In this post I’ll give you the most effective ADVICE, tips and insights into the runner twin flame. I’ll explain what they’re thinking, what they WANT you to know, and more.

This is written BY a twin flame runner (Julia), and I’ve broken it down into sections.

The running stage can be confusing, and as requested from you guys, I will now share why I ran away from my twin flame. What was going through my head when I ran away and why I decided to reunite with my twin flame, Stef.

First, I’ll share my experiences as a twin flame runner, and explain the story leading up to meeting my twin, and a little bit after.

THEN I’ll give powerful advice, insights and feedback on the stage.

I also go into detail on twin flame runner behaviour, whether we love you during this stage, why twin flame runners denie their feelings and much more. 


Things we as runners WISH you (chasers) knew!

And a few real life examples of situations, arguments, experiences, and learning we’ve had as a twin flame couple.

Let’s dive in:

My Experiences Leading Up To Meeting My Twin

As you might know:

Me and Stef have been in harmonious union for a long time now, but just like any other twin flame couple, we went through the running stage. I had known about twin flames, I think six months before I met Stef, my twin flame.

And I thought never in a million years, would I be the one who runs away.

I’m spiritual, I have worked on improving myself ascending, stepping into my purpose. The only thing that was kind of lacking or where I still had more work to do was in my love life.

Before I met Stef, I had never had a relationship that lasted longer than four months.

There was always something that went wrong, and looking back, I can see that I was because of self-love. I didn’t love myself enough and people can sense that.

And because of my lack of self-esteem and self-love, I would always pick guys who are my opposites. So they would be older, super confident, not sensitive.

And then one day, I had just talked to my psychic and she said that I would meet my twin flame in this lifetime. Just when I got back home, I got an Instagram message from SEF, my twin flame, who I hadn’t met yet.

He wasn’t exact match, according to the description of my twin flame.

So I thought, ‘hold on, maybe he is my twin flame’. So, as an experiment, I decided to meet up with Stef in Spain, and all my gosh, he was my mirror, just like me.

  • He was a vegan, non-drinker, digital nomad, super spiritual guy.
  • We even had the exact same Myers-Briggs personality type; INFJ.
  • This was very new to me.

Why Meeting My Twin Was So Intense!

I had never dated someone who was my mirror before.

It’s very difficult to do, when you don’t love yourself.

So I freaked out, I got bursts of annoyances and I just felt like if, if he makes me annoyed, is he really the person for me?

But I didn’t get that he was actually my twin flame, because at the time, I didn’t know if twin flames was a real concept. I thought it was, it might just be a myth because I had no other people in my life that who had twin flames or knew about anything about twin flames.

So I just thought, okay, something is not right here. He was so different from anyone I’ve ever dated before.

He was actually younger than me.

Sensitive, just like me.

He could easily pick up when something was wrong with me.

And that is something that I was not used to. Being with a guy who could pick up on things like that. And so when I got annoyed that he got annoyed and then it would just be this like weird awkwardness.

I could feel that he was in the exact same vibration as me.

You have to have hundred percent self-love to be able to stay with your twin flame because your twin flame is your divine mirror and you can’t look into a mirror if you don’t have self-love.

So I ran away.

I’ve heard it said that the twin flame runner ‘denies feelings’, and this was sort of true.

I just felt like I needed to get into full hermit mode. So I went back to my home country, Sweden. I rented a little cottage in the middle of the forest and just reflected over our relationship who I am, what my purpose is.

I just felt like there were so much things coming up older, like ego issues, insecurities coming up that I needed to deal with. And I think that was a good thing that I did that I think for most twin flame couples that runner will instead try to distract themselves from what they’re feeling.

So instead of going inwards, they would turn to drinking or another partner, someone who is easier to be with that, doesn’t who isn’t their mirror.

So that’s why the running phase CAN last a very long time. because you won’t reunite again and return to union until you have a hundred percent self off and have dealt with all those issues, issues, insecurities etc.

When I went back to Sweden I even had mild twin flame runner depression as well. 

Meeting A Psychic Confirmed My Twin Flame

One thing that I had decided to do in the set in this hermit mode that I was in was a contact that star seed activator Beti, and during this activation session, she said, ‘do you know what a twin flame is’?

And she told me that Stef is my twin flame, and I was not surprised.

I mean, all the signs were there, every single one of them.

So I don’t remember if it was my spirit guides or my star family. They told her that Stef should come to Bali with me, and that we will get an ‘activation’ there. And after that, we should do an ‘akashic healing’, because apparently there’s been years and years and years and years of toxic loops that kept repeating lifetime after lifetime and made it impossible for us to reunite.

So I had already invited him before, but then I said, ‘no, don’t call me, I need to be alone’.

They (guides) also said that we can not be intimate yet, until the activation and the akashic healing has been done, because otherwise that could trigger another running.

I went to Bali alone.

I did get the activation though.

It was at the volcano in Bali. And we did do the Akashic healing, at a distance. And after that, we decided to reunite and we planned a trip to Bulgaria together. And since then we’ve been in harmonious union and since then, I’ve never had these bursts of annoyances.

They never got very intense.

However, we have had fights, of course, just like any other couples, ego issues and insecurities, anxieties will come up even during harmonious union. And it still does, but that is completely normal.

At least we are in harmonious union and we love each other so much. It’s totally, totally been worth all the drama, because now I just I’m together with the love of my life. And we will never leave each other again.

How Does The Twin Flame Runner FEEL During Separation

One thing that I really want you to know, if you are in separation with your twin, is that the reason why they run away is NOT because they’ve lost interest in you.

It is not because they don’t find you attractive anymore.

Trust me, they can’t stop thinking about you.

It could be that the connection simply felt too intense, because you are literally the divine mirror to your twin flame. And vice-versa when I first experienced these random bursts of annoyances being around him in Spain.

I first thought that that was a bad sign, like, ‘oh, that can’t be good to feel in a real, in a new relationship’. But eventually I realized that that was just things that was triggered within me. It could have simply been one of the many twin flame runner symptoms.

And it was my own insecurities coming up, because I saw a direct reflection of me in him.

And you need a hundred percent self-love to be able to love that reflection.

It could be other obstacles like age gap, for example, it is very common amongst twin flames. And the divine feminine is often older than the divine masculine, like in our case.

Another thing, another obstacle that we had was that we come from different countries, right? England and Sweden in our case.

That’s also a very, very common amongst twin flames and can be an obstacle.

It could also be a religion; that you’re of different religions. And that is really important to some people that you’re from the same religion. An example of this is my one of my best friends.

So she is Orthodox Christian, and her twin flame is Catholic Christian. And for her it’s always been a deal breaker. If a guy is not orthodox Christian.


Many people have a list of the requirements for their partners, and It can be very dangerous because that can mean that you say goodbye to a partner that actually could be meant for you.

But if this person is your twin flame, then they will come back to you.

Common Misconception About The Twin Flame Runner

I have noticed common misconception in the twin flame community.

And that is that it’s much harder for the chaser than for the runner, and that the runner might seem like happy and has moved on completely.

I want to bust that myth.

A bit more than a year ago, I (Julia) ran away from the twin flame connection.

It was so intense that I ended up running from Spain, where we met back home to Sweden, and I rented a cottage in the middle of nowhere.

And I just wanted to be with myself.

And in this cottage, I really went into hermit mode. I had a dark night of the soul. I was crying every day, and just felt so lost and confused.

Even though I was the runner, the person who actually ran away from the connection, I felt like something was missing. So I thought it was a red flag that I got ‘triggered’ all the time.

And the intensity was too high:

I just thought ‘no, this can’t be how a relationship should be’.

But, as I was thinking, I felt I don’t feel complete. I wanted to move on, but I couldn’t. My twin kept showing up in my mind, all the time.

And we hear this from you guys all the time, that your twin returns, cause he say that they just can’t stop thinking about you or your twin might even be married with someone else, but they reach out to you.

No matter how bad the running stage is, they ARE thinking about you.

Because they’re a part of you, right?

You’re from the same soul dust.

It’s impossible to stop thinking about your twin! So know that that your twin has not moved on completely. They still feel a love for you. And they will reunite with you, when the time is right.

When you are on the same frequency again, the same core frequency and know that this is just one dimension on higher dimensions. You are already married, right?

You are already permanent spiritual husband and wife.

So it’s just on this dimension where things moves a little bit more slowly. So you can just kick back, relax. I know it’s not that easy, but know that they have incredible love for you.

That is permanent, and it will never go away. So with this peace of mind, you can now just turn your attention inwards, because the more you chase your twin, the more they will run.

Trust me:

I was the runner…

The more the chaser chases you, the more you run, so just stop chasing your twin and just go inwards. And the more inner work you do, the more you step into your truth, the faster your twin will be attracted back into your life.

So don’t give up on your twin. Don’t give up on your twin. They love you.

And we have always loved you.

So be patient and there are things you can do to speed up reunion, right?

How You Can Speed Up Reunion Easily

So work on self-love work on clearing ego issues, insecurities. We have a whole course about it.

If you want to check out the Twin Flame Fast Track, that’s something we really recommend. It’s our most effective course on speeding up reunion!

Does The Twin Flame Runner Love The Chaser? (We WILL Return To You)

If you are a twin flame in separation with your twin flame, then I’ll just say, have hope and be patient. And don’t give up, because reuniting with your twin flame is literally the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Trust me.

We (runners) DO love you (chasers).

There’s nothing else in this world that I am so grateful for then meeting and reuniting with my twin flame. And I realized that it doesn’t matter that he’s younger than me.

I love now that he’s an introvert and sensitive because it means that we can be in all day and cuddle. And we will both be happy being with a partner who is your exact vibrational match, like the conversations, the passion the love you feel for that person who wants was part of the same soul.

It’s just amazing.

And I just, that’s why we started this channel, to help bring together twin flames for mother Gaia for you, it’s just the most beautiful thing ever and good luck on your journey.

Twin Flame Runner Perspective For Chasers (Our Mindset And Perspective)

I’m (Julia) an Andromedan Starseed. So my energies are very balanced. But in this section, I will be sharing more of a masculine perspective, and my masculine energy, since I was the one who ran from the twin flame connection.

I actually made a video with more advice about this stage as well:

1: Don’t Take The Running Stage Personally

The first piece of advice is to not take the running phase personally. When I run for my twin flame, it was very painful for him, almost traumatic, and I still feel very guilty on how I handled things to this very day.

Even though I know it was necessary, this running phase for both our evolution and to make sure that it would be a safe union, me and Stef that have been in union for two years now, and we have fights just like normal couples.

But usually when we do have fights, it get released very quickly and we move on. But one thing is that we’ve kept circling back to, is this running phase since it was so traumatic and he keeps asking me, why did I leave if I really loved him?

Why would I leave someone I liked/loved?

And I can totally see that from a chasers perspective.

Why would someone runaway?

That would never happen in a normal relationship, would it?

I think it’s something subconscious. There’s just so much that comes up. I sort of question who I am. I get, I got some kind of ego death situation. We can’t even explain it, in the moment, what we’re feeling and even looking back at it.

I’m not really sure what might have happened, but I just, I know that it’s necessary. I’ve shared my story before I went back to Sweden after our two weeks together in Spain and I rented a cottage for a month where I was just alone and just, I was just nature thinking about my life and everything that came up from, from meeting my twin flame.

I ended up having a mini ‘twin flame runner awakening’ and really stepping into my mission. 

twin flame numerology

I don’t want the relationship or these things, all these hurtful things that I really regret saying. But it’s such a turmoil time where we don’t know what to think, but we needed that space to heal.

So know that the separation stage was not a necessary, it was absolutely essential for you to come back and reunite safely. So just trust that. And don’t take it personally.

2: Keep Doing Your Shadow Work Before You Reunite

When you unite as twin flame couple, it is very exciting times and you might feel like I did:

‘I did it, I done it. It’s twin flame union’.


This is actually just the start of your journey. The growth continues. And it’s important that you grow together, as twin flames.

Me and my twin had this discussion recently, and Stef felt like he was completely healed that he had no more work he needed to do on himself. But then he looked into shadow work.

He started asking himself questions about his childhood, and memories about being bullied came up in school. And he realized that he actually had a lot of more work to do a lot of more inner child work to do and, shadow work.

So please do your shadow work.

The work never stops.

The Ascension journey never stops. It’s all about the journey.

3: Respect Their Boundaries, Chasers!

Number three is to respect their boundaries. So as you might have noticed, the energies in the world, are crazy at the moment. And I felt like I’ve been going through some deep, deep healing lately and I’ve needed some more space alone.

And initially that caused some friction.

Stef was thinking ‘oh, why, why does she suddenly want less time with me?’

And he took it a bit personally. But don’t take it personally. You respect your partner’s boundaries and know that we’re all going through crazy healing right now. And we need to allow each other to have that space.

I needed more space, but I didn’t voice it because I was afraid of the reaction.

But then what happened is that I became like a volcano and just erupted and said,

I need more space!

And it became an argument instead.

But if I had just told him right then and there, it wouldn’t have been as much of a conflict, right? So if you are the one who needs more space, don’t be afraid to speak up, right?

Even if you feel like you don’t need much time alone, you probably do. We are still individuals with two different missions and ultimately flames are deeply wounded, right?

From previous lives of being the torchbearer and being tortured for standing up for truth and all this. So we all need time alone, alone time in nature. So really take that time. I hope this was helpful.

Summary Of Twin Flame Runner Advice

Remember this is just advice.

It’s from my personal journey, and experiences. Take what resonates, and try to make it your own. YOU know what makes sense for you, right?

So use what you can, and stay positive on this beautiful journey.

I have some more advice as well: