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In this post, I (Stef) want to talk about the ‘divine masculine perspective’ of twin flames. Now, as you know, I’m one half of twin flame guides, my name’s Stef.

I thought it’d be interesting to make a masculine perspective article, because I’ve not actually seen many. I think I’ve seen maybe one video on YouTube, where it’s a guy talking about the twin flame perspective…

Not much more.

I thought it would be an interesting thing to talk about. So there’s a few, there’s a few things I want to talk about in this post. I want to talk about ‘societal norms’, and balancing masculine and feminine energy.

And then I want to talk about how it was for me, my experience with, you know, meeting Julia, and just the whole twin flame thing in general. Because it’s, it’s a huge topic..

It’s, it’s not something you can just explain in one post, but this is I guess my unique and honest perspective about the whole thing.

How I Got Started With Spirituality

So in terms of spirituality, when I first started getting involved with spirituality and asking serious questions about philosophy, the world, why we’re here, purpose, you know, life after death and all of this sort of thing…

And… when I first started learning about that sort of thing, there were certain things that sounded like they were nonsense to me.

They sounded like they ‘weren’t real’.

They didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand them. And I thought they were crazy.

Okay. So when I, I got started with lucid dreaming, I learned how to lucid dream. And that opened my mind to being able to control dreams, being able to interact with your subconscious mind, and sort of get more involved with what’s going on in our brains.

That was one of the first places that I started.

But with, I guess you could say discovering reality, discovering things about the human experience about the universe and all of that stuff. And this followed my experience as a kid of astral projection of having an OBE.

And I thought it was so intense that I never told anyone about it, except my, I think I told my parents when I woke up, because I was so excited. I was, you know, I was freaked out.

But since then, up until very recently, I haven’t really told anyone about that because I didn’t think they would believe me.

Society Doesn’t Believe Something Until It’s ‘Proven’

There are so many aspects of spirituality, so many experiences, that we either close ourselves off to and don’t believe in, or we do believe in them, but we’re so scared of what people think, that we never tell anyone.

It’s crazy.

And that is because in my opinion, of the way society is set up at the moment.

It’s changing now, but the way it’s set up is that things that are not widely accepted or understood, are frowned upon, or people think they’re crazy.

And this applies not just to twin flames, but also to things like astral projection, remote viewing, spirituality, all of these energy healing, all of this sort of thing is bunched together.

And especially in the Western world considered to be by the majority considered to be crazy or unusual, fake, weird, unproven.

And this blows my mind because I’m going to use an example that I gave with my lucid dreaming channel. And that is that the lucid dreaming community as a whole. Okay. I would say probably at least half of them don’t think astral projection is real.

And yet, they believe lucid dreaming is real.

And the reason that they believe lucid dreaming is real, is because it’s been ‘scientifically proven’ in a lab. And my, my response to that would be before that study was conducted, lucid dreaming was considered to be fake because nobody saw any proof for it.

And even though people were having lucid dreams and experiences like that, because there was no study around that because it wasn’t scientifically proven… a lot of people didn’t think it was real.

And it’s the same thing with astral projection.

Astral projection has not been ‘scientifically proven’, in a controlled lab study, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Just in the same way that when lucid dreaming hadn’t been proven, people were STILL HAVING lucid dreams. People have been having lucid dreams since the beginning of time, same with astral projection, and the same with twin flame connections.

So I’ve come from, I guess you could say a very critical, logical, background.

I used to think that astral projection was crazy and not real.

I, if I had heard of twin flames back then would have also thought that was crazy.

The Twin Flame ‘Concept’ Is Pretty Incredible

When you think about what it actually is, what it represents the idea of a soul being in two different incarnations in two different physical bodies at the same time, that is a crazy concept to understand.

But it makes perfect sense if you believe in other things like life after death, like the soul and its connection to the human consciousness through the chakra system, if you believe in all of that stuff, and you have some kind of belief, an idea of how things fit together and in the bigger picture, then it makes a lot more sense in that situation.

But if you don’t believe any of that, and you just have someone who knows nothing about any of that stuff, they don’t even believe that there’s anything that happens after we die.

If you tell someone like that about a twin flame connection, they would laugh in your face because it’s so far away from everything they believe and understand, that they just can’t begin to comprehend how it would work.

How It Felt Preparing To Meet Julia The First Time

Going back to when I was just preparing to, I guess you could say ‘first meet’ (in the 3D) Julia and we’ve been talking about online, and I felt like I had a connection to her, even though we’d never met.

And it was kind of strange.

It didn’t really make sense, but I couldn’t deny how it felt.

It was a very, a unique experience where I couldn’t explain it, but I knew I was having the experience. Now, leading up to that, you know, leading up to when we were talking, I had been doing a lot of personal development work.

I mean, I always kind of have, you know, most of my life I’ve been working on something, whether it’s meditation or just trying in many different ways to improve myself and my life.

Twin flames in agreement

And at the first, you know, at the beginning, it was mainly based in ego.

I just wanted to get and achieve more just to add something.

But then the more time that went on, it became more about going inwards and looking at, you know dissolving that ego and working out what my purpose is, my mission in life and why I’m here.

I realised that I’m not just to achieve and attain things, but what I’m here to actually do is to actually help others, and raise the worlds vibrations.

And once I started getting in line with that, it sort of led me down a path where I would change my focus from just ‘business oriented’, to actually impacting and changing people’s lives in a positive way.

Anyway. So just going back a bit now, so I’ve been working on myself a lot. I’ve been focusing on self-love, because I’ve always struggled with that, and confidence and things like that.

And I came to a place where I was feeling really good and everything started to make sense. Things were coming to me, opportunities were just flowing towards me.

Abundance was present and I just, things were going well, you know, I was happy, very happy and stable and, you know fulfilled and satisfied on my own. And then what happened is I eventually agreed to meet Julia.

What It Was Like ‘Meeting’ My Twin Flame (Julia) The First Time

When we first met, I’m sure you’ve watched the video where we explain that story, but it was kind of crazy. The, the situation was kind of crazy.

We agreed to meet after, you know, in a new country, in an Airbnb that we had never met each other before. We’ve never even had a video or a proper phone call at that point.

We went from having never met to agreeing to spend two weeks together in an Airbnb.

And if that was any other situation, or any other person that would have been crazy.

It just wouldn’t have made any sense, but it felt so right.

I guess you could say that neither of us had any doubts about that. We were both very confident that nothing was going to go wrong. You know, we were just excited to meet each other because we felt some kind of attraction, some kind of magnetic pull there.

This pull was different.

It was not JUST like a typical or usual sexual or intimate physical connection or chemistry.

So, so we’d obviously both been in relationships before, but we felt both that this was very different. This was unique. It was a re-connection where we kind of felt like we knew each other before.

We definitely felt like we knew each other before.

And this was confirmed pretty much as soon as I met her.

You know, when I looked in her eyes, I knew that I had known her for many lifetimes before that, but much like, I guess you could say any intuition or gut based feeling. I can’t explain how I just, I just knew that that was the experience I was having.

I can’t explain how or why I knew that.

And if you’ve had, you know, a long connection with your intuition you’ll know how that feels and what that is like.

I felt like I’d known her before and things from then pretty much just went smoothly.

After that:

We became very intimate and close very quickly.

And then we experienced a short running stage where she felt things were ‘too intense’. The connection was too intense. She ran, and then after I think it was a couple of months or so, we reunited.

We’ve been together ever since.

Why Society Doesn’t ‘Accept’ Concepts Like Twin Flames

In terms of the way that society works, like I said, they sort of, it’s sort of frowned upon to believe in or engaged with the spiritual side of things by most people it’s changing now, but a lot of people don’t think that spirituality is real or worth engaging and they think it’s kind of a bit crazy.

And this applies not just to twin flames, but like I said to many other different things, but if you haven’t experienced, you can’t really deny that experience.

And in many cases, and especially if you’re just starting to become aware of this stuff, if you’re just starting to become aware of the twin flame connection or just spirituality in general, right.

It’s a long road and you’re not going to understand everything in the first day or even the first year or two.

You never will understand EVERYTHING.

It might be that you have a weird experience that you can’t explain.

Maybe you meet somebody who you can’t explain the connection, but you know, it’s something unique and different and it’s important when you get a sense that it’s an important connection and that it’s not going to happen again.

This is something that is very unique. One time type of deal.

You might have that connection and then that might lead you down the path. When you then start looking at, you know having psychic readings, then you start looking at doing different things, different types of meditation, and healing work, the path might look different for you.

It might, it might go in a completely different direction, but in terms of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, here’s the way I view it:

The Divine Masculine Perspective On Twin Flames

You’re probably wondering what the male perspective is, of the twin flame journey, the twin flame experience, the running stages and everything like that, because typically, and this is what I see a lot online.

And it’s strange…

It’s normally the MAN who runs away, the guy is the one who finds a connection to intense or whatever reason they, you know don’t feel ready for the connection.

And they run away, while the girl is left or the woman is left to chase and run after the guy.

And here is my opinion or my perspective on that.

I think it’s not surprising. And here’s why, okay:

Why SHE Ran, Even Though I’m Male

With twin flames in general, the purpose is to balance the divine, masculine and feminine in each of them. The purpose is not just to make the feminine more feminine and the masculine or masculine it’s to balance both of those aspects within each of the twin flames.

Now, what usually happens is:

Because of the way society works, and this is why I wanted to give a bit of background before I said this, society frowns upon spirituality and getting in touch with your emotions even more when you’re a guy.

So in the Western world, guys are expected to ‘be aggressive’.

They’re expected to be ‘cold’ in many cases and, and not in touch with their feminine side or their emotions or how they feel or anything like that. They’re expected to just be kind of like work horses.

To a point where they just don’t really have any emotional connection.

And they’re not in line with their divine feminine side.

They have all one side whereas it SHOULD be a balance of a yin and yang. It should be both sides, both masculine and feminine in each person. That’s how it should be.

But society has changed things so that it’s becoming more like men masculine women feminine. It should be more of a balance. And so the reason I think that men typically run from the twin flame connection is because, like I said, twin flames is a once in a lifetime thing, you only have one twin flame…

But, you might have many soulmates.

You might have many karmic partners and stuff like that, but you have one twin flame, in each lifetime. And if you’re lucky enough to meet them, what that will do is that will bring up a lot of things within you.

A lot of insecurities, and your flaws will come up.

Your your intuition will be going crazy. You will feel things that you haven’t felt before. And so what you have is that you have a lot of men who have been programmed and conditioned by societies who reject any kind of notion of spirituality and emotions within them, anything that feels kind of weird or, you know, relating to the twin flame connection, then they’re programmed to reject that by society, society wants that, or has programmed them through no fault of its own.

It’s not your fault either.

It’s just the way the culture has gone, but it’s been programmed into men to be dating lots of women to be talking to lots of women, to be going on different dating apps, to be, you know, to hold themselves back from any connection or real love or experience that they might have had.

They’ve been programmed to hold themselves back and be kind of ‘ruthless’, in that sense.

And that’s why when you have a man like that, who’s been programmed for years and years to do that. And to be like that, when they finally then meet their twin flame, who they only have one, one of in lifetime:

They lose control.

Their emotions, their intuition is going crazy. They don’t know how to react. They don’t know how to behave. They get freaked out and so they run away.

And in my opinion, that’s probably why a lot of men run from the twin flame connection because they just aren’t in tune with that side of themselves. They haven’t done much work on self-love.

Maybe their confidence is low, or, you know, they have a subconscious belief or connection, intimacy problem, fear of commitment, whatever it is, right?

These things that are programmed and conditioned into men through society or culture. And it’s not just men by the way, but in most cases, that’s why I’m saying most men are the runners in the twin flame.

In our case, it was Julia who ran. And she actually made a video explaining more about HER experience, which you can watch here: 

Why I Think Twin Flame Runners Run Away

It’s normally for YEARS that people ran away, because they just haven’t done that work on themselves.

They just haven’t done that self care that self-love, they haven’t dissolved their ego enough. You know, they’ve not raised their frequency enough.

They’ve been conditioned and programmed by society to, to reject all of that all of those feelings and experiences and ideas that come along with the twin plane connection, but also that come along with spirituality.

And to be honest, there is no ‘easy answer’ for this.

And this is why we felt we needed to create this site, because people need kind of guidance with this stuff. I think a lot of people there is not really an easy way to stop one of them.

In many cases, the man runs away from the connection, even if you’re going to reunite later in two years, time, 10 years, time, 20 years time, whatever. There’s not any easy way of stopping that.

Now we do have some ideas and solutions and, you know, guides that we have created, but it’s a difficult situation because you’re dealing with years of programming and conditioning at a subconscious and a conscious level from many different sources, not just from society, but also the culture media, you know, people are consuming what they’re being told by their peers.

And it becomes like a very slippery slope where it’s difficult for the man to actually express his femininity, and balance his masculine and feminine energy.

And that makes it very hard for you.

Especially if, as you’re, what if you’re watching this and you’re a woman/girl, you know if you’re the feminine, the divine feminine, and you’re watching this and you’re wondering, why is my man running away?

Why is he, you know, not even talking or returning my calls or anything like that, this is probably why.

It’s just my opinion. This is probably what’s happening.

Masculine Perspective On Twin Flame Purpose

In terms of the purpose, you know, the reason that a twin flame connections are a real thing, and we’ve made other videos about this, but I think the purpose is really beautiful.

And that is to enable you to both come together, to become a vessel, a portal for unconditional love and energy to flow into this reality into this dimension. And that can manifest.

That can be, that can happen in a bunch of different ways.

You know, you can inspire and motivate each other to work on your own passion, your own purpose, your projects, and things like that. You can support and love each other unconditionally.

And there’s, there’s a bunch of different ways it manifests and actually happens. But, but that is the purpose of twin flames to become an unconditional, a portal for unconditional love to raise an ascend humanity.

It’s a special mission. And like I’ve said, in other posts, not everybody has a twin flame.

It’s not like a soulmate connection.

It’s not like something where you can just attract a soulmate in a few weeks time. And then you’re happily together. It’s not like that this is going to take a lot more work because you both need to be at the same frequency, the same level of vibrationally to actually reunite.

If you’re not, then you, if you do meet, and if you are lucky enough to reunite and meet you won’t, it won’t last for long. You know, you may be one or one or both of you will run away.

And there’s, there’s a lot of different reasons why a twin flame would run away. It’s not just a thing I spoke about in this post, but the biggest reason I would say is that you’re just both, not at the same frequency and you haven’t been working enough on self-love and stepping into your purpose, and following your heart.

I would say this more applies to men than women, but it goes both ways.

But if you’re just hearing about this and you’re just, you know, you have all these questions, you don’t understand what’s happening. You know, I totally get that because if I, if I met myself 10 years ago, the 10 years ago, version of me would think that I’m crazy would think it would not understand we’d be completely different people.

And we wouldn’t really be able to understand each other.

We’d both be looking at each other as if we were crazy or as if we didn’t understand.

So you have to take this one step at a time, and you have to really start asking yourself questions and really understanding yourself. And then that will lead you down the path where eventually you’ll be stepping into your purpose, you’ll be doing what you were designed and what you were sent here to do.

And you’ll be inspiring others. Eventually, you’ll also attract and reunite with your twin flame. So I guess this is kind of a unique masculine experience for the twin flame, because most masculine twin flames run away.

So I guess you might’ve been expecting me to say, or to explain why I, as the masculine ran away. So you can better understand why your masculine twin flame has run away.

But, it wasn’t like that for me.

We’re kind of in the minority of twin flame couples, in the sense that she was the one who ran away, I was not, I was the chaser in this case, but also I had my masculine and feminine entities quite well balanced for a while before I met her.

So most twin flame masculines, they would, like I said, they would run away because of one of those reasons I mentioned.

So either way:

I hope this has been some kind of help to you. Every persons situation is different, you know, it’s not like I can give advice that will apply to absolutely everyone because everyone has a slightly different journey and it might be like one thing for you and a different thing for somebody else.

So I can’t say for certain, you know why one or both of you are running away, but I know that it will eventually stop. You will eventually stop running, stop chasing and come together in divine reunion as a twin playing couple.