Are you stuck in twin flame separation?

Maybe you have read about twin flames and you’re pretty sure that you have a twin flame.

You’ve been having this longing for a deeper connection, you’ve been patiently waiting and now you’re just frustrated and alone.

“Why isn’t my twin flame here yet?”

If you’re stuck in twin flame separation, there’s actually a reason for it.

In this post you will learn:

  • Why you’re stuck in twin flame separation
  • How you can get out of twin flame separation
  • Why following these steps will improve your overall wellbeing

Let’s dive in!

Twin flame separation

Twin Flame Separation

Twin flame separations sucks. Uniting your twin flame is an amazing experience and has many benefits.

There are so many twin flame Tarot readers on YouTube nowadays. You can get channelings and twin flame meditations from the comfort of your laptop.

Chances are, you already know exactly what to do. You need to raise your vibrations, heal your shadows, and step into self-love.

In our online course, twin flame reunion fast track, we teach you exactly how to end twin flame separation.

Are You Stuck In Twin Flame Separation?

On average, many of us Lightworkers were placed where there was a lot of darkness and away from each other. It wouldn’t make sense for all Lightworkers to be incarnated in the same little place.

Now, the problem is that as a twin flame, you know that you are very awake. So we feel that people around us are less awake than we are.

So we feel the effects of twin flame separation in a major way.

That’s why many Lightworkers and twin flames don’t feel like they have to work much on themselves. But the truth is actually only in the beginning stages of our Ascension journey.

So before we talk about twin flame separation, let’s talk about ascension and all that.

5D Ascension

This is what the twin flame journey is all about. It’s you coming into union with yourself.

5D ascension is the shifting of your consciousness to a higher plane, from 3D to 5D. As a byproduct of this, you attract your twin flame.

When you are only getting twin flame coaching and tarot readings,  you’re not taking much action on healing yourself. You’re not stepping into your mission.

What you’re doing is just becoming aware.

Awareness is just the first step and you don’t even need that step to be able to end twin flame separation. There are many twin flame couples out there who don’t even know that they’re twin flames, but they’ve gone through the ascension process.

Because of this, they attracted their twin flame along the way. Now they’re together, happily unaware that they are twin flames.

twin flame reunion

Twin Flame Reunion

The twin flame process doesn’t end when twin flames meet, there are twin flame stages that they have to go through.

Twin flame reunion is the last in the twin flame stages. That is the end goal.

Twin flame separation is the hardest stage.

You’ll only be able to reunite when you’re on the same vibrational frequency as each other and are ready.

This might take days, weeks, or even years, depending on the circumstances.

Why You’re Stuck In Twin Flame Separation

If you are stuck in twin flame separation, it probably has something to do with your vibration.

But there are other factors you may want to consider as well.

Here are 4 reasons why you might be stuck in twin flame separation:

twin flame separation sickness

1: Psychological And Spiritual Immaturity

Life is a learning experience. Not only do our physical bodies grow, but so do our inner selves. Immaturity is one of the leading reasons for twin flame separation.

We have poor emotional intelligence when we are immature. We struggle to detect, regulate, and cope with our own and others’ emotions.

Not only that, but spiritual immaturity grows in direct proportion to the ego’s stubbornness and enormity.

To put it another way, the larger the ego-self, the more spiritual immaturity there is.

The ego wishes to believe that it is lovely, magnificent, all-knowing, and flawless. But there will be hell to pay if it is questioned in any manner, shape, or form.

twin flame nausea

The ego-self rules almost all of us. If it didn’t, we’d all be enlightened.

However, not all egos are the same. There are two types: strong egos and weak egos.

The stronger an ego, the more prone it is to flee from a person or circumstance that makes it feel powerless.  One such site is twin flame connections.

In reality, twin flame connections are designed to shrink the ego. That’s why the ego hates it so much.

The more ego you have, the longer the twin flame separation will be.

2: Lack Of Self-Love

twin flame love

Self-love appears to be the most important prerequisite for a twin flame relationship to go smoothly.

For example, before Stefan and I met, we both worked hard to love and accept ourselves as we were. This is true for other successful twin flame relationships as well.

This is gonna sound so cliche but there can be no true love for others unless you first learn to love yourself.

Without self-love, a relationship will be polluted with neediness, codependency, and “conditions.”

We can never provide unconditional love to our relationships until we first exhibit intense unconditional love to ourselves.

As a result, some twin flame relationships, sadly, fall under the weight of insecurity and self-hatred.

3: More Life Lessons Needed

twin flame test

Before you join a twin flame relationship, life must prepare you. This may imply that you need to engage in new relationships, make new acquaintances, or broaden your life experience.

If you’re confused about why you’re experiencing twin flame separation, there can be various reasons.

Perhaps you’re being called to travel, volunteer, or obtain a new career before you’re ready. It’s all a question of trial and error here.

Some circumstances will give you mild understanding, while others will crush you and leave you struggling for air.

In any event, don’t isolate yourself from the rest of the world. The more you push your limits, the more you learn.

The more you learn, the closer you get to ending twin flame separation.

4: Unhealed Wounds

twin flame pain body

Sometimes our twin flames appear at a moment in our lives when we are going through a very difficult phase.

Our pain may be caused by a catastrophe, death, abuse, or a split in another relationship.

We may not be emotionally ready to open up just yet. As a result, healing needs to take place.

So a twin flame separation could just be a space to give yourself time to heal.

How to Get Out of Twin Flame Separation

That being said, here are the things that you can do to get out of twin flame separation.

1: Raise Your Vibrations

Twin Flame Connection is all about energy. You will attract your twin flame when both of your energies are at a high vibration.

Everything in the world, including ourselves, is made up of microscopic particles that vibrate at specific frequencies.

Nothing is solid. Not you, not me, not the computer, phone, or whatever you’re using to read this. We are not solid matter, but rather energies in motion.

angry man screaming
Dr. David Hawkins studied the frequency of every human emotion and developed a vibrational frequency scale.
Shame, guilt, and dread are at the bottom of the scale because they bring us on a low vibration.Peace, love, and joy are at the top of the scale because they put us in a high vibration where good things get attracted to us.Twin Flame Union lives in the frequency of pure love.This means that to assist you in reuniting, your souls must purge all that has been weighing you down.When this happens, you are in alignment and you will be ready to receive all the gifts of the universe including your twin flame.That is the essence of Ascension.

2: Step Into Your Purpose

letters spelling purpose

You and your Twin Flame’s soul carefully planned your upcoming adventure together before you were born.

You specified details such as where you’d be born and what sorts of early life “learning” you’d be exposed to.

And, most significantly, you choose a meaningful arc, an overarching theme for your life. What the Buddhist tradition refers to as “dharma” — your life’s purpose.

When you begin to live your life’s mission, you are in alignment with your soul, your highest inner potential.

You enter the Twin Flame soul song, which is the core of who the two of you are as consciousness.

When you are living your truth, your mission, you feel in flow, as if you are being pushed by the light. Attuned to a higher level of unity. It also influences you. You become like a magnet to your twin soul.

So, how do you live your truth and purpose?

woman painting

What you relate with on a deeper level is strongly communicating to you about the mission of your soul!

The kind of films that affect you the most, the issues you care about, the music that makes you feel more alive.

The places that seem to ignite a particular light in you, the circumstances and people who make your heart flutter.

However, we frequently “talk ourselves out of” following our passions and soul-driven hobbies.

The only reason we don’t feel good enough is that we compare ourselves to others or are compared to others.

It’s ingrained in our culture, and the tendency may be quite damaging.

Because the fact is that you were not created to be like other people. You were created to be unique.

Girl covering her ears

Recognize what is truly you and what may have been imposed on you as a youngster and by society.

When you are living your truth and fulfilling your mission, you experience flow, feel as though the light is pushing you, and are more sensitive to a higher degree of unity.

And it attracts you to union with your Twin Soul on all levels.

One cause for this is early childhood and cultural attitudes about deservingness, as well as dominating notions about what is a suitable way to conduct our lives. This demonstrates that any sentiments of not being “good enough” are based on delusions.

If you want to know more about your soul’s purpose, check out this free numerology report.

3: Heal Your Wounds

girl doing healing ritual

The bond between twin flames is formed in paradise and goes beyond anything we could have imagined.

However, the tasks we must conquer in this process are earthly wounds that we have received and must heal in order to be one with ourselves again.

The “wounds of the soul” idea of Lise Bourbeau provides excellent background information in this area.

She writes about how every soul is born to work on various wounds of the soul in order to return to one’s real self.

Because this is no simple undertaking, it requires a very mature spirit to face and heal the scars.

Because this is not an easy thing to do, it requires a very mature spirit to face and heal the wounds.

When you look around our world now, you can readily see it.

woman and man wearing mask

Most individuals hide behind masks and develop a life of over-consumption or other instant gratifications to distract distract themselves from their wounds, their ego has seized charge.

Only the strongest and most mature souls learn to see the ego’s meaningless game.

They begin to awaken and confront the pain that separates them from their actual selves.

A twin flame relationship is only attainable when both halves have been healed and their missing pieces have been unified inside themselves.

4: Step Into Self-Love

girl smiling in front of a mirror

We frequently miss the most crucial lesson when we’re so focused on our Twin Flame journey. That lesson is self-love.

We cannot master divine love with our Twin Flame unless we first learn to love ourselves.

Twins are being driven to overcome this struggle by their spirits. Many of them don’t know how to love themselves so they get stuck in twin flame separation.

Self-love and self-acceptance are enormous boosters for Twin love and the manifestation of joy in life.

When we don’t love ourselves, we’re not open to the actual depths of love our Twin is capable of providing; it’s as if we’re off the grid to it.

So, how do we practice self-love?

You and your words have a significant role in what you energetically attract, align with, and invite in.

ESPECIALLY as an Ascension Twin Flame. Your words have the power to either tear you down or lift you up.

It’s time to put our words into action. Sure, our inner dialogue is one aspect of our Twin Flame journey that we don’t frequently recognize as “self-love.”

However, it has a significant impact. That is what we reinforce as long as we talk, think, and write about our connection and Twin Flame from the negative polarity.

Begin writing down, talking about, and thinking about all the beautiful things you love about yourself today; mind, body, and soul.

woman writing on journal

If your initial thought is that there is nothing nice about you, then know you need to work on yourself.

You cannot end twin flame separation without self love.

Ask your soul to help you shine a light on the great things in your life, and make a point of focusing on them.

The transformation toward greater self-love often occurs gradually and continuously, eliminating obstacles, negativity, and restricted thinking over time.

It can s unpleasant. It’s about letting go of what we’ve been accustomed to, no matter how harmful or restrictive it has been to us.

If you’re having trouble loving yourself, consider starting with acceptance and offering yourself greater empathy. You’ll be ready in no time.


twin flame pain of being apart

Do Twin Flames Feel Each Other’s Pain?

Twin flames sense each other’s anguish, but it doesn’t imply your twin will comprehend your sentiments when you’re apart.

They may not even realize where these sentiments are coming from, which might exacerbate the situation.

I Did Everything But I’m Still Stuck In Twin Flame Separation?

Life may be perplexing. Sometimes you stay stuck in twin flame separation because the time is not yet right.

Other travels must sometimes be performed, and other individuals must be met. Sometimes we don’t even understand why.

In this circumstance, surrendering is the wisest option.

This can be exceedingly difficult, but believe that the experience will make you stronger and wiser. Who knows what the future has in store for us?

If you want to know how to speed up your twin flame reunion, here’s a free video training you can check out!

twin flame symptoms

How To Recognize Your Twin Flame?

When you meet your twin flame, it would feel like you’re meeting yourself.

They say when you meet your twin flame, you will know. It would feel like looking at a mirror and it will feel like home.

But there are instances when you may also meet a false twin flame. If you’re unsure, you can read this article about toxic relationships vs twin flame relationships.

Twin Flame Separation (How To Get Unstuck?)

If you’re in twin flame separation, take a few minutes to look at the steps above and ask yourself, “Am I doing this? Am I actually taking action?”

I’m not talking about doing it once. For example, taking one nature walk won’t raise your vibrations for the rest of your life. You have to be consistent with it.

Or if you are a twin flame reunion fast-track student and you read your affirmations three times. You felt so good about yourself and then you just tossed it into the trash bin.

“I have self-love now”.

No, that’s not enough.

twin flame mission work

We have many students in our course who, two days after they bought the course and have gone through the videos, say that it didn’t work.

And why didn’t it work? Because you need to turn these into habits.

Every day, you need to take action towards raising your vibration, stepping into your mission, healing your wounds, and loving yourself.

Make it part of your routine. That’s how you will speed up your union with your twin flame.

What do you think is keeping you stuck in twin flame separation? Let me know in the comments!