You may have heard about the concept, but are twin flames meant to be together forever? Is it ALWAYS destiny that they reunite?

Twin flames are two halves of a magnet that are continually being pulled towards each other by the universe. They are usually supposed to meet, but this process may be hindered by other cosmic imbalances such as karmic energies and inadequate preparation.

Are twin flames meant to be together?

Will they ALWAYS find a way to be together?

The question of destiny is often an intriguing one for a lot of people.

This is because the concept is based on a belief that regardless of what you plan, you’re heading towards a particular point.

are twin flames meant to be together

Therefore, it’s only natural to want to know what this point is and whether such a point exists. In general, Twin flames are destined to unite. But there is a misconception that this process is meant to be complicated.

I and my twin flame believe that union can be easy and quick. If you are asking, Are twin flames meant to be together?, watch this video or keep reading!

This article addresses some of the most common questions asked when the issue of whether twin flames are destined to be together is posed, such as

  • Are twin flames meant to be together?
  • Is your Twin Flame on Earth yet?
  • What can I do while I wait for union with my twin flame?

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together

Having a twin flame is an exciting thing but are twin flames meant to be together? Not to sound like a Disney enthusiast but is it their destiny to live happily ever after?

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together?

Generally, Twin flames will unite. But, each case differs from the other. Factors such as preparation and soul contracts can come into play to delay or deny union(in a particular lifetime).

Are twin flames meant to be together, are they destined to stay with each other forever?

So many questions but more on that later. First, let’s define what a twin flame is.

What is a Twin Flame?

Before we answer, Are twin flames meant to be together? Let’s define what a twin flame is first.

A twin flame is a phenomenon that occurs when a soul splits into two parts; The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The split occurs when a soul has ascended to a very high level.

Twin flame relationships are often incorrectly used also to mean soul mates. However, these are different concepts. For instance, any good relationship like a compatible life path relationship could be a soul mate relationship.

By the way, if this sounds confusing, or you need some context/examples, you can read more about this in our story.

This might give you a bit of background and examples of how it plays out in a real life twin flame relationship.

Or you could watch our video (please subscribe to our channel!) where we explain this in more detail:

However, twin flame relationships are different. A Twin flame relationship is a divine relationship that provides twin flames with a strong psychic connection and spiritual grow.

Twin flames in tranquility

Before we answer the question “Are twin flames meant to be together?” you have to know that twin flame relationships are scarce, and a majority of them become romantic connections. But, romantic relations are not the only form that Twin flame relationships take.

Twin flames can be mentors, friends, or romantic partners. To get a better view of what twin flame relationships are all about, here are 80 powerful twin flame quotes that portray this beautiful concept.

Are twin flames meant to be together forever?

Life can sometimes be very tough. With this, are twin flames meant to be together still?

Certain factors may sometimes hinder some things that are meant to be.

For instance, you might have a twin flame that did not believe in this concept early enough and ended up in a happy marriage. Consequently discourages you and makes you consider getting with other strong cosmic ties like soul mates and people on compatible life paths with you.

Twin flames holding hands

Doing this is not a bad idea, as you and your twin flame will have many lifetimes together. However, you may also choose to hope for reunion with your soulmate.

Our Twin flame Reunion Fastrack course details all the steps you can take to quickly reunite with your twin flame.

Moreso, there are other ways to connect with your twin flame and achieve your cosmic goal together. Platonic friendships can provide excellent platforms for you and your twin flame.

Before even considering are twin flames meant to be together? you have to first consider:

Is your Twin Flame on Earth yet?

Apart from “are twin flames meant to be together?” this is another fundamental question to ask yourself. Twin flames are usually not born on the same day.

Because of this, twin flames can sometimes be separated by years, which means that for some time half of the twin flames will be on earth for a period without meeting their twin flames.

With this, are twin flames meant to be together still?

However, my twin flame and I firmly believe that humanity is standing at the precipice of evolution.

Earth is currently coming to the end of a 26000 cycle. This means that many twin flame unions are happening now, more than they have ever happened in history.

This is a pointer that you are more likely to meet your twin flame now more than ever.

Because after this life, we are stepping into a new age where you might choose not to reincarnate to earth If you have fulfilled your soul contracts.

There are a few things that you can do in the meantime. 

1. Have faith

We are powerful beings with intense spiritual pressure. This pressure allows us to manifest our conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Picture an invisible genie that always follows you around and manifests according to your vibrations. This picture is precisely how the universe works.

So instead of bugging yourself out with the question “Are twin flames meant to be together?”, trust and have faith.

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Instead of asking “Are twin flames meant to be together?” Have faith that what’s for you will be for you.

Having faith in reuniting with your twin flame steadily brings the date of your reunion closer. You have to believe in your ability to manifest your spiritual union.

Energy cleansing and careful meditation are required to put your mindset on the right track. In addition to having faith, you must also put in your shadow work.

This is because the manifestation of faith is impossible without works. As my father once put it so clearly:

” If the universe chooses to bless you, it will do so by multiplying your output. But remember that a hundredfold of zero is still zero.”

2. Do your shadow work

Before you ask “Are twin flames meant to be together?”, ask yourself first if you’ve done your shadow work.

While you await your twin flame, you must do your shadow work. You must clear your energy of all negative vibes.

This means that you must cut out existing soul ties and close all karmic loops before stepping into your relationship. You have to be introspective.

Look inside yourself and identify the flaws that you have to overcome. Your twin flame is a mirror of yourself.

Therefore may see versions of themselves that they do not like in you and flee as a result. So while you wait, you have to work on yourself so that when you are finally in your twin flame relationship, you can enjoy it without any hitch.

If one never does their shadow work, are twin flames meant to be together still?

Since twin flames are always in sync, the elevation of your spiritual vibrations will also elevate your twin flame’s vibrations. Consequently, when you improve yourself, they automatically pick up on that vibration and start to work on themselves as well.

If you are unsure about how to start working on yourself, understanding your life path is an excellent way to start. Your life path is a path that you are predestined to follow.

Understanding your life path helps you know yourself and how to relate to others, and which people are best suited to you.

You can find out your Life path by adding up the numbers in your birth date until you reach a particular number.

For instance, if your birth date is the 24th of May 1999, you start by adding up the day (2+4=6), the month (0+5=5), and the year (1+9+9+9= 28, 2+8=10, 1+0=1). Then you add all these numbers together till you reach a single number(6+5+1=12, 1+2=3).

This is Life path number 3, also known as the creative. Get a free numerology reading and learn more about your life path.

3. Be patient

While you await your twin flame, you must be patient.

“Are twin flames meant to be together or not?!”

If this is you, just chill out. You have to understand that everything has its time and season.

Just because a person who started looking for his/her twin flame around the time that you began to await yours has met theirs should not be a cause for concern.

Are twin flames meant to be together

Every Twin Flame journey is unique. You have to remain positive and hopeful.

Being positive and hopeful feeds the right message back to the universe.

Jealousy and desperation are two negative emotions that can postpone your twin flame union or reunion. Therefore you must let go of them.

Don’t keep asking “Are twin flames meant to be together?”

Instead, try to practice an attitude of gratitude. This means that you should be thankful for the experience and enjoy every single part of it.

You must completely let go of any anxiety or doubt, as this may significantly hinder your twin flame union. Take the extra time to appreciate people in your life, learn more about yourself, and align with your true self.