Best Akashic Healers And Psychics For Twin Flames

On this page you’ll find the best akashic healers, coaches, and Psychics we work with for twin flames. If someone’s on this page, it means we approve of their services and can recommend them to you guys. 

1: Keen Psychics (Our Top Pick)

We use and recommend Keen psychics, specifically the one mentioned in the video below. Basically, we have used and still use Keen to get twin flame guidance, they have people available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so no matter what time you need guidance, it’s there.

Keen is a sponsor of Twin Flame Guides, we may receive a small compensation from any purchases made through our link. Thanks for supporting us.

We were actually amazed at how accurate one specific psychic was and Julia mentions exactly how it works, and what happened in the video below. If you’ve been sent here because you: 

  • Need guidance on your twin flame journey
  • Want to use or find the psychic/s we personally use
  • Want a twin flame coach or psychic
  • Want one to one coaching, guidance etc

You need to watch the video below.

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2: Our Preferred Tarot Reader/s

For tarot readings, there are of course millions of readers you could choose from. While there are some on Keen mentioned above, we find that the best thing is something like this is the best.

This is a reliable tarot reading/reader that we’ve tested out and it’s a GREAT place to start.

Remember to bring your best energy to a tarot reading, so that you’re influencing it in the most positive way. 

We find it’s always best to meditate if you can, for at least 5-10 minutes before doing any sort of tarot reading, so that you’re in the right frame of mind.