other connections, such as the soulmate connection. In addition to other media such as social media and face-to-face connection, Twin flames can also communicate telepathically.

There few reasons why your twin flame may decide to not contact you despite your best intentions.

  • Being overwhelmed
  • Not being on the same vibe frequency
  • Not putting in the right work needed

Being Overwhelmed

When you’re experiencing twin flame no contact, it’s usually because one or both twins are overwhelmed.

You and your twin flame basically mirror each other which is not the case in other relationships.

For a lot of Twin flames that are not expecting to have this kind of experience due to a lack of understanding of what Twin Flames are, or because they don’t believe in the concept outrightly, stepping into this space can be awfully jarring.

The mirroring, telepathy, and all the other qualities of the twin flame relationship can be too much to take in at once. Another way to see this is that because you and your twin flame are from the same ascended soul.

Twin flame over whelmed

Your twin flame sees themselves in you and probably cannot comprehend it. Your presence could be a trigger to many insecurities that they are going through or some that they are trying to avoid.

Some or a culmination of these factors can cause your twin flame to feel overwhelmed and flee.

Not being on the same vibration frequency

Twin flame no contact could simply be due to not being on the same vibration frequency.

Twin flames vibe through frequencies, which can be measured by how much improvement you make on yourself physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Your vibration is affected by a lot of things presence or lack of certain elements such as:

  • The diet you’re on
  • Your sleep pattern; you need enough sleep (at least 8hours) avoid anything that would affect your sleep hormone negatively, like the blue spectrum light
  • Exercise
  • Meditation

The self-work you do to improve yourself is mirrored in your twin flame. Unfortunately, the reverse of this is also the case. Regression and lack of self-work can also be mirrored.

This is the reason why some twin flames report that their relationships are not going smoothly. The discord is a huge signal to a twin flame couple that is not synchronizing properly.

By the way, if this sounds confusing, or you need some context/examples, you can read more about this in our story.

This might give you a bit of background and examples of how it plays out in a real life twin flame relationship.

Or you could watch our video (please subscribe to our channel!) where we explain this in more detail:

Twin flames trying to settle an argument

If this is the case with you and your twin flame perhaps a numerology reading will do you some good. The numerology reading will tell you about your soul urge number, Life path number, and Expression number amongst other things.

Paying attention to these numbers and their indications can go a long way to improve your life and raise your vibrations.

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The increase in your vibe frequency is key to stepping more into your purpose, in this case, which is to end twin flame no contact and reunite permanently with your Twin Flame.

If you and your twin flame are not on the same frequency, there is a possibility of a twin flame no contact.

Neglecting your shadow work

As we’ve stated before, putting in your shadow work is essential to the success of your Twin Flame relationship. Although your shadow work is a never-ending task, it is advised that you do it to end twin flame no contact.

The reason for this is that one of the key purposes of twin flame connections is spiritual growth and development. Therefore, whenever there is too much of a gap to cover it can cause strain on the relationship.

You’re probably wondering ” If I do my Shadow work but my Twin Flame doesn’t what good does that do me?” There’s no need to worry, you and your twin flame are linked on a sub-atomic level.

Therefore, any work you do on yourself will reflect on you.

It is possible that your twin flame no contact is happening because they sense that there is still some growth that needs to be done on your part. In this case, it would help to focus on yourself and your growth. What is yours belongs to you is yours and cannot be taken away from you.

How To Survive Twin Flame No Contact

1: Accept That You Need Twin Flame No Contact To Grow

Because you will now be progressing through higher vibrations and closer to the realms of enlightenment, you will require more time for yourself.

This is why twin flame no contact is needed at this time.

Being with your twin flame will be quite appealing, and you may find yourself spending all of your time with them, which is not something you should do.

To advance through the higher levels, you will need to spend time meditating and conducting spiritual activities.

Spending more time alone means you will have greater clarity and will be able to hear the counsel of the Law of Attraction and The Universe more clearly.

2: Focus On Raising Your Frequency

Raising your frequency is a physics-based phenomenon and it’s the best way to survive twin flame no contact.

Everything, according to Einstein, is made out of energy.

Because everything is formed of energy, each has a unique vibrational frequency.

Our energy are determined by our moods.

Low vibrational frequencies are associated with negative emotions such as wrath, despair, and guilt.

Positive emotions like serenity, love, and enlightenment have a high vibrational frequency.

Raising your frequency implies shifting your feelings from negative to good.

If you want to end twin flame no contact fast, check out this article for the 9 frequency raising biohacks.

3: Accept That You Need It For Healing

Consider this for a moment:

When you’re with someone, they have a lot of power over you and your emotions. What they say and do will also elicit certain feelings in you.

Your twin flame will know just how to press all of your emotional buttons, especially if they want to ensure that you will stay with them in the long run.

So, if you can be with your twin flame, it is not difficult for them to manipulate your emotions to get the most out of you.

When this occurs and the two of you spend time together, it will just add to your uncertainty since your twin flame is more likely to be projecting their feelings onto you than being actually connected with yours.

While it is necessary that the two of you spend time together and understand one other, it is also important that you do not have any contact when it comes to becoming intimate or starting a relationship right immediately.

This is why twin flame no contact is necessary.

You need time apart so that each of you may grow as people and figure out what is true within you. So don’t cry about the twin flame no contact. Embrace it.


Do twin flames eventually end up together?<

In most cases, Twin Flames end up together, no matter how long the separation period is. However, there are certain extenuating circumstances that can prevent it from happening in the short term.

It is important to understand that twin flames reincarnate over the course of numerous lifetimes. Therefore, you and your twin flame will unite in at least one lifetime.

However, it is not certain that you will reunite in every single life that you experience together. Various factors such as a significant age gap, marriage, or death can prevent you and your twin flame from reuniting.

But, there is hope for those who believe in the universe and work hard towards uniting with their twin flame that the universe will grant their wish. If you are unsure about how to reunite with your Twin flame, we have created a comprehensive guide on how to reunite with your twin flame faster.

How do you know if your twin flame is trying to contact you?

Because twin flame connections happen on a very spiritual level, some of the signs are obvious while some are very subtle. Wondering if your twin flame no contact is ending and the other is trying to contact you usually occurs when both of you are separated for some reason.

This could either be because they are on a journey or they are constrained from communication. For instance, if your twin flame is say a soldier or just having a busy day.

Another instance, which is usually the biggest source of worry for twin flames is when they are going through a separation. When separation occurs one half of the twin flame couple may cease communication leaving the other twin flame worried.

You might be curious about whether they are trying to contact you and what signs to look out for. Signs to look out for include:

  • Dream sharing
  • Shared sensations
  • Telepathic communication

The list is not exhaustive. However, in most cases, you will be aware that your twin flame is trying to contact you. Either in form of nudges or more obvious signs.

What is my Twin Flame mirroring with silence?

A twin flame no contact can have various reasons. It is possible that they are either feeling triggered or they are being some aspects of themselves are being mirrored and they find this experience unpleasant.

It is important at this juncture to state that even though your twin flame is silent they are not ignoring you. They just have stuff that they need to work on at the moment.

It is not the purpose of your twin flame relationship to cause you pain for the sake of it. A real twin flame is always empathic.

Causing pain is the sign of a Karmic relationship and even that, is supposed to teach a lesson.

Therefore, when your twin flame is silent, they may be mirroring fear. This could either be fear of love, commitment, intimacy, or connection.

There are also other reasons for the silence. However, a key test of silence is that you and your twin flame will share core “wounds.”

Therefore, when your twin flame is taking the time to work on themselves, Take the time also to work on yourself. Trust that you need the twin flame contact and breathe.

Twin Flame No Contact

A Twin flame connection is a stronger connection than other relationship connections. Therefore, the connection must be carefully nurtured.

That is the things that could push away, make a twin flame ghost or not contact you, must be avoided.

The things that make twin flame no contact possible are if you are:

  • When your twin flame is overwhelmed by the extremity of how much of themself, they see in you: Understand that this realization might be strange to them. Therefore, be patient. Give your twin flame space and time to be able to comprehend the connection.
  • When you are both on different frequencies: This is usually due to either one or both of you not tapping into your core frequencies. Taking a comprehensive numerology reading can help you find out your core frequency and the keys to tapping into it. Additionally, taking the time to improve your health spiritually, mentally, and physically can help you raise your vibrations. Once you are both on the same frequency, it becomes exponentially more likely to get contacted by your twin flame.
  • Neglecting your shadow work: Twin flames who haven’t done the work, tend to have more issues when they are together. Without doing their shadow work judiciously, they may have clashes more frequently than normal, so much so that they might end up in a situation where they might not want to see each other again. However, when they work on themselves, the length of the separation stage reduces.

Now you’ve learned how to survive twin flame no contact. Are you currently experiencing this twin flame no contact stage? Let me know in the comments!