In this post we’re going to explain how to FIND your twin flame. Your mirror soul. This guide is more complicated and useful than others, so settle in!

We really want to give you the best information and make sure you understand it too.

So firstly, let’s start at the beginning. I know it’s tempting to want to skim read this article, but if you have the time please read everything carefully.

The details and small things mentioned here could be the difference between you FINDING your twin flame and you NOT finding them and being confused for years.

So it won’t take too long, but it’s worth reading and understanding everything written here. Even if you already know some of this, just read it again to consolidate what you know.

What is a twin flame?

So firstly, a twin flame is another part of the same soul. You’re part of the same soul that split up when you ascended high enough to withstand the immense pressure and stresses of being separated from the other part of your soul.

You as a twin flame, have to find (out there somewhere) the other part of your soul. The other flame.

You’re the same, the same divine soul substance.

The PURPOSE of twin flames is to help each other grow, bring up insecurities and sharpen each other into the perfect vessel for unconditional love to shine through into this world and this reality.

This is a pretty big task and it’s not easy. There will be fights, arguments, confusion, and stress. But you wouldn’t have chosen to do this if you weren’t strong enough on the soul level.

Your 3D mind and bodies might find it stressful but your soul knew that you could handle it, and it would be a good thing in the long run. So don’t panic!

The twin flame connection is a beautiful thing, and NOT everyone in the world has a twin flame. At least not yet.

Most people aren’t ascended high enough to be able to split their soul into two and incarnate in two different bodies. This is a pretty special thing, and although everyone has soul mates, NOT everyone has a twin flame. This is a common myth that people seem to believe about twin flames!

They assume that everyone has a twin flame.

But if you’re reading this, it’s likely you DO have a twin flame out there. You wouldn’t have felt the need to seek out information about this unless you had one, usually.

If you’re still not sure though, you can check out our article about the signs you might have a twin flame and see how many apply to you. Or watch our video below of ‘TWIN FLAME SIGNS!’…

It’s very different from soul mates, although soul mates are also important and a part of this journey. A soul mate connection can often help inspire you to grow or change things to move you closer to your twin flame.

How to find your twin flame easily

So now we will explain how you can easily FIND and reunite with your twin flame, in this lifetime.

It’s worth noting that unless you’re READY for this connection, it will end badly probably. You’ll experience twin flame turmoil or trouble, or things like the twin flame runner stage might happen badly.

You need to completely love yourself in order to reunite with your twin flame happily. Because they’re a mirror of you, they will show you any insecurities you have within yourself.

This is too intense for many people, but if you’re ready to love yourself, you’ll have an incredible, fulfilling relationship like nothing else. And it will help you fulfill your purpose in life.

At the end of this post, I will share some things that can help you find your twin flame faster, and right at the end I’ll talk about a way we created to help speed up your reunion with your twin flame, that REALLY will help you! But for now, let’s talk about how to find your twin.


1: Follow your heart

In the first stage of the twin flame journey, you need to start following your heart and intuition more.

The journey will be random, unusual and seemingly unpredictable. You’ll be pulled and pushed to random places. For me and Julia, the journey meant we met online, and then agreed to meet in some random Spanish island.

We then met and reunited after a short running stage, in Bulgaria.

Here’s a short video about how and when we met:

A very random place that we’d never been to but that’s where the journey took us. You must be open to new things, changes, unusual things or things you’ve never done before. The picture above is actually after we’ve reunited, taken in Malaga.

But it’s all worth it.

When you consider you’re meeting and finding your twin flame, literally the other part of your soul, anything is worth that. Any distance, challenge or obstacle can be overcome.

So begin now to follow your heart. This will help lead you towards your twin flame faster, and you’ll be more likely to find them. They’re also doing this same work on THEMSELVES too.

Usually when one twin flame works on themselves and starts following their hearts, the other also does the same. They’re triggered or inspired to do the same.

So know that work you do on YOURSELF also affects and helps inspire your twin flame. They’ll get a random feeling or urge to do the same sort of things. Be open to going to random new places, trying new skills or meeting new people.

Important note about dating apps and twin flames

This does NOT mean you should start actively looking for your flame on social media or dating sites and apps. They will be driven towards you, you don’t need to actively go out and search for them on dating apps.

Although the title of this article is how to find your twin flame, a LARGE part of finding them is letting them be taken to you. Letting things happen naturally.

It’s less about actively going out and searching for them.

It’s more about learning how to follow your heart. Most of us are taught to NOT follow our heart, but this is changing now, as we enter the golden age of humanity.

So start practicing just listening to your intuition and heart. you already know deep down how to do this, we’ve just not been taught about it much.

2: Find yourself first

Like we said earlier, finding your twin flame is first about finding and loving yourself. If you learn how to find yourself, you’ll soon find your twin flame too.

Go INWARDS to go outwards.

Learn to appreciate, understand and love yourself completely. Look in the mirror (this is actually an exercise we teach!) and tell yourself that you love you. Look deep into your own eyes and love yourself.

Observe your body, how you feel and look, and what you’re thinking. Learn to really find yourself, and know your purpose. Your purpose is often the thing that you feel the most passionate or excited about, but not always.

For example, you might not KNOW your purpose, because you’ve never tried the thing yet. It might be some random or strange thing that you’ve never thought about trying. So for this reason, be open to new things, become a yes man or woman!

Start saying yes to new and unusual opportunities. Start exploring, experimenting and adventuring around this beautiful world. This will start to build your belief in your heart.

You’ll get to know yourself. In fact, traveling is a really good way of getting to know and find yourself. You’ll learn how you cope and at in various situations, including tough or stressful situations. This is important, and it’s good to know yourself.

Start by checking in with yourself, and where you’re at in life right now. Ask yourself:

  • Am I happy with my current job?
  • Am I where I want to be in life? Why not?
  • What do I really enjoy doing that I haven’t done in a while?
  • Where do I really want to go right now?
  • If money was no object, what would I do right now?

Your answers to these questions will help you start to know and find yourself.

This is a critical step for fining your twin flame. The more work you can do now on self-love and finding yourself, the better your reunion with your twin flame will ultimately be later.

Self-love is a huge part of this, and people who reunite EARLIER than they should often experience negative things like a long or complicated running stage. We’ve even heard of some twin flames running off and having children with other people!

Self-love is important.

If you don’t find and love yourself before you find your twin flame, you’re in for trouble.

Me and Julia both did lots fo work on self-love before we even met, without knowing how important and useful that would become.

That meant we were able to have only a very small running stage when we first met. this lasted only a couple of months or less, instead of a couple of years. In fact, many people don’t meet their twin flame until MUCH later in life.

We go into why in our Twin Flame Reunion Fast Track course, but it can be massively sped up. We analysed and researched why we were able to meet, reunite and be together forever so young. But that’s for the course!

For now, just focus on finding yourself, and learning to love yourself. To really love yourself.

3: Raise your vibrations

In this reality, everything is about vibrations and frequency.

We attract things on our same vibrational level. If we’re not vibrating at the same level as our twin flame, we aren’t brought to them, and we don’t find them.

This is actually really simple.

A great way of getting back to your natural frequency is going through our complete guide on raising your vibrations. It covers everything you need to do to get back to your base and natural frequency, which will attract your twin flame.

But beyond that, focus on doing the following things:

  • Eat well (Ideally plant-based, lots of vitamins and nutrients, vitamin D, C, B and A)
  • Get outside every single day and take in the sunshine, ideally put your bare feet in the ground
  • Exercise for 30 minutes per day, every single day
  • Drink lots of water and get enough sleep
  • Work on self-love every day, and meditate as well for at least ten minutes
  • Listen to your dreams and out of body experiences if you’re having them (write them down and read them back every day)
  • Take a nootropic like Mind Lab Pro (helps you get into the flow state)

There are many other ways you can raise your vibrations, and we explain them in GREAT detail in our Raise Your Frequency ebook. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in that: 

  • How frequency affects your ability to attract your twin flame and why you need to change or raise it
  • How diet affects your vibrations and the best foods to eat that will raise your vibration so you can feel better, perform better and attract your twin
  • The one essential supplement you need to take in order to supercharge your diet and feel better in all areas of your life
  • The ultimate guide to improving your sleep so you can wake up feeling peaceful and refreshed, dream more vividly, and interact with your twin in your dreams
  • The dangers of the blue light spectrum and how it affects your sleep hormones in a negative way so you can avoid it, and use a simple biohack to optimise your hormones for sleeping
  • The strange type of exercise you can do in your own home that will raise your vibrations and build strength, mobility and flexibility
  • Why and how you should meditate every morning, and how it brings your twin into your life much faster
  • How to know whether you need psychic healing, and why it’s incredibly important to get it if you do
  • How you can ground yourself naturally to remove dangerous ‘free radicals’ from your body, so you can feel better and reduce inflammation in your body
  • The incredible benefits of walking barefoot, and how it can improve your posture so you’ll live longer and be healthier
  • Why you need to avoid ‘vibration vampires’ and how to tell if someone you already know is one (This is important to do before you meet your twin flame), so you can remove all negative energy from your life

There’s lots more you’ll learn, so check out the Frequency Raising Ebook here. 

4: Let things unfold naturally

Above all else, you can’t force these things. There are things you can do that will speed up you finding your mirror soul, but you can never force it. You have to let things unfold in their own time.

If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. 

Some wounds and insecurities take years to fix, that’s just the reality.

But others can be healed much sooner. It’s good to enlist the help of an energy healer, to really get to the bottom of your energetic situation early on.

But that’s not essential either. Just focus on letting things unfold naturally, in their own timing. Now that’s not to say you should rely on ‘divine timing’, as I’ll explain in a minute, but you should just relax and let things fall into place. 

So just relax. Don’t stress out about the idea that you MUST find your twin flame THIS YEAR or else. It’s not true. You don’t need them to be happy, or to be complete. A lot of people will tell themselves they can only be happy when they’ve found their twin flame.

That sets you up for sadness. 

Because then if you meet them, you’ll be dependent on them for happiness, and when things go wrong or if you fight, it will feel even MORE like it’s the end of the world.

In fact for any relationship, you should find your own peace, love and happiness LONG before being with anyone romantically. This is especially true for twin flame relationships. 

So focus on everything else. On self-love, your purpose, living your best life, and going inwards. When you least expect it, your twin flame will come into your life. And that’s how you ‘find’ your twin flame.

Probably not the answer or ideas you were expecting, but that’s the truth.

If you go LOOKING for your twin flame, you’ll find everyone EXCEPT them. And that will ultimately just waste your time and discourage you. The connection is very powerful, and when you’re ready vibrationally, NOTHING can keep you apart from each other.

The universe will literally warp and change to bring you together. 

A note on divine timing

Divine timing is the idea that you’ll meet your twin flame ONLY when you’re both ready. The idea that there’s nothing you can do that will speed up or influence this timing. Divine timing for twin flames is a myth. It’s not real. There are many things you can do to change it. 

But that might be a bit confusing to hear, especially when we’re telling you to relax and let things ‘unfold naturally’.

I know it’s confusing.

But divine timing refers to the idea that NOTHING you can do will speed up your reunion with your twin. That’s just not true. There are many things you can do, but you will only meet your twin flame when you’re both ready. 

So both statements are sort of true. 

Don’t let it confuse you, instead just know that the more work you do on yourself, on self love, and on stepping into your purpose, the faster and more likely it is that you’ll find and reunite with your twin flame. 

How to recognise your twin flame

So you might be thinking ‘how would I KNOW if I’ve found my twin flame?’. You might be wondering how you’d even recognise them.

Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

I know this is going to sound like a vague answer, but it’s the best one:

Your heart will know.

Your heart, body and entire being including your soul will KNOW that you know this person. That you’ve known them your whole life. You’ll feel like you’ve lived longer with them than you’ve BEEN alive!

It’s a very strange feeling and one that you’ll only really understand when you have it.

You’ll know they’re your twin, beyond a doubt. Now if you’ve not listened to the first few stages of this article, you might end up meeting people who you WANT or HOPE to be your twin flame, but they’re not.

And then you’ll be asking questions and trying to make the person ‘fit’ with your idea of your twin flame, but it just doesn’t quite fit. It doesn’t click, and doesn’t feel natural. 

So don’t stress out about whether you’ll KNOW if you’ve met your twin flame. You will know, when the time is right. 

Also, there are many SIGNS that you’ve met your twin flame, and if you have or experience more than 2-3 of these signs, it’s likely they could be your twin flame. 

How to speed up reunion with your twin flame

We have created a very detailed course showing you how to speed up reuniting with (finding) your twin flame in a step by step process. 

This course has become a very powerful tool that you can use to speed up reunion, and experience a happy, FOREVER reunion with your twin flame. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course: 

  • The detailed 7 step action plan to start attracting your twin into your life, and reuniting with them as fast as possible so you can enjoy your happy life together
  • How to use our unique guided meditation every morning to visualise and MAGNETISE your twin flame into your life
  • EXACTLY how the twin flame connection works, and what the TRUE purpose of this beautiful connection is
  • Our FULL story including how we reunited, and exactly what led up to reunion and how it all came together perfectly
  • Your REAL twin flame MISSION and how to start moving into it effortlessly so you can fulfil your true purpose
  • How to know for sure if you have a twin flame, and how to spot a FALSE twin flame with these simple steps
  • The exact steps to take to PREPARE to meet your twin flame, to make the reunion happen more smoothly
  • A detailed explanation of what will happen when you reunite, so that you can visualise it and prepare for this life changing, beautiful experience
  • How the ‘runner stage’ REALLY works, and what you can do to avoid, reduce, or ESCAPE it (This is stuff you’ve not heard before, and could make a big difference to how happy you are during this process)
  • How to effortlessly MAINTAIN the twin flame relationship once you’ve reunited. This is important as many twin flames meet and reunite only to break up or run away again!
  • The unusual but highly effective exercise you can do to merge your goals and purpose into one, and support each-other in this growth
  • The BEST way to deal with conflicts or arguments in a twin flame relationship so that you BOTH feel closer after each argument, and they just bring you further into union and love
  • The most effective morning routine to raise your vibrations and attract your twin flame, that you can do in just 5 minutes a day
  • How and WHY you should repeat affirmations every morning (you’ll also get a beautiful printable morning routine and affirmations sheet too)

If you’re interested in this, you can get the Reunion Fast Track here

But beyond that, stay positive and don’t force anything. You’ll meet your twin flame when you’re both ready vibrationally. But don’t let divine timing make you think you can’t speed things up. 

You have the power.