Nothing beats the euphoria of meeting your twin flame, The One, but it’s not only roses. They say a twin flame relationship is like a soulmate connection on steroids. And yes, the twin flame journey can get rocky.

Here’s the deal:

Your twin flame is your divine mirror after all, and a mirror doesn’t always show us what we want to see.

In this post we list the 9 most common twin flame relationship challenges and how to deal with them.

What are some common twin flame challenges?

There are many challenges that can arise in a twin flame relationship. We looked back to when we first met until now when we are in harmonious union and did some research. We identified the following challenges:

  1. Chaos
  2. Different countries/cultures
  3. Age gap
  4. Twin flame running
  5. Feeling crazy
  6. Obsessive thoughts
  7. Purging
  8. Arguments
  9. “Bad” timing 

10 common twin flame challenges and how to overcome them

1. Chaos

When you meet your twin flame, life as you know it is never the same. The first common twin flame challenge is that your life becomes chaotic.

This can actually start already months before meeting your twin flame. Your life feels like a rollercoaster – one moment your high on love and life and next moment you are crying on the sofa with a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, asking yourself why life can be so cruel.

The key to dealing with this challenge is simple: Surrender. 

It’s completely normal and it all happens to help you come into union within yourself and then with your twin flame. Remember that you are never alone, and you can always pray and ask for support and guidance from your spirit guides or God.

You could also reach out to a psychic you trust who can channel them, if you prefer that.

2. Different countries/cultures

Most twin flames come from different countries and cultures. This is so that you won’t run into them accidentally before you are ready to meet.

Stef is from England and Julia is from Sweden.

We never saw the distance as an obstacle as we are both digital nomads. Not everyone is that fortunate though. But don’t worry – just know that this was planned before birth, and the Universe WILL bring you two together. No matter where you live.

3. Age gap

Twin flames are filled with polarities.

Not only are most twin flames from different countries, but there is often a big age gap too. A 10 to 30 year gap is not uncommon to see. This can feel challenging and even embarrassing in a society where most couples have a small age gap.

Usually, the twin flame representing the divine feminine is older.

A common worry that older twin flame women have is that their twin flame will not find them attractive much longer, and will prefer someone younger. This is not something you need to worry about. You are the ONLY ONE in the Universe with the exact same frequency as your twin flame.

You have the most attractive vibration of all females in the Universe according to him, and he will always find you attractive.

4. Twin flame running

The running stage is the stage of the twin flame journey we all dread.

You’ve met your twin and maybe even been intimate with them, but suddenly something pulls you apart. One twin runs away (the runner) from the relationship and the other twin (the chaser) is left confused and heartbroken.

If the later is you, know that your twin is not running from you, but from THEMSELVES. Meeting you, their divine mirror, brought up trapped fears and ego issues that they need to deal with.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should just wait around for your twin. We definitely don’t recommend chasing your twin, but what you can do is work on YOURSELF.

Do shadow work and work on raising your vibrations. If you want to learn more about this, we actually have a whole course on how you can speed up reunion with your twin flame.

5. Feeling crazy

The life of a twin flame can feel quite surreal sometimes.

Not only are you in the most intense, complicated love story of all times – you are also going through a spiritual awakening. You might experience:

  • Kundalini awakening symptoms, like energy currents up your spine or uncontrolled laughing
  • Third eye-opening symptoms like a forehead or third eye pressure
  • Insomnia or crazy dreams
  • Be bombarded by the Universe with repeated numbers and crazy synchronicities
  • Emotional instability
  • Tiredness, day after day

It doesn’t help when your family and friends can’t relate and think you should just end it with this person who keeps running away or fight with you.

Sometimes you wonder if it’s a dream or if you’re just down-right crazy.

The solution for this is finding your community. Finding like-minded people who is going through the same journey as you is essential to cope as a twin flame. Especially if you don’t know any twin flames. You can join twin flame meetup groups or groups online, such as our Facebook group Twin flames VIP Mastermind. We would love for you to join us 🙂

6. Obsessive thoughts

It’s easy to become obsessed with your twin flame and rightly so, it is your permanent spiritual wife/husband after all. So don’t feel ashamed of thinking about your twin flame every day.

You are feeling this for a reason, so that it will motivate you to reunite with your divine counterpart.

If you didn’t feel this strong love for your twin, you would just give up and find someone else that requires less work to be with. The Universe doesn’t want that.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should chase your twin or make it ok to turn into their stalker. Know that you are complete just as you are. You don’t need anybody else to be whole. When you have that vibration of wholeness, is when you will attract a harmonious union with your twin.

7. Purging

A challenge you can’t escape on the twin flame journey is the purging of old wounds and fears.

This might be expressed as feeling annoyed or angry over something your twin did or said. And sometimes even randomly, just being around your twin flame. So don’t see it as a red flag or write this person off if you feel it could be your twin flame.

When your twin flame triggers you, ask yourself:

  • WHY do I feel triggered?
  • Could it be something in ME that just came up to be released and that’s why I felt this way?
  • Could it be that I behave in the same way sometimes, and since my twin is my mirror, it got reflected back?

The purging can get very intense the first 12 months of meeting your twin flame, but should not be feared. The releasing of ego issues, anxieties and fears trapped deep in your body helps to prepare you for ascension and harmoniuos union with your twin.

8. Arguments

Arguments can get very intense in a twin flame relationship, no doubt about it.

You are arguing with your mirror after all. Many twin flames have toxic loops that keep repeating lifetime after lifetime. Akashic healing could help with this, but most importantly, communicate.

If your twin annoys you, don’t keep quiet about and vent to your friends about it, talk to your twin.

Tell your twin calmly what they did and how it made you feel. Don’t wait too long to have the conversation, as it can otherwise build-up in your head into a bigger issue than it is in reality.

Here’s a good video we made about twin flame ARGUMENTS: 

9. “Bad” timing

The last most common challenge for twin flames is bad timing. You and your twin flame might not have met at the most perfect time – you and your twin could already be in a relationship or even married with kids, you might just have been dumped by your ex and not ready for love so soon or you might just be in a shitty time of your life when nothing is going according to plan. Again, no need to worry. The fact that you have met, means that you were ready to meet. You didn’t just accidentally bump into your twin flame, it’s not a coincidence. What are the odds of that?

So don’t worry. You WILL reunite and even if you’re in separation now, your twin will not be able to forget you. So just be patient, and work on yourself until it’s time for reunion.

There you have it, the 9 twin flame challenges and how to deal with them. There are many challenges on the twin flame path, but you knew this when you signed up for the twin flame mission. There is no stronger love than the twin flame love, and you can overcome any obstacles.

We hope this helped you. Feel free to contact us at any time. Just search for “twin flame guides” on any big social media platform, and you can message us there.

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