Are you a twin flame or soulmate couple looking for your next holiday or honeymoon destination?

Holidays are a vital part of bonding for couples. Life is to be enjoyed.

Every once in a while, it is important to take a step off the gas and just cruise. Feel the breeze in your hair and the spray of the ocean across your cheeks.

Today we will share the 10 best holiday destinations to spend time with your twin flame or soulmate.

It’s going to get epic. Let’s dive in!

twin flame couple on the beach
But first – how do you know if your partner is actually a twin flame or soulmate?

What is a Twin Flame?

People have different names for the term twin flames. Some people may refer to them as mirror souls or twin souls.
Whatever name they may go by, a Twin Flame connection is a raw and unique connection.  This beautiful connection occurs when a soul splits into two different halves upon ascending to a certain level.
Twin flames share a lot of startling similarities, and when a twin flame couple is in full synchronization, the experience is ecstatic.
The feelings in a twin flame relationship are usually so intense and otherworldly
Twin flames share a highly coveted bond because of certain traits like twin flame telepathy, Twin flame missions and spiritual growth.
If you are curious about what twin flames are, here are 80 Powerful Twin Flame Quotes to give you a clearer idea.

What is a soulmate?

A soulmate in the broad sense is anybody your soul has had any connections to in previous lives. This could be as random as a person you meet on the way from work or even a childhood friend.

 Anybody could be your soulmate. However, in this context, the term soulmate is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “romantic soulmate.”

A romantic soulmate is someone that you’ve met, and because you like some attributes about them, you choose to have a romantic relationship with them. Soulmate relationships can also be deeply spiritual.

Therefore, it is crucial to be in tune with your spirituality. Your Numerology is a fantastic place to start.

Learn more about your Life path numbers and Soul urge numbers to accomplish the abundant chances that stand in your way.

What are spiritual relationships?

Other than twin flames and soul mate relationships, other forms of spiritual connections occur for different reasons.

Unlike twin flame relationships that improve your inner and spiritual growth, there are karmic relationships that exist for the sake of teaching life lessons.

If you’re curious about whether you are in a spiritual relationship, Check out 14 tell-tale signs you’re in a spiritual connection.

Now that you have a better idea of what type of spiritual connection you have with your partner, let’s dive into the best spiritual places for your next holiday.

The 10 best holiday places for twin flames and soulmates

Anybody in a twin flame relationship will tell you about how intense it can be. There are the soaring highs, but there can be roaring lows.

Therefore, it is best not to overthink the overwhelming flow or intensity of a twin flame union. Incorporating fun experiences into your relationship can go a long way to rejuvenating the bonds in the relationship.

Also, because a twin flame relationship is a spiritual one, it is crucial to keep in tune with the relationship’s spiritual aspects.

Going on trips is a fun way to do this. Going on a fun vacation provides a convenient environment that allows you and your twin to understand each other better.

Indulge your emotions, feel the intensity, and open up for the magic to happen.

Here are what we believe are 10 of the most beautiful spiritual holiday destinations in the world:

1. Borobudur, Indonesia

Firstly, we are kicking off with Borobudur in Indonesia. You’ll find this spiritual holiday location on the beautiful island of Java.

The island is home to the largest Buddhist monument in the world. The main attraction is the Buddhist temple, built in the shape of a mandala. In Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain cosmology, the mandala represents the entire universe.

The complex consists of nine platforms leading to a stupa. 2,672 relief panels and no less than 504 Buddha statues adorn the complex (the most extensive and most complete set of Buddhist reliefs in the world).

You have to see it to believe it. This destination is one of the calmest and most spiritual destinations in the world.

The island’s rich history ensures that there is enough to keep a couple occupied on their honeymoon. There are also spiritual activities like lessons and meditation that visitors can partake in.

2. Assisi, Italy

Assisi is one of the best know spiritual centers in the world. It is a well-known tourist center for Christians.

As far back as the 13th century, pilgrims visited Assisi to pay homage to St. Francis. He spent his life there, and his humble style of life made him one of Italy’s most beloved Saints.

Assisi is known for its picturesque beauty. It’s like something out of a painting.


The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site because it is one of the world’s best-preserved medieval towns. Asides from its profoundly spiritual environment, You can find beautiful art and historically significant buildings in the city.

You don’t need anyone to tell you how excellent Italian cuisine is. There is enough inside Assisi to make any couple marvel at its beauty and revere its magnificence.

In your time here, visit the Rocca Maggiore, the Basilica of St. Francis, and other beautiful tourist attractions in the town.

3. Macchu Picchu, Peru

“Macchu Picchu” directly translates to “Old peak” or “Old mountain.”  It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983 and was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

The Machu Picchu is famous for its outstanding architecture. It is reported that the stones used in creating the complex were rolled up the side of the mountain without any wheels.

Furthermore, the structure was built with the ashlar technique; the stones were cut together to fit together without mortar.

Macchu Picchu is a symbol of craft, hard work, and dedication of man to the divine, making it one of the most spiritual centers in the world. It is one of the best energy centers globally and it is a suitable site for honeymooners interested in a spiritual experience.

4. Lourdes, France

France is known for its bold and audacious romantic ideals. It is the prime destination for couples looking for a steamy vacation.

The beautiful lights and the winery is enough incentive for any couple.

Lourdes is home to one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. It is also home to a famous legend; in February 1958, The Virgin Mary appeared to a 14-year-old girl known as Bernadette Soubirous.

These visions, in which the virgin took the form of a beautiful, white-robed, light-bathed woman, occurred some 18 times before ceasing in July of the same year.

A spring was discovered near the apparition site and today attracts around 5 million pilgrims each year, many of whom attribute astonishing tales of healing to its waters.

A visit to the area reaffirms the healing properties in the water. This location is ideal for any couple looking for health blessings.

5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the largest spiritual complex globally, earning it the moniker ‘The temple that is a city.’

The temple was constructed in the shape of the mandala, like the temple in Borobudur. Unlike Borobudur, however, Angkor wat has been in constant use since its conception.

Angkor Wat entrance

This means that it is a consolidation of centuries of spiritual knowledge and experience. Archeologists uncovered significant links between the movements of the skies and the placement of each one of this ancient construction’s stones.

Many visitors to Angkor Wat report experiencing a sense of heightened spirituality and a cosmic connection when they are in the vicinity.

Experience the splendor and beauty of this ancient site with your significant other. You can find affordable tours to intimate you and your significant other to the temple’s secrets

6. Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

This beautiful landmark is situated just out of the southwestern edge of the hill country. The mountain has been the subject of several contradicting legends.

The legends came to be because of a curious depression at the mountain’s peak. There is a story that the footprint belongs to the buddha and another one that it is the footstep of the first man, Adam.

Mountain against sky

Hindu tradition claims that Shiva created the footprint. On the other hand, the colonial Portuguese claimed that the footstep belonged to St Thomas. Whichever persuasion you subscribe to, it is undeniable that there is something spiritual about the beautiful summits.

Adam’s peak remains essentially a Buddhist place of worship. Thus, it has a lot of religious activities and lessons that can be beneficial to any couple looking to have a spiritual honeymoon.

7. Kyoto, Japan

Despite the modernism in Japan in recent times, the country has remained true to its culture. Interestingly, even though Japan is home to some of the most colorful, busy, and noisy cities, some centers are reserved for spirituality.

Kyoto is located in the Kansai region.  The city was previously known as Heian-Kyo, translated as “Capital of Peace and Tranquility.”

It was the capital of Japan before it moved to Tokyo.

Kyoto house

It is a trendy center for honeymooners who are looking to have a tranquil and spiritual experience. Kyoto is known as the “culture capital of Japan due to its cultural sites, some of which have been collectively adopted as UNESCO heritage sites.

Today, Kyoto is home to 90 Christian churches, 400 Shinto shrines, and 1,660 Buddhist temples – so it cannot get any more peaceful and spiritual than it already is.

8. Varanasi, India

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is rich in culture and color. The city is located at the center of the Ganges valley, and through the city flows the Ganges river, which the locals refer to as “Ganga ma,” A river goddess.

Varanasi vibrant riverside

The locals worship the river and consider it their most sacred goddess. If you’re looking for inner peace and discovering spirituality, Varanasi should be on the list.

Due to its history of spirituality spanning millennia, spirituality is woven into the town’s very fabric. You can get very innovative vegetarian cuisine, meditate and convene with gurus on your trip.

9. Sabi Sands, South Africa

Sabi Sands is the perfect blend of tranquility and luxury. The game reserve is composed of 65,000 hectares that local landowners founded in the ‘50s.

It has a rich natural environment that is appropriate for quiet meditation and relaxing. Finding peace can also be luxurious.

Girl playing in sand

There is an abundance of luxury lodges in the area where you can lodge with your sweetheart. There is a safari nearby where couples can see some of the most beautiful wildlife on the planet in their natural habitat.

In addition to this already compelling list of offerings, you can enjoy some of the best cooking in the world here. There is a selection of food from all over the world available for your delight.

10. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is also commonly known as “The cathedral without walls.” This beautiful town is 100 miles south of the Grand Canyon and is known for having intense energy points.

The area is sacred to Native American tribes. It is home to various wellness centers. There are many unmarked energy vortexes within the area.

Woman yoga in sedona

The Sky Rock Inn of Sedona is a highly recommended wellness center within the area. Nurture your spirit while on honeymoon with your spouse—practice Yoga, Meditation, Card reading, and other spiritual activities during your stay.


How do you spiritually connect with your twin flame?

To answer this, it is essential to reiterate that your twin flame has the exact same soul as yours. However, since you are both born into life separately, external factors may have influenced your soul’s growth.

Therefore, to synchronize your soul to theirs, you have to tap into your core frequency. When you do this because it is the destiny of twin flames to unite, your twin flame will awaken if they haven’t done so before.

Your souls then become spiritually connected. After this connection occurs, the bond created gradually strengthens till you achieve union.

What is a vortex on Earth?

An energy vortex is a phenomenon that occurs when natural energy is abundant in a particular area. It is a widespread belief among spiritual scholars that these energy vortexes occur at ley lines intersections and other seemingly random locations.

There is no scientific way of determining where vortexes are or even a way to visualize them. But, there is some consensus about where they exist.

Finally, regardless of where a vortex is located, one thing in common; an inexplicable feeling of wonder and a feeling of connection to something greater.


In conclusion. holidays are a great way to relax and refresh. for twin flame and soulmate couples. The change in scenery, as well as spiritual activities available at the locations, can help recenter you and your significant other to your shared purposes.

Holidays are not only for couples. However, but they can also be beneficial to single or separated individuals. For instance, if your twin is running from you, a vacation might be what is needed to focus on yourself and restore that spring in your step.