So in todays post, we’re talking about twin flame Ascension stages. Because being a twin flame is not only about finding the one is not only a romantic journey, but it’s actually more of a spiritual journey.

We are twin things in union helping twin flames to union.

If you’re struggling, confused or are experiencing ‘ascension symptoms’, you might be going through the twin flame ascension stages.

This will help you out a lot.

There are some signs you’re going through ‘twin flame ascension stages’, which we’ll explain in detail later on.

Let’s dive in.

Twin Flame Ascension Stages Explained

Today, we will go over the different twin flame Ascension stages that we have been noticing in our lives and other twin flames, so that you know what to expect, and can kind of speed up your Ascension, which of course also leads to speeding up a union with other.

Before we delve into the twin flame ascension stages, let’s talk about onions.

So the easiest way of thinking about it is kind of this is before you’ve reunited or reached a union, is that you’re kind of like an onion.

That’s right, an onion.

So you have these different layers of, I guess you could say programming, various different things like astrological influences, archetypes past life imprints and a bunch of other stuff.

They’re kind of like layers on this onion.

twin flame ascension stages

And what you really need to do, is to start peeling these layers back and kind of unlearning everything that you’ve not everything, but I’m learning a lot of what you’ve been taught or programs to get to the core essence of your consciousness and your soul.


So that you can then match the frequency of her twin flame and then attract them reunite and, and go on to ascend together.

These are the twin flame stages.

It starts with some traumatic event in your life. And you go through the long twin flame ascension stages.

For example, I (Julia) had a problem with my ovary and I had to go rush into hospital. And then I learned the art of surrendering and healing.

And you’ll get pushed into a dark night of the soul where you realize that everything you’ve been taught and most of mine has been false. Part of the hologram part of what the elite have been teaching us.

This is, this is life. Don’t look beyond that.

There’s nothing more to learn. We’re just bodies.

So you’ll go through a spiritual awakening, and realize, wow, I have so much more to learn. I’m just at the start of my journey. You start looking into YouTube videos like this, right?

To learn how to reach the final part of the twin flame ascension stages.

So you might start looking into things like meditation, yoga, or lucid dreaming or something we both have into. So you kind of start experimenting.

So you ended up kind of questioning your job, your current life situation, your habits, and even maybe the people you hang around with.

Like, everything about your life is a question.

Is this actually what I want, is this really the job I want to spend my time doing,  eight hours a day doing some boring thing in a cubicle?

Do you really want that?

Or do you really want to keep going and socializing with people who maybe they did? All they want to do, is get drunk on the weekend or just complain about things like, is that actually what you want?

And usually in these twin flame ascension stages, you’ll realize, no, that’s not what I want.

It’s kind of weird that I did want that to begin with. And then you kind of start looking for, okay, what do I want then? What, what should I be doing? And that’s when you end up finding your true purpose.

Because most of us, we’ve lived on autopilot for so long. Like we haven’t realized we’ve lived on, we’ve been living from the kind of a mind-driven place and what other people expect of us.

We might have parents who said like, ‘No, you need to go to this university’.

A lot of it is to do with programming.

We’re Programmed To Do The ‘Accepted Thing’

So with jobs specifically, we’re kind of told ‘You need to study this’.

And then I ‘after you’ve studied this at university or whatever, then you’ll have a choice between these different jobs’.

It’s crazy!

We’re never told about any other options, but really having a job is just one of many ways of making money, for example. And there’s so many other better ways. It’s almost one of the worst ways of making money. Yeah.

Especially as a twin flame, most of you will have missions where you are a guide. You are a teacher, you are a healer. So you might have your own practice, your own platform where you like we have on our YouTube channel.

You cannot go through the twin flame ascension stages until you change this programming,

How To Find Your Life Purpose Instantly

I just want to say we do actually have a course called the purpose accelerator program, which we, in which we basically teach you how to do what we do, how to take your passion or a purpose.

Well, in the 1st of the twin flame ascension stages, we teach you how to find your purpose…

And then we teach you how to step into it and monetize it so that you can actually work for yourself. You don’t need to work for anyone else who has an abundance financially. So you can just focus only on what you enjoy doing.

As a nine-to-five employee, you don’t have much impact, you’re working for someone else. While we, as twin flames, we are ‘way showers’. We’re supposed to, many of us, work for ourselves.

And when you do that, you have independence, you have more freedom..

But even if it is some type of nine-to-five job where you’re helping in some way at this stage, you start to question your job and many of us will realize, wow, this is not what we wanted. We were both stuck in jobs unwrapping boxes at one point.

Shelf stacking.

Those were both our first jobs. So at this stage of the twin flame ascension stages, you started questioning that and you look into what your mission could be. You might be looking into Ikegai, which is a Japanese concept to do with finding your mission.

But even that I would say it kind of assumes that you want a job versus working for yourself. So even when you do that, Ikegai test, it might say your perfect job is this or that…

And, that’s good…


You Can DECIDE To Work For Yourself

The next of the twin flame ascension stages are all about deciding to work for yourself.

You do also have the choice to work for yourself. And even if it’s something completely random, like let’s say you really enjoy metalworking, for example.

Let’s say you really enjoy working with metal. You like metalworking.

You don’t HAVE to get a job as a welding engineer.

You can actually just start a YouTube channel. There are actually a couple of really cool YouTube channels where they just make cool things out of metal. They get millions of views and you know, they earn far more money than they would have done working as an engineer.

So you don’t have to get a job doing that thing.

There’s a YouTube channel where they literally just make fantasy swords from movies with metal and glass. And it’s so cool. It’s like really interesting stuff. So that’s far more fun I assume for that person than, you know, welding a specific part on a car door every day for like 30 years.

So with these twin flame ascension stages, you kind of have a rough idea of your mission.

Or the direction you want to go in and you start taking baby steps on this road.

You might not be already a metal artist with a million views on YouTube. But you start taking steps in that direction.

I (Julia) was seeing a psychic at the time, like six months before a meeting with Stef, and she said, I will meet, I will meet my twin flames staff when I have stepped more into my mission. Because at the time I was just having a nine-to-five job that I absolutely despised.

And I started a blog. It wasn’t going very well, but I started it. I wrote a few blog posts and suddenly got Stef’s DM on Instagram. We go into more detail about our story in another post.

But, it doesn’t have to be something big. Now back to the twin flame ascension stages:

Take ‘Baby Steps’ Down The Path Towards Your Purpose

Just take a few baby steps on the path you want to go. So what this will do as you shutting the layers of your onion, and you slowly, slowly stepping into your mission is that you will, you will adjust and get to your core frequency.

The twin flame ascension stages are not meant to be rushed.

Remember, your twin flame is the only person, the only soul in the universe who is on the exact same frequency. That is why you click so well with the twin flame.

But with all these programmings and all the traumas from past lifetimes, et cetera, you get on different frequencies. So eventually you start going towards the same frequency and that is when the universe can finally bring you two together.

Before that, the universe can’t do it because you won’t be a vibrational match yet.

So then the next step is you actually meet your twin flame.

That’s one of the most exciting of the twin flame ascension stages. You get to finally meet your other half and there will be instant sparks. Like we talked about before, you would see it in their eyes that this is someone very special.

And then after that, since it’s such an intense experience, most people will experience the not-so-fun parts of the twin flame ascension stages. Some sort of running stage, where it will be too much for one or both of the parties.

Things will come up, like wounds or past life issues.

It can be previous life wounds triggering happen, and eventually, it will just be too much. And there will be a separation stage. Yes. And this running stage will lead to a dark night of the soul.

Usually for both parties.

So the chaser will feel hurt and maybe start working on themselves and things they, haven’t let go of yet that they need to let go of like some limiting beliefs, and the same with the runner.

And this can be conscious or unconscious they work through these things. And when the most important shedding of the onion has been done, then the twin flames will unite.

Now, there can be a few running parts in the twin flame ascension stages.

We luckily only had one running stage. Some people experienced a few but eventually like the more work you do on yourself, the more work you do in yourself, the more open you are to the science, to the universe, the faster we’ll go.

And the work you do also affects your twin flame because you are sharing the same energy fields, you have cords. So the more work you do, the faster you will get through the twin flame ascension stages.

Yeah. So then when you actually reunite or unite, I should say, you will then usually step into a joint mission, whereas a very similar type of work, very similar, you know, end goal maybe we’ll even do it together.

Maybe you’ll even create your own channel or business or something together, you know, or maybe you will both go into the same line of work. Whatever it is, it could be voluntary with animals or whatever.

For example, we both have spiritual, separate YouTube channels.

And then we have the joint twin flame guides channel, it can be something similar, but regardless you will help each other to grow. They will support each other. You will be the biggest supporter of the other person.

And it is so valuable to have your twin flame on your career journey with you.

Twin Flame Reunion Is The START Of The Journey

Get ready for the fun part of the twin flame ascension stages.

So now, going back to the onion thing.

So the onion will keep shedding, but specifically I didn’t mention this to you before I say, I’m gonna say something else. The onion, if you think of the, the inner layer as the core frequency, and then what you’re kind of doing is peeling back the layers of programming to get to the core frequency.

That’s not the end of the story because you know, we’re, we’re human, right?

We have an ego, there’s programming, and all kinds of influences everywhere.

Like chemicals, social media based influences programming, so what happens is the layers sometimes can come back to your subconscious so you can grow other layers.

Even when you peel them all back, you can actually, without realizing it, get programmed in other ways, you know, so you have to constantly be going back to this, you know, this metaphorical onion and checking yourself and you know, saying like, have I picked up any programming that I should do that shouldn’t be there?

It can literally be something as subtle as a music video or like a film or some kind of message in a piece of media that just embeds itself in your subconscious mind.

And until you dig deep and realize, you know, it might be changing a belief, it might be holding you back in some way.

So I guess the best way of avoiding this, obviously do the work every now and then to check those limiting beliefs and programming, but make sure that first thing in the morning, cause your brain waves are really open.

Then, after meditation, make sure that you’re not just going on your phone and scrolling through, you know, an algorithm-based platform like YouTube or Instagram or especially things like TikTok, because your subconscious is going to absorb that.

And then you might pick up a belief that you don’t actually want.

The good news though, is that once you peel back the thick layers of the onion, right? You get to the small inner, let’s call it the core frequency.

The twin flame ascension stages are all about getting to that core frequency.

Then when you do, if you do get extra layers coming back, from programming or something, they’ll be very thin. And it would be very easy to just pluck them away.

You know, just like a little weed in the garden.

You just ‘pluck it away’. Trust your journey through the twin flame ascension stages.

Eventually, You Can Ignore ‘Bad Programming’

One of the purposes of the twin flame ascension stages is to finally be able to ignore bad programming.

This morning I (Julia) was watching a music video ‘Die Young’ by Kesha, and there was loads of really dark programming in that video. It was so satanic; go and watch it later.

But the crazy part is:

I had actually watched that video when I was younger, and I had just seen like, ‘Oh, cool video’.

But now?

I thought, ‘Ooh, it’s like so obvious, some really dark programming in this video, but because I’ve shared it so many layers I didn’t get programmed again’.

Once you were aware of the programming and you can see it, then you can decide if you want to absorb it or not.

  • You can DECIDE.
  • You can say, ‘Oh, I see what you’re doing there. So I’m just gonna ignore that.
  • And once you’ve united with your twin, you might think ‘Finally, the end destination, it’s easy now’.
  • But the work has actually just started.
  • We keep on shedding layers.

The twin flame ascension stages are no joke. We’ve been together almost three years now and we’re still shedding layers.

Yes, you still have to work on yourself even after you’ve gone through the twin flame ascension stages.

Twin Flame Ascension Stages Will Make Us The New Leaders

The universe is still leading us to different circumstances that will make us to shed more shed more layers. Ascension is a lifelong journey. I mean, it’s continuous, it’s many lifetimes it’s, it’s always happening.

So keep staying open to it.

And this is all leading up to the golden age where twin flames and Starseeds and Lightworkers will be the new leaders. So we will not have these greedy power hungry people at the top, but we will be the leaders.

So all the work you’ve done will not only help yourself, but the whole of humanity. So that is where we’re going towards. That’s what the twin flame ascension stages are for.

Do you think you’re going through your twin flame ascension stages?

Which of the twin flame ascension stages is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!