Meeting your twin flame is exciting and profound, but there are some things you should know BEFORE you meet them. These are things we WISH we knew.

Let’s get into it.

‘’Every soul has a twin a reflection of themselves -the kindred spirit.No matter where they are or how far away they are,even in different dimensions, they will always find another. This is destiny; this is love.’’ – Julie Dillon

Can you taste the joy on your lips? You have finally met your twin flame!

It all seems too perfect, almost too perfect…

At this juncture, you’re probably wondering if it is all too good to be true and wants to know the answers to some of the questions that have been tugging at your heart’s strings.

Don’t worry we got you. In this post, you will be given a detailed guide of things to think about when meeting your twin flame.

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Meeting Your Twin Flame

You know how they say that before you get into a relationship, you should be ready first? It’s the same thing with meeting your twin flame. 

Meeting your twin flame is not just like meeting any other person. There are a few things you should know to ensure that the meeting will be smooth. 

What Should You Know Before Meeting Your Twin Flame?

Meeting your twin flame is truly exciting but how can you know for sure if you don’t even know what a twin flame is? So let’s get that out of the way first.

Who is a Twin Flame?

A Twin flame, also called a Twin soul, is the other half of your soul. When a soul ascends high enough in the spiritual realm, it splits into two. Over time, the soul yearns for its counterpart and, this draws both of them to each other.

A Twin Flame is not the same as a Soul mate or Kindred Spirit.

While you can have more than one encounter with these other spiritual relationships, you only one Twin Flame.

Twin Flame connections are quite rare. Meeting your twin flame is rarer.

And this is because not everybody is lucky to find their twin flame in a lifetime.

Some people live entire lifetimes without even meeting their twin flames and others don’t bother looking for them. It is possible for frustration to opt-in somewhere along the journey, causing a per to seek a soul mate relationship instead.

Not all Twin flames end up as life partners; some are only there to help you grow and become a better person and, that’s fine!

In meeting your twin flame, there are stages in your relationship.

The stages in twin flame relationships differ according to the individuals involved. I will be listing the standard Twin Flame stages that most people will go through once they meet their twin flames, in a particular order.

Stages in a relationship:

  • Yearning stage
  • Meeting stag
  • Falling in love stage<
  • Challenges & tests stage
  • The runner/chaser stage
  • The surrender stage

Here are some things to think about when meeting your twin flame at different stages

The yearning stage

meeting your twin flame

There is no limit to the number of signs that a person can get during the yearning stage.

This stage is characterized by the feeling that there is a person out there for you, and everything around you seems to point in that direction.

It could be that you’re casually listening to music on shuffle and as you have a certain thought the next song is a song that describes exactly how you feel in an odd defying manner

Other signs include seeing angel numbers, having lucid dreams and seeing your partner, or seeing glances at certain aspects of them that make sense after you unite with them.

Meeting your twin flame stage

Twin flame meeting

Was there instant recognition?

There several stories of people who have found their twin flame who testify to the existence of an instant recognition; a very familiar feeling, accompanied by an intense connection flow between you two.

This recognition occurs because in some cases you and your Twin flame may have shared numerous lifetimes.

At this stage, you can only speak for yourself about how you felt, and then you may start to wonder if they felt the same way. In a true twin flame relationship, even if you can’t precisely tell their feelings, you can always identify if there is something out of the ordinary at hand.

Because Twin flames are two halves of an ascended soul, they have similar cores

At your core, you will find that you and your Twin Flame share a lot of things. It is common to find that you and your Twin Flame share similar values, interests, hobbies, and core wounds.

That’s why meeting your twin flame is likely to happen.

You can even find out that you two have coincidentally been in the same place before, or have shared experiences.

It is important to take note of these similarities. They hold the key to your core Identity.

Furthermore, if there’s is anything that needs fixing in your relationship along the line, these similarities hold the key to solving them.

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Do we complement each other?

There are certain things you will notice when meeting your twin flame.

Regardless of the similarities that exist in a twin flame relationship, there are bound to be differences. These differences may arise due to differences in upbringing, culture, and way of life.

In an ideal situation, these differences should complement each other and balance each other out.

The falling in love stage

How can I best love my twin flame?

When meeting your twin flame transforms into the falling-in-love stage, It is accompanied by an intense uncontrollable urge for your twin flame.

This intense feeling is unlike anything either party has ever felt. Therefore it is important to know how to correctly reciprocate the intensity that your twin flame is showing you.

There are 5 love languages namely: Physical Touch, Gifts, Acts of Service, Words of affirmation, and Quality time. Knowing what to the is half the problem very often in twin flame relationships.

Take your time to discuss with your partner and find out what they want

The challenges and test stage

Twiin flame challenges

How do we best settle arguments?

It is not uncommon to find that there are instances where twin flames are not in agreement. When these situations occur they can be very intense and other times they can be quite mild.

Whichever forms the arguments take, they are likely caused by the same issues.

Because your twin flame is your mirror, very often when you get into a serious fight with them it could be because you have unresolved insecurity or ego issues.

Remember that your twin flame is yourself and to love them properly you have to love yourself as well. Do not say harmful things to them even when you have arguments.

Be a unit with your partner against the perceived problem. Ensure that you speak to them calmly when addressing issues.

Assure them that they are not the problem and that you would like to work with them to settle the issue.

Is the relationship right for me?

Meeting your twin flame is not the be-all and end-all.

Unfortunately, people do not always get along with their twin flames. It is even more heartbreaking because you only have one twin flame in your lifetime.

While virtually all Twin flame issues can be fixed with more shadow work and understanding, it is advised that separation should occur even if it is for a short while.

Such as when a partner is abusive either physically or mentally.

But this doesn’t mean that meeting your twin flame again is not possible anymore.

The chase

Twin flames chasing

What if my twin flame runs away?

The chase is a crucial stage in every twin flame relationship. It is the stage where one-half of the twin flame relationship, known as the runner flees the relationship due to the intensity in the relationship.

While intensity is often cited as the reason why most runners flee it is not the only reason. Ego issues, insecurities, and fears are some of the other common reasons why twin flames flee.

For both the runner and chaser it is crucial to identify the core of the problem and deal with it within themselves.

Work on self-love, dissolving your ego, and addressing the root of your insecurities. The earlier this is done the quicker you will get back to meeting your twin flame for reunion.

The surrender stage 

Am I ready to reunite with my twin flame?After working on yourself and you feel that you have made considerable improvements and have addressed the issues that caused the initial separation with your twin flame, you may decide to take steps towards meeting your twin flame again.

Sometimes we are not the best judges of our own character. You can ask the opinion of people that you respect such as guides or mentors who you may have been in close contact with you during the separation stage.

They might be able to give you a more biased opinion.

Additionally, The universe works to bring you and your flame together once you’re both done with your self-work.

Is my twin flame ready for a reunion?

Love is an exercise in patience. You are worthy of being loved properly as well.

Have a sit down with your significant other and measure how far along they are on their own self-work and whether they are ready for a reunion.

Messing up this stage can result in an extended wait so it is advised that this stage should be properly executed.

A twin flame reunion is a time of pure happiness, passion, and excitement.

Sometimes a subtle sense of excitement in your spirit, a shining sensation in your heart chakra.

But usually, the enthusiasm is intense, vivid, and palpable. It’s as if your spirit is on fire with anticipation, making you jittery.

The reunion stage

The transition from meeting your twin flame to the twin flame reunion stage is like returning home.

Only when you’re on the same vibratory level and ready to rejoin will you be able to transition to meeting your twin flame again.

This might take days, weeks, or even years, depending on the circumstances. It took a few months for Julia and me, and yes, we did go through the running period.

However, once you reach a reunion, you generally remain together indefinitely. You’ll feel quite confident and comfortable in the relationship, and even if disagreements arise, you’ll never break up after you’ve reconciled.

meeting your twin flame

The Feeling When Meeting Your Twin Flame

Meeting your twin flame is a time of pure happiness, passion, and excitement.

Sometimes a subtle sense of excitement in your spirit, a shining sensation in your heart chakra.

But usually, the enthusiasm is intense, vivid, and palpable. It’s as if your spirit is on fire with anticipation, making you jittery.

Twin Flame Stages Order

Is it true that the twin flame stages always occur in that order?

Twin flame phases can occur in a variety of sequences.

For example, you may discover that your ‘dream connection’ stage occurs AFTER the jogging stage. You might also join the honeymoon period, followed by the running and chasing stage, and then reconnect long later.

It all depends, and each twin flame relationship is unique.

Duration Of Twin Flame Stages

How long are twin flame stages?

The twin flame phases might take a variety of times. We don’t want to specify a time frame for each stage because it differs greatly.

For example, our running stage lasted roughly 2-3 months, although it might go anywhere from a few weeks to a few years for other twin flame couples.

It actually differs a lot.

What’s most essential to remember is that doing more work on yourself and raising your vibrations to match your twin flame and core frequency can help you go through the first few levels faster.

Meeting Your Twin Flame Faster

Meeting your twin flame fast requires you to boost your frequency to the level of a magnet.

Because their energies are obstructed, many people never meet their twin flame.

Instead of focusing on eliminating the bad energy that surrounds them, they absorb it.

It is difficult to shift your frequency when you have been accustomed to negativity.

However, this is the most effective approach to meeting your twin flame.

Meditation, healthy sleep and food, and surrounding oneself with happiness are all fail-safe strategies to do this.

Taking vitamins, minimizing technology use, maintaining a morning ritual, and decalcifying your pineal gland are also beneficial.

We have many more biohacks that will be released in the future, but it’s best to start with these 9 fail-proof frequency-raising biohacks.


Can I achieve my goals faster with my twin flame?

An Ideal twin flame relationship is a very fertile relationship where your dreams can sprout and grow properly in. Other than your personal goals, Twin Flames also have a shared humanitarian mission to fulfill together.

In a Twin Flame relationship, you feel like the universe has put wind in your sails.

Two heads are better than one. Since your twin flame is your other half, they will want to help you achieve your goals.

Therefore they will provide you with the benefit of an additional set of skills that will help you to achieve your dreams more easily.

It is important to state that while you expect your partner to be of help to you, also do your best to work in the furtherance of their best interests.

Can my twin flame relationship go sour?

Twin flame relationships like every other relationship will have their ups and downs. Conflict is not something that should be feared in a relationship.

Rather, it is something that should be understood. Conflicts exist because you and your partner are out of tune and there is something that you need to agree about.

However, you may find that you and your twin flames have irreconcilable differences. While this is rare it is possible. Twin flames are usually destined to be together

How can I get closer to my twin flame?

This question is a bit ambiguous as the term “closeness” can be interpreted to mean several things. It can mean physical closeness, emotional closeness, or spiritual closeness.

Physically, you can get as close as you want to your twin flame as possible and you can also move as far as you want as possible.

On a spiritual level, you and your twin flame are linked. Although this link is indelible and permanent it has gifts that can be strengthened by being on the same core frequency as Your twin flame and practicing spiritual exercises like prayer and meditation.

Lastly, you and your twin flame are bound to go through ups and downs in your relationship. there will be times that will be a bit rough and at other times you will be inseparable.

Meeting Your Twin Flame

Meeting your twin flame is an exciting experience. They are also very rare which makes them highly coveted.

At various stages of the twin flame relationship, there are cogent questions that a person should ask themselves. These questions will act as a sort of checklist to remind you of the important aspect of certain twin flame stages.

Regardless of whatever stage you are on your twin flame journey, remember to be kind and gentle to your partner.

They are a reflection of you, and they are here to make you a better version of yourself. Loving them will help you love yourself more.

Finally, get a free numerology reading today. Your numerology is a guide to your life, it holds the key to a lot of opportunities, meanings, and symbolism.

Now you’ve learned what are the things you should know before meeting your twin flame. Are you looking forward to meeting your twin flame? Let me know in the comments!