Today, we’re talking about if you’re in a long distance relationship with your twin flame, or the topic of your twin living in ANOTHER COUNTRY.

And it does happen.

Does your twin live somewhere else?

Worried about the distance?

Maybe they even live in anther continent, and you’re confused or worried about whether things will work out. Hint: They do work out. Let’s get into it.

Does It Matter If My Twin Flame Lives In Another Country?

It’s very common, in twin flame couples that when they first meet or reunite they’re from different backgrounds, maybe even different countries.

Stef is from England. I am from Sweden.

I think we found this with most traveling couples we have heard about they’re from different countries. So this seems to be more the rule than the exception..

And so when I (Stef) first reunited with Julia, a friend said, ‘oh, well, how is that going to work? Because he lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and I live here in England’, but it never really crossed my mind.

There was never really a doubt about that.

Partly because we’re both, you know, digital nomads, so we can work from anywhere, but also because there’s just a strong feeling that whatever the situation was, it can be changed.

You know, like if one of us had a job, if she had a job in Sweden, she could have, you know, changed jobs, got a different one, started working more remotely.

And same with me. If I had a job here, I would be open to leaving that job.

I think you have to be open-minded to changing your situation at least a little bit.

Advice If You Live In Another Country To Your Twin

So here’s some things that will help you if you’re in a long distance relationship with your twin flame.

It really isn’t a problem, although it might SEEM like one.

1: Communication Is Key

So one thing you can do is to make sure you constantly communicate with them.

It doesn’t have to be all the time, but as long as you prioritize communication, you know, reply to their messages, have regular calls or video calls and things like that.

2: Arrange To Meet Often

Arrange to meet up as often as you can. This will really help you to maintain that communication and build up that that level of support and communication.

The thing is the twin flame relationship is the most strong relationship you can have.

And this is literally the other part of your soul. So there’s literally nothing that can keep you apart.

So what you will probably find, or at least what we found is the connection was so strong that we just wanted to be together all the time. So although we had separate lives in different countries, we wanted so strongly to be together, that we ended up just pretty much moving in together.

When you’re done enough, self healing worked on your issues, worked on insecurities, practice self-love, then what’s going to happen is that your bond is going to strengthen.

And it’s going to get to that point where you both want to reunite.

And when you both want to reenact, there’s nothing that can stop you.

  • And you will see that. And maybe you, you, you used to think that you want to grow all settled down in your home country, but then the love for your twin flame is stronger.
  • And then both twins become more flexible and you’ll come to a compromise, or maybe you will move to a completely new town that neither of you live in and you settled down there.
  • Instead, the most important thing about is just to continue to work on yourself and step into your purpose and things like, like location will work itself out.

Another thing I want to say is that if, if you’ve reunited with your twin flame and things are going well, but the feeling is not quite mutual. You know, maybe one of you doesn’t want to move in or they don’t want to change or compromise anything.

And you end up having a long distance relationship, you know, potentially for years, then that might not be a twin flame connection.

Because usually, with a twin flame connection, you will MUTUALLY feel that you want to be together a lot of the time.

Or it could be also that your twin is not ready.

They still have issues they need to deal with.

So it’s not time for you yet to reunite. So what you need to do in that case is just to be patient and keep working on yourself until they are ready to take that next step with you.

So in general, and in any relationship, long distance relationships are kind of tough that they’re difficult, especially if the feeling is mutual and you do have that connection and chemistry, you want to be with each other all the time.

So stay patient, you know, it’s kind of tough.

We do get that, but we believe that the Universe will help you out.

And if you both continue to put in effort, work on self-love and be open-minded as well, the Universe will solve the distance problem.

3: Stay Open Minded To Changes

At first, you might have no idea how you’re gonna solve this problem. You might feel so rooted in where you currently currently live, that you can’t imagine changing that, but be open to changes, be open, to try new things and go to new places together.

And you might find that you eventually, what we believe will happen is you will be brought together and brought into alignment with one common or similar goal or purpose, which is usually where you both live together.

It’s not ideal if you’re in a twin flame union, but you’re in a long distance relationship and you don’t live together. The best situation is where you actually do live together and you can constantly sort of feed each other with your positive energy.

You can support each other.

And that’s a lot easier when you’re physically together next to each other.

But don’t worry about if you live in different countries, this is an extremely common situation, amongst twin flames. And if you truly are twin flames, then the universe will bring you together. So just trust the divine plan.

And don’t worry too much about it.

How To Survive Long Distance (Work For Yourself!)

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